Official GameJolt Launch!

Official GameJolt Launch!

Jun 17
Official GameJolt Launch!

Hey guys,

House Party just officially launched for sale on!

We are selling House Party exclusively on GameJolt up until the Steam release.  If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the game, head over and create an account with them.  Indie sites like these are a big part of the reason that games like House Party get discovered in the first place, and they are all about giving back to the developers.

Here’s a link to the House Party game on


  1. NightNever

    Following for free from the begging :/ I’m a little sad that now he’s on sell, i was waiting so much the version. And 15$ is, i think too much for me :/ But, i hope you’ll do your best for this game.
    Good job ‘yil now, continue on this way guys, you can go far !

  2. Tones

    I bought the game on gamejolt, but for some reason, the free version is working but not the paid version… Do I need to enable something??

    • Bobby

      Can you describe what’s happening when you try to run the new version?

      • Tones

        I have downloaded the game via zip file and it is working well now. I just can’t launch it from Gamejolt, strange… Oh and I have another question : I am not receiving any confirmation code via email when I am registering to the forum. I’ve tried several email and I did not receive anything yet… I also contacted a board administrator, but no response…
        Thanks for your fast response.

  3. Storm

    If we buy this version, the next updates will be free?

    • Bobby

      Yes, the GameJolt “Latest Version” package will be updated regularly.

  4. GGee

    If i buy it on Gamejolt will this version be uncensored? Because Gamejolt have many games with adult themes but they are not.

    • Adrian

      I think it’s uncensored because I have had the Gamejolt version before 6.2 and it’s uncensored.

    • Bobby

      The GameJolt version is uncensored.

  5. Kyuuji

    When is the next public release and what version will it be?

  6. Allkeky

    I love the game, so i bought it. Now i want to play some custom stories, but i can’t register to the forum. It won’t send the registration mail. I already contacted the admins about 2 days ago but I have yet to receive an answer.

  7. Shay

    Hey, I just bought the game from Gamejolt and downloaded it, although it stops at 44.2 MB every time. I tried downloading the beta and the same issue occurred, please help.

    • Sion

      Try clicking the “more” option and download using that, had the same problem but it stopped at 27MB, but the alternate option worked just fine.

  8. Pete

    Finally I can buy it via one-time payment. Thanks for this option! Bought it some minutes ago 🙂

  9. Susch

    Hello your phpBB Forum dont send activation emails.

    Tryed 3 different provider , not one sended. , ,

    Resend doesnt work.

  10. Julian

    Is there away to download this game on an IPad?

  11. Bobby

    I’ve deleted all inactive users, so those of you having an issue with the activation on the forum, try again.

    • Allkeky

      It’s still not working for me.

    • Susch

      Still not working , tested and

      Maybe a bug in the software ,some combinations are not allowed.

      But when i online in the forum , there are new people registered.

      Very strange.

  12. Erik

    Will the game be free when it releases?

  13. Sion

    Been following this game’s development for a while now, really feel like the devs are cool guys and have listened to and helped their fans out throughout the whole development process. Unfortunately I’m a broke college student so I couldn’t support monthly without becoming homeless so the 1 time payment is something that I feel I can finally support lmao, keep up the good work guys and I hope to see more from this team <3

  14. peter zuk

    Hi i was wondering if the paid version of house party will be for macs.

  15. Prob

    Being from Canada, any address that I put into GameJolt would be fake when purchasing. Does it matter if I use a fake address?

  16. Allkeky

    I still can’t register to the forum. Admins aren’t budging either. Sad 🙁

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