House Party Public Release!

House Party Public Release!

Mar 17

Hey guys,

Thanks so much to all of the YouTubers who did gameplay videos of House Party!  I’ve counted over 20 different streamers, some doing up to a 7 video series on the game.  All of the attention has done wonders with getting the word out and has helped me to reach my goals so I can spend more time on the game and make it even better!

In addition to all of the YouTube hype, I can officially announce today that House Party has been Greenlit on Steam!  I am filling out a lot of paperwork and getting a package ready, but soon the House Party game will be visible to a much larger audience through one of the largest game distribution platforms ever to exist!  The game will still be free, and my supporters will still have early beta and alpha access.

It’s an exciting time, and all of you supporting the project have had a part in helping this game to get to where it is!

Without further ado, here are the download links for the public release of House Party

NOTE:  At the moment, the game is experiencing very high download volume.  For faster download times for now, I am re-directing traffic to GameJolt and  You can download the latest free version of the game on either of these sites.  Oh, and don’t forget to rate the game on those sites! 🙂


House Party 0.4.4 Released to $5+ Supporters!

House Party 0.4.4 Released to $5+ Supporters!

Mar 15

Hey guys,

Before I get into the details of today’s release, I’d like to take a minute and thank the following YouTubers;

Kubz Scouts
TurkVanGogH GameZ
The Hard Croc

In the past week, they’ve all done YouTube videos showcasing the House Party game, and have done wonders in getting the word out about this game.  Go check out their channels and their videos and subscribe if you like them.  They are all really cool guys, and did an awesome job with their videos.  I know some others have been popping up as well, and I appreciate all of you guys too, but these are the videos I’ve had the time to check out so far.

We also now have a Discord Channel set up where you guys can come and chat about the game and the latest happenings with Eek! Games, and also collaborate or talk about your custom stories.

Verison 0.4.4 is now available to supporters pledging $5 or more.  To download the new version or to find out about how to become a supporter, you can visit my Patreon page.

As far as details about today’s release, it’s mostly a fine tuning of that came out to top tier supporters at the top of the month which includes a major story update with Katherine’s character.  There’s also a new tutorial segment that happens the first time you load the game.  You can additionally reset it at anytime if you’d like to go through it again.  Be sure to check the House Party Version History to see exactly what changed since the last version you’ve played!


House Party Released to $15+ Supporters!

House Party Released to $15+ Supporters!

Mar 03

Hey guys,

Here is the update that a lot of you have been waiting for.  This update contains a significant update to Katherine’s story and three new quests!  It also contains a lot of bug fixes that were found in as well as upgrades to the story engine and the Character Story Creator.  Don’t let the version number fool you.  This is a pretty hefty update from as it is chock full of new content and even includes new graphics, images, and items in the house.

The new version has been released to $15+ supporters only.  If you are already a supporter and want to download the game, or if you’d like to find out how to become a supporter, visit my Patreon page.

You can also compare this version to previous versions here.
To see what’s new in the Custom Story Creator, click here.

Here are some of the highlight features.

Katherine Story Update: includes three new quests centering around Katherine’s character.  In the poll I took among $20+ supporters, they overwhelmingly wanted to see her story worked on next, and that’s exactly what I did.  It’s a bit of a variation from her original story from the early alpha versions of House Party with a lot of new surprises built in.

Camera Functionality:

House Party now includes a working camera as an item you can pick up in the game.  When I add quest items, I like to add some novelty and freedom to the object itself so that it’s fun to play with outside of the quests.  Because House Party is open world, you can simply pick up the camera and start having fun with it without using it for any quests, but you will also need to use it to finish some of the new quests that were added.  You are able to take photos and then pull them back up and see your handy work.  The photos also save to your Documents folder in the House Party directory, so you will have access to them until you start a new game if you had wanted to save any of them.

More Objects Added to the House:

In addition to the Camera, a few other new objects have been added to the game.  I won’t say what they are so as not to spoil the surprise for anybody.  Of course, a full walk-through will be released to $10+ supporters before the end of the month.

Added Three New Quests:

With the inclusion of a large chunk of Katherine’s story comes three new complete quests.  You will need to complete these three quests to reach the end of Katherine’s content (so far).  I have included a marker in the game that lets you know that you have completed as much of Katherine’s content as you can.

House Party Released to $15+ Supporters

House Party Released to $15+ Supporters

Feb 23

Hey guys,

Here is House Party!  There were a lot of updates to the game and Story Creator that were released in this version.  We have some authors on the forum who are actively creating stories and we should see some coming to a completion very soon!

This version is available today to $15+ supporters.

To become a supporter, visit my Patron page.

Here are some cool highlights of the update including Story Player Updates:

Stories now downloaded from the server:

This is a really cool new feature.  On start, the game actually downloads the latest version of the stories from the server.  This means I can now put out story hot-fixes.  I will eventually port this into a system where people who are writing custom stories can upload their stories to the server for inclusion in the game.

Debug Console now displays all game events as they happen:

Pulling up the debug console (F5) now not only displays any possible errors that may have happened in the game (for better error reporting), but will now also give you a play by play of all of the events firing in the game.  This will be extremely useful for Story Creators, as they can now take a look at how their story is triggering events in the game in a written, ordered format.

Support for Custom Stories for OSX and Linux:

Before, custom stories were only able to be edited and played on Windows.  Version allows for OSX and Linux to also edit and play custom stories.

