House Party 0.5.7 Public Release

House Party 0.5.7 Public Release

May 17
House Party 0.5.7 Public Release

Hey guys,

Here is House Party 0.5.7, finally available for free release.  This version is leaps and bounds over 0.4.4, and really marks a new milestone in the game.  There’s an entire UI overhaul, and a whole new story included in this release (Katherine), full voice acting, and much much more.  This is also probably the last release that will be public, as we are setting a tentative GameJolt launch on 6/17 and a Steam launch on 6/24.

Here is a full list of updates between version 0.4.4 and 0.5.7:

  • Added Stephanie’s voice
  • Added Katherine’s voice
  • Added “Express Yourself” quest
  • Added “Katherine’s “D”-Mands” quest
  • Added Missionary Sex
  • General UI Enhancements
  • You can now use the mouse wheel to scroll through inventory items
  • General bug fixes
  • Spelled “challenge” correctly.
  • Upgraded to Unity 5.6
  • Fixed an issue with Linux and Mac OSX Builds
  • Fixed an issue with exiting out of a dialogue using escape
  • Fixed a few other UI issues
  • Fixed an issue where characters could see each other through doors
  • Added obligatory cheesy pick-up lines
  • Major path-finding update
  • Stopped dead an knocked out characters from responding to clicks
  • Completely revamped UI
  • Revamped Katherine’s Model
  • Revamped Madison’s Model
  • Revamped Rachael’s Model
  • Revamped Ashley’s Model
  • Fixed an issue with toe deformities when sitting or laying down
  • Is now backwards compatible with custom stories from and higher
  • Added Madison’s voice
  • Added Ashley’s voice
  • Added Frank’s voice

To see a full list of each version and what was added, be sure to visit the Official House Party Version Log.  Enjoy!



House Party 0.5.7 Windows 64 Bit
House Party 0.5.7 Windows 32 Bit
House Party 0.5.7 Mac OSX
House Party 0.5.7 Linux


  1. L33tew

    It says that archive is corrupt. When i’m trying to persuade the game it has almost black display.

    • Bobby

      The first upload to got corrupted. I re-uploaded shortly after I realized. The version that is on there now should extract cleanly.

  2. Huey

    So I downloaded the game for mac and the walls are dark black. Items are barely visible. The only things that have colors are some curtains, but besides that walls and doors are dark black.
    Is this normal for this version ?

    • Bobby

      This is a known issue with Unity. It happens on some macs, but not all. I have posted a bug report with Unity and am waiting for a fix.

  3. Lucas

    When I try to open the zip file ( mac ), I get a message : Error 2: file or directory doesn’t exist.
    I used a program to open the file, and when I got it to work there were some errors, but I managed to get it to open. However, it does not work properly.

  4. Pietro

    How do i check the character’s cellphone now??

  5. Paul

    I have had the game crashes a few times if I go to the back right corner of the room where Stephanie is dancing.

  6. Ben

    I’m having a lot of crashes in this build.

  7. feJ

    It didn’t work on mac

  8. nah

    ah…the game is crash

  9. LeT IT

    I can’t unzip it on Mac.

  10. John

    Everyone is missing from my game. I have no idea why.

    • istolethisname

      I have the same issue, also I can’t interact with anything. Hope Bobby uploads a working version soon.

  11. Cole

    When trying to expand the zip i get an error saying no such file or directory, I’m downloading OSX version

  12. Anonym

    hey, I tried to find Chardonay. But there’s no where

    • Paul

      It’s on the top shelf of the cupboard in the washing machine room.

  13. Bobby

    There was an issue with the initial upload, but the game has been re-uploaded, and it should extract correctly now.

    • MadHatfam

      it extracts fine but now I get the error message “application cannot be opened”

  14. John

    download error wew come on fix this

    • Bobby

      I’ve provided alternate download links for now until the issues are sought out.

  15. L33tew

    I found problem with the Stephanie quest. When i gave her 2 bottles of alcohol, it has count only once. So i cannot go further with another quest (girl with the huge breast and obviously can’t get Stephanie topless)

    • Bobby

      Have you done the thermostat portion of the quest?

  16. Nenezz

    It doesn’t allow me to take off clothes, I tried many times but it doesn’t work, how can I do it?

    • Bobby

      Did you take the tutorial? Press F1 for help. Press “Y” to undress.

  17. Fartie

    Hey Bobby, I’m happy to see the success of your patreon campaign, that’s well deserved. But can you elaborate on why you are planning to drop the cycle of public releases? It seems to have worked pretty well so far.

  18. mike

    one of the best pc game i ever played great but you should add different positions with Katherine.

  19. Dan

    In the missionary position I’m not seeing Katherine and the camera goes through her instead. Is there anything I need to do?

  20. Anonym

    Hey bro, where is the water that katherine wanted? I can’t find it

    • Jordan 20

      Wait! Last public release?

    • Shawn

      bro talk to the muscle guy and take the empty vodka bottle, then fill it up using the sink

  21. Thomas Dellanno

    on my Mac it says “The application “” can’t be opened.” so i downloaded it via the itch app and it doesnt install so i found the download location to try and pen manually and it gives the same error as the other download “The application “” can’t be opened.”

  22. Ferdy

    Hey,the “start new game” button is inactive in my laptop, other button seem fine. Can you fix this ?

  23. Batman

    I just really want a link to the Painting by Frank. Or at least a name for it!

  24. Bill

    Where is the water bottle?

  25. Shawn

    I was successful in getting katherine naked and ready to have sex, but she asks to lock the door, i hav the skeleton key with locks the bathroom but i can’t find any key to lock the master bedroom, i hav seached for more than an hr looking for the key to lock the master bedroom but no luck :/ can u atleast add some hints or make an ultimate key which locks all doors.. btw awesome game good job… just the finding key part sucks

    • Fartie

      Agreed, said key was hardly visible, but that may depend on the graphics settings. As pointed out on the forums, you can find it (SPOILER alert) on the fireplace.

  26. Zxas25

    I’m having an issue where I downloaded the game on windows, extracted the file, started the game up, and that’s it. When I start playing, the entire house is empty and all the doors are closed. I can’t interact with anything. It’s like I’m just looking around and that’s all I’m able to do.

    • Foxter

      same here

      • Zxas25

        I’ve redownloaded the game like 6 times

        • Rizky

          You must not block this game from accessing internet because it necessary to download original story

  27. Ace

    Hello, is there any way to get both sisters naked in the same game in this new update?

    • Rizky

      Use custom story mod then you can get all naked, in original i think that impossible

  28. Foxter

    there is no one in the house, and I can’t open the door. damn, I really wanna play this game.

    • Rizky

      You must not block this game from accessing internet because it necessary to download original story

  29. Ken

    I’ve downloaded the game several times now, and I keep getting the same problem, hitting the start new game button crashes the game. I don’t know what to do.

    • Shawn

      when u click on start new game, then windows says, not responding, and the 2 options are – 1. close 2. wait for it to respond… click wait for it to respond, then in about 3-5 seconds the game starts (btw i’m using win10)

  30. Cole

    since the recent patch (0.5.7), the game is now laggy on my system, any tips on how to fix this ?

    GTX 970 4gb
    16gb ddr3 1600mhz

    • Rizky

      Adding manual the game .exe to nvidia control panel, its fixed for me

  31. Annomous

    Do you know when the next public release is coming out

    • Rizky

      Be a beta tester then you will get an answer for your question

    • asdf

      if you havent noticed it is always on the 17th of each month

  32. Rizky

    Please don’t go to steam because they will probably happy to cutting sex scene and ruin the game, i will not go to steam, hope game-jolt still give us great experience like now

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