More Information About Our Mystery Guest

Okay, okay.  We’ve gotten a LOT of comments and questions about our new mystery guest that’s coming to House Party.  We promise we’ll be announcing who it is very soon, but we are just needing to get a few more things in place before that happens.  In the meantime, I suppose it couldn’t hurt to give you all a few more hints and information.

  1. It’s a real person, who will be joining the party as themselves.
  2. This person will have a full interactive story that will be integrated into the Original Story.
  3. The silhouette images we posted are actual photos of the person.
  4. It’s not an influencer or YouTuber. Think bigger!
  5. This person may or may not have won an AMA award.

That’s all we’re going to give away for now.  The official announcement is coming soon.  In the meantime, let’s see how many of you can guess it correctly!

3 comments on “More Information About Our Mystery Guest
  1. Leon says:


    I posted my guess on the forum but I think I will plop it down here too just for fun…

    I think it is Doja Cat.. Pretty high possibility since the hair and lines are close to the silhouette of the images you all shared..


    je veux joue a house party

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