House Party Story Creator Change Log


  • Fixed an issue with the story files not exporting correctly

  • Removed “OnPlayerTakes” trigger.  Now you can trigger events in the .story file and do what you want on the “Take” event.
  • Fixed a bug where if you don’t include a story file, the default story is loaded.
  • Made .story files mandatory for a story showing up as a custom story option in the game.
  • Added “Periodically” EventTrigger which can trigger a conditional game event at regular intervals.
  • Added More Quest Icons
  • Added More Quest Images

  • Main story is now downloaded from the server.  This allows for hot-fixing stories.
  • Debug Console (F5) now displays all GameEvents that trigger in the game.
  • Support for Custom Stories added for OSX and Linux
  • Characters who don’t have story files are now omitted from the game.