Eek! Games Road Map, House Party. House Party VR, and Office Party. What it Means to be a Patron of Eek! Games in 2020.

Hey guys!

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everybody that has been supporting us here on Patreon.  This game has been a rollercoaster ride from the get-go, but it started right here with all of you.  Without your support at the very beginning, we never would have made it to where we are today.

That being said, I know a lot of you might be feeling like the Patreon rewards are not quite what they used to be, especially now that the game is available on Steam in Early Access, and we are getting close to finishing up with the game content.

With that in mind, I wanted to give you a bit more insight in terms of what’s to come, and what being a Patron of Eek! Games in 2020 will bring to you.


In terms of House Party, of course you guys will continue to get all of the new story and development builds before they hit prime time.  As for what’s left; after the Game Grumps are added, we still have stories coming for Derek, Frank, and Vickie’s final “ending”, and then we will be releasing a female POV playthrough style, that will offer up most of the same quests, but with various twists and extra content that can only be experienced this way.  We’ll also be combing over all of the existing content and making sure we tie everything together in a cohesive way, and create a nice sense of fluidity with the player’s choices.

We also announced House Party VR a while back.  We won’t be doing anything with the VR version of House Party until we get the base game close it it’s final form.  We just don’t want to create extra work for ourselves maintaining them side by side since that would simply delay the both of them.

We plan on getting House Party out of Early Access by summer of 2020, so if all goes well and we hit that mark, or at least somewhere around that mark, that’s when you’ll start seeing early builds of House Party VR, which will only be available to Patrons until it is ready!


For those of you who may not know, our second title is going to be called “Office Party”.  We’ve mentioned it a few times, but haven’t really talked about it much. We are taking the core House Party engine, and also the knowledge of what we’ve learned in the process of creating it and updating it over the years, and we are putting that effort into a new game.  The cool part is that since our graphics team are pretty much almost completely done with House Party content, they have already been putting the essentials together and creating an environment for our Office Party tech demo, which if they make enough leeway on, may actually be available to Patreon subscribers fairly soon.  Here are some cool things you can look forward to in Office Party straight from our game design document:

  • It’s built with the new Unity HD Render Pipeline.  We will have screenshots coming to you very soon, but we’re looking at a MAJOR graphics update using the most up to date technologies.
  • We’ll be using different character model technology.  We will still be using scanned textures for the skin, but we’ll be creating new models from scratch this time instead of using Daz 3D as a base.  This means we’ll be bringing what we think from early impressions could be the best quality models we’ve seen in any other real-time adult title to date.  We’ll be bringing back quite a few of our House Party characters as well, and they will get full makeovers in the new style.
  • There will be many more characters in Office Party.  Office Party will be even more of a sandbox in the sense that there will be a base system in play that makes any character we add to the game interactable, datable, fightable, and reactable to any type of player input.  We’ll be going as far as to fully voice-act these characters as well for a completely immersive experience. Every character in the game will be affected by your actions and will like you less or more for the decisions you make.  They will get happy, angry, or jealous, based off your actions, and this will also dictate what your available actions and opportunities will be with each one. In addition, the main characters will have full-blown storylines (similar to like they did in House Party), which will be more intricate and personal, and your decisions with them (and with other NPCs) will also affect all of the others.
  • You will be able to play as a male or a female.  Which gender you choose will affect your gameplay, and you will have some opportunities open to you over others depending on your choice.
  • You will have a job.  Office Party will require you to manage your work life AND your social life.  Your decisions and success or failure in one can also affect the other.
  • There will be character customization.  You will be able to create your character and change aspects of their physical appearance.
  • There will be more outfits.  You will have work clothes, street clothes, pajamas, some sexy clothes, and bathing suits to start, but we will be expanding this system as much as possible so you don’t see characters wearing the same thing day in and day out.
  • There will be more locations.  The character will start off at his/her apartment and will travel to the office, a shopping center, and a few different “date” option locations.  We don’t know right now exactly how many locations we will add, but there will be a travel system in the game.
  • You will be able to customize your apartment.  Since you’ll have a job, you can spend your hard-earned money on items for your apartment.  You will be able to move things around as well.
  • You will have neighbors.  You live in an apartment complex in Office Party, and you will be able to interact with your neighbors just as well as your co-workers and everybody else you meet on your new adventure.

There’s so much more to talk about, but more importantly, we can’t wait to SHOW you!  It will be available only to Patreon supporters for most of its early life. We won’t be moving to other platforms until there’s a decent amount of content, and we’ll be spending a lot of the early life of the game working out the sandbox, which you guys will get to experience before anybody, and will also add an element of replayability.

We hope that you guys are as excited as we are.  We had a lot of fun developing House Party, and we are dedicated to keep improving and make Office Party a better game in every way possible.  Your support is crucial to that process, and we hope that you’ll stick with us for the ride!


9 comments on “Eek! Games Road Map, House Party. House Party VR, and Office Party. What it Means to be a Patron of Eek! Games in 2020.
  1. cesidio says:

    Great news! I knew already that office wasn’t just the room where you work and you had many floors and even a pool inside but I didn’t expect that you had an apartment too!

    About the fact you will make models from scratch, will this help with some issues about House Party? In House Party model physics isn’t very developed (even with good animation they seems a little wooden) and only very few clothes (for example Stephanie’s dress) have physics at all but are tied to the model (no crossdressing).

  2. Junior Mendes da rocha says:


  3. Geno says:

    So it’s been months and all the updates seem to have disappeared, is the game dead? Did the rona kill it? Hope not!

  4. Karl says:

    House party is a very funny unfinished game. You should priorize it and give it more frequent updates. I swear, if office party or house party vr comes before the first game is finished. I will buy none of them.

    • Rafaelhentay says:

      I buy all these games in beta, it’s only launches on Steam that I buy! the first game is good i love the thing about having updates, love watching the game start and grow on my screen. You can send 0.1 even with errors and unfinished!

  5. Corey_Corona says:

    Can we have a contest to be modeled as some of the less important characters in Office Party?

  6. I loved as muc as yyou will receive carried out rigght here. Odele Jon Agnes

  7. Justin ausker says:


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