Steam Patch

We understand that many of you bought the game on Steam while it was still fully uncensored, and would like to restore the game to its full functionality. We’ve made this super easy by creating an Explicit Content DLC on Steam. The Explicit Content DLC is free, and when applied, will completely uncensor the Steam version of the game. You can find the DLC using the link at the bottom of this page.

Note that as of 0.17.3 (8/31/20), the Explicit Content DLC is the ONLY means available to uncensor the game on Steam. The demo version of House Party cannot make use of this DLC.

Note that the Explicit Content DLC may not be available to you if your region has locked its availability, or your age/Steam settings prevent you from making use of adult content.

If you have downloaded the DLC, but the game is still censored, that is a known Steam issue than can be resolved using the guide here. 

Explicit Content DLC