House Party 0.5.7 Public Release

House Party 0.5.7 Public Release

May 17

Hey guys,

Here is House Party 0.5.7, finally available for free release.  This version is leaps and bounds over 0.4.4, and really marks a new milestone in the game.  There’s an entire UI overhaul, and a whole new story included in this release (Katherine), full voice acting, and much much more.  This is also probably the last release that will be public, as we are setting a tentative GameJolt launch on 6/17 and a Steam launch on 6/24.

Here is a full list of updates between version 0.4.4 and 0.5.7:

  • Added Stephanie’s voice
  • Added Katherine’s voice
  • Added “Express Yourself” quest
  • Added “Katherine’s “D”-Mands” quest
  • Added Missionary Sex
  • General UI Enhancements
  • You can now use the mouse wheel to scroll through inventory items
  • General bug fixes
  • Spelled “challenge” correctly.
  • Upgraded to Unity 5.6
  • Fixed an issue with Linux and Mac OSX Builds
  • Fixed an issue with exiting out of a dialogue using escape
  • Fixed a few other UI issues
  • Fixed an issue where characters could see each other through doors
  • Added obligatory cheesy pick-up lines
  • Major path-finding update
  • Stopped dead an knocked out characters from responding to clicks
  • Completely revamped UI
  • Revamped Katherine’s Model
  • Revamped Madison’s Model
  • Revamped Rachael’s Model
  • Revamped Ashley’s Model
  • Fixed an issue with toe deformities when sitting or laying down
  • Is now backwards compatible with custom stories from and higher
  • Added Madison’s voice
  • Added Ashley’s voice
  • Added Frank’s voice

To see a full list of each version and what was added, be sure to visit the Official House Party Version Log.  Enjoy!



House Party 0.5.7 Windows 64 Bit
House Party 0.5.7 Windows 32 Bit
House Party 0.5.7 Mac OSX
House Party 0.5.7 Linux

House Party 0.4.4 Public Release

House Party 0.4.4 Public Release

Apr 17

Hey guys,

Here’s the House Party 0.4.4 public release.  This release includes a lot of updates geared toward adding on to Katherine’s story as well as some overall enhancements and game improvements.  To get the very latest version of House Party, be sure to check out my Patreon page.  You can also check out the Official House Party Release Notes for information about what’s changed from version to version.  Here’s a full list of all of the updates this version has included from the last public release,


  • Upgraded to Unity 5.5.2
  • Updated textures to reduce bleeding of skin when characters are moving limbs.
  • Changed Product Name to “House Party” for better Discord display.


  • General Bug Fixes
  • Added Game Tutorial

  • General Bug Fixes
  • Updated Katherine’s Story
  • Added Camera Functionality
  • Added More Objects to the House
  • Added 3 New Quests

  • General Bug Fixes
  • Updated Madison’s Story
  • Stories Now Downloaded From Server
  • Added Debug Console
  • Custom Stories Now Work on OSX and Linux

Download Links:

You can find House Party 0.4.4 on either or  Here are the links to each:

House Party Public Release!

House Party Public Release!

Mar 17

Hey guys,

Thanks so much to all of the YouTubers who did gameplay videos of House Party!  I’ve counted over 20 different streamers, some doing up to a 7 video series on the game.  All of the attention has done wonders with getting the word out and has helped me to reach my goals so I can spend more time on the game and make it even better!

In addition to all of the YouTube hype, I can officially announce today that House Party has been Greenlit on Steam!  I am filling out a lot of paperwork and getting a package ready, but soon the House Party game will be visible to a much larger audience through one of the largest game distribution platforms ever to exist!  The game will still be free, and my supporters will still have early beta and alpha access.

It’s an exciting time, and all of you supporting the project have had a part in helping this game to get to where it is!

Without further ado, here are the download links for the public release of House Party

NOTE:  At the moment, the game is experiencing very high download volume.  For faster download times for now, I am re-directing traffic to GameJolt and  You can download the latest free version of the game on either of these sites.  Oh, and don’t forget to rate the game on those sites! 🙂


House Party Public Release!

House Party Public Release!

Feb 17

Hey guys,

House Party officially goes public today.  This was a pretty hefty release and contains a lot of updates over including the first erotic scenes that were added to the game beyond nudity.  Be sure to check out the official post to see specifics about what was changed, or check out the version to version change log.

To get the most current game release, you can become a supporter by checking out my Patreon page.

Here are the download links for

House Party Windows 64 Bit
House Party Windows 32 Bit
House Party Mac OSX
House Party Linux