House Party Version Release Notes

Here is a running list of all of the House Party updates for each version.  The list only goes as far back as version, which, as of this writing is the latest public release.  For versions older than that, you will need to scroll back in the post history on the main page.  This list is also an “overview” of all of the various features that were added to each build.  If you’d like specifics on a particular feature, you will need to find the original posing for that version which goes into much more detail about each of these individual items.

(Beta 6/22/17)

  • General Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Physics Problem With Carrying Items on Some Systems
  • Fixed an issue with crouching that affected the hand
  • Separated Tutorial to its own Story

(Beta 6/16/17)

  • General Bug Fixes
  • Revamped Player Motion
  • Revamped Sex Transitions and Motion
  • Revamped Sitting/Laying Transitions
  • Displays Error Message Now When Trying to Load Older Save Files
  • Door Configurations Now Save Correctly
  • Current States Now Save Correctly (Sitting/Laying/Etc..)
  • Player can now go in hot tub and step up on lower platforms
  • Improved Breast Physics
  • Removed Slow Motion Effect During Player Orgasm (Many were complaining it just looked like a frame drop)
  • Made Censor Larger (was still showing nudity at some angles)
  • Fixed an issue in Ashley and Madison’s story that caused a negative reaction after a blowjob
  • Smoothed Fighting Animations
  • Revamped Save System to Fresh Load the Game and then Apply Save State (More consistent results)
  • Reworked player movement and animation syncing
  • Fixed camera glitches during sex scenes
  • Fixed a glitch that caused characters to sink through the bed during sex on some systems.
  • Added two Easter Eggs

(Beta 5/15/17)

  • General Bug Fixes
  • Code optimizations
  • Fixed a bunch of typos in dialogue
  • Fixed some story continuity errors
  • Revamped sex system to allow for easier expansion in the future
  • Revamped and fine-tuned all sex code
  • Added Doggie Style sex
  • Added female masturbation
  • Added ability for all characters to perform sex acts
  • Fixed floating pillows issue
  • Fixed an issue where Patrick would get his wine back after you had given it to Frank or Stephanie
  • Made it so the kettle cannot be knocked over
  • Finished Rachael’s dare game
  • Finished Rachael Ending 1

(Alpha 5/4/17)

  • General Bug Fixes
  • Updated Path-finding
  • Fixed an issue where characters would fall through walls and doors when fighting
  • Updated drunk mechanics (All characters can now get visually tipsy when drunk)
  • Fixed an issue where Rachael’s genitals were invisible
  • Added Loading Screen
  • Added Server Connectivity Status
  • Added Patrick’s voice
  • Added Brittney’s voice
  • Added Rachael’s voice
  • Added New Frank voice lines
  • Added New Stephanie voice lines
  • Added New Katherine voice lines
  • Added back yard
  • Player can now go outside
  • Added new facial expressions
  • Characters faces now animate more when they talk
  • Added ability to sprint (left shift)
  • Huge Rachael story update
  • Added “Hunt for Red’s Thermos” quest
  • Added “Frankly, I Don’t Trust You” quest
  • Added “Phonegate” quest
  • Added “Fuck Tuesday” quest
  • Added “Dare Interference” quest

(Beta: 4/18/17)
(Public 5/17/17)

  • General Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bunch of story typos and misspellings
  • Added an optional nudity censor for YouTube and Twitch broadcasts
  • Fixed a bug where pressing escape when the radial menu was up would cause the radial menu to not come up anymore
  • UI Optimizations


  • Implemented a workaround for a Unity bug that was causing game crashes
  • Fixed an issue with Patrick and Frank falling through walls.


  • Fixed an issue where one of Madison’s voice files didn’t play
  • Fixed an issue where the inventory would stop coming up
  • Removed “Fast” and “Fastest” quality settings
  • More path-finding updates
  • More possible fixes for users experiencing occasional crashes


  • UI Updates
  • Added More Error Handling and crash prevention
  • More possible fixes for users experiencing occasional crashes
  • Added Game Icon
  • Updated Main Screen Artwork
  • Fixed an issue where Frank and Patrick could be knocked through walls
  • Added more of Frank’s voice and sound effects


  • Fixed an issue with Madison’s textures
  • Save and Load function now loads item and inventory data correctly
  • Fixes for some users experiencing crashes


  • Added Stephanie’s voice
  • Added Katherine’s voice
  • Added “Express Yourself” quest
  • Added “Katherine’s “D”-Mands” quest
  • Added Missionary Sex
  • General UI Enhancements
  • You can now use the mouse wheel to scroll through inventory items
  • Pathfinding Updates
  • General bug fixes
  • Spelled “challenge” correctly.


  • Upgraded to Unity 5.6
  • Fixed an issue with Linux and Mac OSX Builds
  • Fixed an issue with exiting out of a dialogue using escape
  • Fixed a few other UI issues
  • Fixed an issue where characters could see each other through doors


  • Added obligatory cheesy pick-up lines
  • Major path-finding update
  • Stopped dead an knocked out characters from responding to clicks
  • Completely revamped input system
  • Revamped Katherine’s Model
  • Revamped Madison’s Model
  • Revamped Rachael’s Model
  • Revamped Ashley’s Model
  • Fixed an issue with toe deformities when sitting or laying down
  • Is now backwards compatible with custom stories from and higher
  • Added Madison’s voice
  • Added Ashley’s voice
  • Added Frank’s voice


  • Upgraded to Unity 5.5.2
  • Updated textures to reduce bleeding of skin when characters are moving limbs.
  • Changed Product Name to “House Party” for better Discord display.


  • General Bug Fixes
  • Added Game Tutorial

  • General Bug Fixes
  • Updated Katherine’s Story
  • Added Camera Functionality
  • Added More Objects to the House
  • Added 3 New Quests

  • General Bug Fixes
  • Updated Madison’s Story
  • Stories Now Downloaded From Server
  • Added Debug Console
  • Custom Stories Now Work on OSX and Linux

  • General Bug Fixes
  • Updated Patrick’s Story

  • Added Save/Load Game Functionality
  • User Interface Overhaul
  • Removed Achievements
  • Added Images to Quests
  • Added Custom Story Loading Support
  • Added Anti-Aliasing
  • Added Tone-Mapping/Color Enhancement
  • Added Character Ability to Lay Down
  • Baked Lighting (Major Visual Improvements)
  • Added Player Ability to Put On or Remove Clothes
  • Added Ambient Occlusion
  • Normal Maps Added to Girl Textures
  • Major Performance Updates

  • Updated Engine to Unity 5.5
  • Added Beer Pong Table and Game Physics
  • Updated Orgasm and Ejaculation Physics and Display
  • Added Masturbation
  • General Bug Fixes

  • Updated Lighting
  • Redecorated House
  • Added Blowjob
  • Added Orgasm
  • General Bug Fixes

  • Added Game Achievements
  • Added Quest: Humiliate Ashley
  • Added Quest: A Change of Heart
  • Added Posing System
  • Added Interactive States
  • Added Character Ability to Sit
  • General Bug Fixes