Vickie Vixen standing in front of the night sky in her underware

Twitch(ing) to Do Better

Eek! Games discusses the inherent hypocrisy between Twitch’s guidelines and Twitch’s practices.

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Doja Cat in Eek! Games' House Party, looking to crash the party

8 Celebrities Who’ve Made Their Mark in the Gaming World

Celebrities have found a home around or within video games, from streaming their favorite games to becoming characters themselves. Have you ever wondered which celebrities are gamers? Here’s a list of eight celebrities who play video games.

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The House Party – Doja Cat Expansion Pack is Now Available!

Play the Doja Cat Expansion Pack now! The real-life AMA and Grammy award-winning global superstar shakes up the original party, and Shit. Just. Got. Real.  You now have an invitation to help the renowned pop artist get into the party

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Doja Cat joins the House Party on September 30th, 2022!

The real-life Grammy and American Music Award-winning star arrives at the House Party in style! She brings an amazingly realistic in-game character and wild new gameplay to the Original Story! Explore a hysterical new branching adventure in your favorite comedy

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Social and LGBT+ Inclusivity in Video Games

Social Inclusivity in Indie Game Development

House Party allows for all kinds of debaucherous shenanigans – things like starting a deadly fist fight, hooking up with the hottest partygoer, or even setting the house on fire could be part of your chosen destiny. At this rager,

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Eek! Games Discusses House Party with Tvgry

Eek! Games CEO Discusses House Party With Tvgry

Recently, popular YouTuber tvgry, also known as @TenPanMateusz, posted his video game review talking House Party highlights and outrageous missions. He, of course, noticed a certain character on our settings page, describing him as “a bald guy just sitting there

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player choice games and decision making skills

Player Choice Games and Decision-Making Skills

In their entirety, player-choice games allow people to explore their decision-making processes. They make you question and align (and perhaps re-align) your value sets in larger-than-life situations. In this way, they thrust people out of their comfort zones and into situations they’d (most likely) never be in.

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4 Ways You Can Destress Playing House Party

People are looking for one thing when they go to a house party – to destress. Here are 4 ways you can destress by playing House Party!

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Women in Gaming

Women in Gaming

This is a PSA for all badass gamer girls: House Party is officially out of Early Access today! The full launch featuring a playable female character is available now.

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House Party Early Access Exit and Roadmap

After a long and incredible journey, we are getting ready to pull House Party out of Early Access! After our stable build of the latest update goes live in the coming weeks, there will only be one more content update

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