Characters who don’t have story files now omitted from game:

This is a really cool new feature because you can now pick and choose who is available in the game for your custom stories.  In the older version, if you omitted a character’s story, it would simply load up their old story.  This is not particularly ideal though because some of the Original stories intertwine with each other.  Now, if you don’t include a story, that character will not be loaded in the game.  This is beneficial also for writing different themed stories.  For instance,  you could do “Date Night with Madison” in which only Madison is in the house with you.  Or you could do a girls’ night sleepover type of story.  You can now mix and match the characters so the possibilities are endless!

Full control over Item names and interactions:

You now have complete control over all of the items in the house including doors, chairs, beds, and any interactive item in the game.  You are able to customize any object to be an inventory item and you have complete control over the item interactions and even set up “Use With” scenarios.  There are also “Item Functions” now available on specific items (like the thermostat) so you can trigger events to happen in game that would normally be impossible to script with the Story Creator.  Pretty cool stuff!

Expansion of Madison’s Ending:

I’ve expanded Madison’s ending to make it open world in the sense that, after you blackmail her, you are able to dismiss her back to the party to preserve the “sandbox” ending, and re-summon her when you want to have some fun and exert your control.  You can also dictate what she wears.

Tons of more Custom Story Creator Options:

At this point, every single thing that happens in the game is driven by the Custom Story Creator.  I’ve also included up-to-date stories from the original version so you can see how everything is set up and triggered.  In the past, I provided cleared stories you can use to start with, but it seemed most of you preferred to start out with editing the existing stories, so I’ve just included those as the default template and added a “Clear” button if you decide you want to start fresh.

Renamed File Extensions:

Character files now have a .character extension and story files now have a .story extension.

House Party Public Release!

House Party Public Release!

Feb 17

Hey guys,

House Party officially goes public today.  This was a pretty hefty release and contains a lot of updates over including the first erotic scenes that were added to the game beyond nudity.  Be sure to check out the official post to see specifics about what was changed, or check out the version to version change log.

To get the most current game release, you can become a supporter by checking out my Patreon page.

Here are the download links for

House Party Windows 64 Bit
House Party Windows 32 Bit
House Party Mac OSX
House Party Linux

House Party Released to $5+ Supporters

House Party Released to $5+ Supporters

Feb 15

Hey guys,

House Party has been released today to supporters who are pledging $5 per month or more.  To download the latest vrsion or to become a supporter, please visit my Patreon page.

This version contains all of the updates made in House Party and House Party as well as many bug-fixes and updates to both the House Party game, and the Custom Story Creator.  Also, those of you at the $5 tier level can try their hand at creating custom stories!

For those of you getting your hands on for the first time, be sure to take a look at the forum where you can find custom stories made by other users that you can load into House Party and play!

You can read up on all of the changes from version to version here.


House Party Released to $15.00+ Supporters

House Party Released to $15.00+ Supporters

Feb 08

Hey guys!

House Party has just been released to $15.00+ Supporters.  This version contains a lot of bug fixes that were found and addressed in the release, as well as a lot of updates to the Custom Story Creator from the feedback I’ve been getting from those of you working on your own stories in the forum.

To find out how to become a supporter, visit my Patreon page.

I usually don’t announce in-between updates, but if you notice in the title, this update is available to $15.00+ supporters whereas in the past it would have been available to $25.00+ supporters, and this leads me into my next announcement; I have re-structured the price tiers on my Patreon page.  I am now offering the monthly stable version of the game to people pledging $5.00 or more per month, and the rest of the prices have been adjusted from there.  I appreciate all of your support, and I felt like the tier rewards were a little steep for those of you interested in seeing the growth and progression of the game, and I’m hoping with the adjusted amounts, to see people sticking around and maintaining support for a longer period of time, and receiving more game updates for their donation.

Here is a list of updates for

  • General Bug Fixes
  • Added “Player Inventory : AllowTake” GameEvent to Story Creator
  • Added “Item : Mount” GameEvent to Story Creator
  • Added “Item : Set Enabled” GameEvent to Story Creator
  • Added “Character : Exits Vision” EventTrigger to Story Creator
  • Added “Event Triggers :  Set Enabled” GameEvent to Story Creator
  • Added Ability to rename characters in the Story Creator
  • Updated Patrick’s Story

For those of you working on custom stories, you will need to re-download the Custom Story Creator using the same link provided on the site:

Remember, the best way to preserve your stories you are working on is to export them all, and then re-import them into the new version of the Story Creator.

I’ve also included all updates made to the Eek Story files so you can see how the new features are being used.

Note: I still have not fixed the issues with the OSX version from the last build, but I compiled an OSX version of the updated game just in case the new update might have fixed the issue.  If you are continuing to have an issue with the OSX build, know that I am shifting my main focus to that at this point.

House Party Story Creator Crash Course and Story Challenge

House Party Story Creator Crash Course and Story Challenge

Feb 03

Hey guys,

A lot of you have been asking about the Custom Story Creator and how to get started with it.  Here’s a video to help you through starting to create your own House Party story.  This video picks up after you’ve followed the initial steps in the Custom Story Creator Instructions and are ready to start working with the Story Creator.  Watch me step through the very basics of getting your feet wet and creating your first story, and how to export it to the House Party game to see your changes.  I may create more videos down the line getting into different areas more specifically, but this video should get you poking around and getting comfortable in the Story Creator.


Custom Story Challenge!

Also of great interest is the recently announced House Party Custom Story Challenge!  If you think you have the chops, create your own story in the Custom Story Creator, and then upload it to the forum.  Each month, I will choose a “Story of the Month”, and the author of that story will have their story featured on the site and available in the official next House Party version, and also win free access to all of the latest builds of House Party immediately after they are released for life! ($25.00/month value).  More details and contest rules can be found here.

More exciting updates coming soon!