Official GameJolt Launch!

Official GameJolt Launch!

Jun 17

Hey guys,

House Party just officially launched for sale on!

We are selling House Party exclusively on GameJolt up until the Steam release.  If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the game, head over and create an account with them.  Indie sites like these are a big part of the reason that games like House Party get discovered in the first place, and they are all about giving back to the developers.

Here’s a link to the House Party game on

House Party 0.6.2 Released to Beta Testers!

House Party 0.6.2 Released to Beta Testers!

Jun 16

Hey guys,

Exciting news!  House Party 0.6.2 drops today to beta testers.  This release will be the first version of House Party to also hit GameJolt and Steam in the coming weeks.  We’ve spent a lot of time on this version optimizing the game and fixing as many of the outstanding issues and bugs we’ve come across, and this build is feeling pretty solid!

If you are already a beta tester, or to find out how to become one, visit the Patreon page.

Included in this build are many many bug fixes and optimizations, but we’ve also added some Easter Eggs (can you find them before we release the walkthrough?).  On top of that we’ve included some of the newer mechanics in older quests to spruce them up a bit.

Here is a full list of changes from 0.6.1 to 0.6.2:

  • General Bug Fixes
  • Revamped Player Motion
  • Revamped Sex Transitions and Motion
  • Revamped Sitting/Laying Transitions
  • Displays Error Message Now When Trying to Load Older Save Files
  • Door Configurations Now Save Correctly
  • Current States Now Save Correctly (Sitting/Laying/Etc..)
  • Player can now get in hot tub
  • Improved Breast Physics
  • Removed Slow Motion Effect During Player Orgasm (Many were complaining it just looked like a frame drop)
  • Made Censor Larger (was still showing nudity at some angles)
  • Fixed an issue in Ashley and Madison’s story that caused a negative reaction after a blowjob
  • Smoothed Fighting Animations
  • Revamped Save System to Fresh Load the Game and then Apply Save State (More consistent results)
  • Reworked player movement and animation syncing
  • Fixed camera glitches during sex scenes
  • Fixed a glitch that caused characters to sink through the bed during sex on some systems.
  • Added some Easter Eggs

To see the entire change history, visit the Official House Party Version Release Notes.  Hope you enjoy the release!

House Party 0.5.7 Public Release

House Party 0.5.7 Public Release

May 17

Hey guys,

Here is House Party 0.5.7, finally available for free release.  This version is leaps and bounds over 0.4.4, and really marks a new milestone in the game.  There’s an entire UI overhaul, and a whole new story included in this release (Katherine), full voice acting, and much much more.  This is also probably the last release that will be public, as we are setting a tentative GameJolt launch on 6/17 and a Steam launch on 6/24.

Here is a full list of updates between version 0.4.4 and 0.5.7:

  • Added Stephanie’s voice
  • Added Katherine’s voice
  • Added “Express Yourself” quest
  • Added “Katherine’s “D”-Mands” quest
  • Added Missionary Sex
  • General UI Enhancements
  • You can now use the mouse wheel to scroll through inventory items
  • General bug fixes
  • Spelled “challenge” correctly.
  • Upgraded to Unity 5.6
  • Fixed an issue with Linux and Mac OSX Builds
  • Fixed an issue with exiting out of a dialogue using escape
  • Fixed a few other UI issues
  • Fixed an issue where characters could see each other through doors
  • Added obligatory cheesy pick-up lines
  • Major path-finding update
  • Stopped dead an knocked out characters from responding to clicks
  • Completely revamped UI
  • Revamped Katherine’s Model
  • Revamped Madison’s Model
  • Revamped Rachael’s Model
  • Revamped Ashley’s Model
  • Fixed an issue with toe deformities when sitting or laying down
  • Is now backwards compatible with custom stories from and higher
  • Added Madison’s voice
  • Added Ashley’s voice
  • Added Frank’s voice

To see a full list of each version and what was added, be sure to visit the Official House Party Version Log.  Enjoy!



House Party 0.5.7 Windows 64 Bit
House Party 0.5.7 Windows 32 Bit
House Party 0.5.7 Mac OSX
House Party 0.5.7 Linux

House Party 0.6.1 Released to Beta Testers

House Party 0.6.1 Released to Beta Testers

May 15

Hey guys,

House Party 0.6.1 has been released to Beta Testers today.  Most of this update deals with tweaking out 0.6.0 and fixing some bugs you guys have reported, and of course the conclusion to Rachael’s first ending.

If you are already a Beta tester or to find out how to become one, visit my Patreon page.

Here is the change log:

  • General Bug Fixes
  • Code optimizations
  • Fixed a bunch of typos in dialogue
  • Fixed some story continuity errors
  • Revamped sex system to allow for easier expansion in the future
  • Revamped and fine-tuned all sex code
  • Added Doggie Style sex
  • Added female masturbation
  • Added ability for all characters to perform sex acts
  • Fixed floating pillows issue
  • Fixed an issue where Patrick would get his wine back after you had given it to Frank or Stephanie
  • Made it so the kettle cannot be knocked over
  • Finished Rachael’s dare game
  • Finished Rachael Ending 1

This build allows doggie style sex with both Rachael and Katherine, and also includes a new masturbation scene, a voyeur scene, and an exhibitionism scene.  To see a full list of updates from version to version, visit the Official House Party Version Log.

From here, I may release one or two more beta versions to clean up any immediate issues that are discovered, and then I will begin working on Rachael’s split story line.

House Party 0.6.0 Released to Alpha Testers

House Party 0.6.0 Released to Alpha Testers

May 04

Hey guys!

The House Party 0.6.x line makes its first appearance today with the release of 0.6.0.  This build feels really good for an Alpha.  I have done a lot of internal play-testing, and it’s feeling like a very smooth release.

Above all else, this build brings a huge update to Rachael’s story-line.  It’s possibly the most challenging quest line to date in the game.  The quest and puzzle-solving aspect of the story is pretty much finished.  So much so, that we are holding a contest in the Discord channel to see who can solve all of the puzzles first, so if you’re seeing this message for the first time, come into the discord server now to see how to participate.  From here out, we will be adding more to the ending of Rachael’s story as well as a split story-line option.

House Party 0.6.0 will be dropping to Alpha Testers today.  If you are already an alpha tester, or you’d like to find out how to  become one, please visit my Patreon page.

Here is a list of all of the updates contained in this build from 0.5.7:

  • General Bug Fixes
  • Updated Path-finding
  • Fixed an issue where characters would fall through walls and doors when fighting
  • Updated drunk mechanics (All characters can now get visually tipsy when drunk)
  • Fixed an issue where Rachael’s genitals were invisible
  • Added Loading Screen
  • Added Server Connectivity Status
  • Added Patrick’s voice
  • Added Brittney’s voice
  • Added Rachael’s voice
  • Added New Frank voice lines
  • Added New Stephanie voice lines
  • Added New Katherine voice lines
  • Added back yard
  • Player can now go outside
  • Added new facial expressions
  • Characters faces now animate more when they talk
  • Added ability to sprint (left shift)
  • Huge Rachael story update
  • Added “Hunt for Red’s Thermos” quest
  • Added “Frankly, I Don’t Trust You” quest
  • Added “Phonegate” quest
  • Added “Fuck Tuesday” quest
  • Added “Dare Interference” quest

You can check out the Official House Party Version Log for information about past releases.  Enjoy!