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House Party Early Access Exit and Roadmap

After a long and incredible journey, we are getting ready to pull House Party out of Early Access! After our stable build of the latest update goes live in the coming weeks, there will only be one more content update

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Eek! Games Official NFT Drop Q&A

Hey everyone! As a lot of you already know, we dropped our first official NFT collection recently.  Although the majority of the response has been likes, thumbs ups, and redemptions of the free NFTs we put out, we also got

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More Information About Our Mystery Guest

Okay, okay.  We’ve gotten a LOT of comments and questions about our new mystery guest that’s coming to House Party.  We promise we’ll be announcing who it is very soon, but we are just needing to get a few more

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New Playable Female Character and Early Access Exit Update

We’ve noticed a lot of you have been asking about the details of the playable female character and how it ties in with us leaving Early Access.  We have already made some strides toward implementation, and we thought since there

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The End is in Sight, but it’s Only Just the Beginning…

I know I haven’t done a dev blog update in a while, and it’s just because we’ve been so busy with the development of House Party, and because we’ve been working on a lot of cool stuff behind the scenes

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Changing the Culture Around Sex and Nudity in Video Games

My name is Bobby Ricci. I’m the owner and founder of Eek! Games, and I conceptualized and wrote the game House Party, a game that’s gone on to sell over half a million copies and has exceptionally positive review scores

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Life of the Party: Tiffany Witcher (Leah) Interview

  House Party wouldn’t be what it is today without the voice actors. These talented men and women go to bat for us with each update, especially when we make them say some of the most ridiculous shit ever to

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Hey Party People,   We know there’s been a lot of questions about when Dan and Arin will be headed for House Party.   Prepare your bodies, because we have the greenlight to begin production on the Game Grumps storyline.

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Meet the New House Party Characters!

Hey guys!   We’re proud to announce the news that we’ve officially concluded our contest for our new character additions to the House Party game! What that means for all of you is, NEW CHARACTERS!   In case you haven’t

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House Party Fully Uncensored on Steam? What’s the Deal?

A lot of people have been asking about House Party and how we are handling Steam’s new rules surrounding adult content.  It’s been a crazy ride for House Party.  Originally, the game was accepted on Steam as is, only to

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