House Party 0.6.1 Released to Beta Testers

House Party 0.6.1 Released to Beta Testers

May 15
House Party 0.6.1 Released to Beta Testers

Hey guys,

House Party 0.6.1 has been released to Beta Testers today.  Most of this update deals with tweaking out 0.6.0 and fixing some bugs you guys have reported, and of course the conclusion to Rachael’s first ending.

If you are already a Beta tester or to find out how to become one, visit my Patreon page.

Here is the change log:

  • General Bug Fixes
  • Code optimizations
  • Fixed a bunch of typos in dialogue
  • Fixed some story continuity errors
  • Revamped sex system to allow for easier expansion in the future
  • Revamped and fine-tuned all sex code
  • Added Doggie Style sex
  • Added female masturbation
  • Added ability for all characters to perform sex acts
  • Fixed floating pillows issue
  • Fixed an issue where Patrick would get his wine back after you had given it to Frank or Stephanie
  • Made it so the kettle cannot be knocked over
  • Finished Rachael’s dare game
  • Finished Rachael Ending 1

This build allows doggie style sex with both Rachael and Katherine, and also includes a new masturbation scene, a voyeur scene, and an exhibitionism scene.  To see a full list of updates from version to version, visit the Official House Party Version Log.

From here, I may release one or two more beta versions to clean up any immediate issues that are discovered, and then I will begin working on Rachael’s split story line.


  1. Breadsticks

    The mac version isn’t working. A downloaded the zip and extracted it but when i click on the .app it says: The application “” can’t be opened.

    • jackson

      go to system preferences open security and privacy, click on general at the top and then click on open in the middle right

  2. oscar

    Hi! is is free to try signi up for the beta servers? if so, where do I sign up?

    • Rizky

      You must go to his patreon and donate to be beta tester

  3. Mark

    Hey Bobby, just a question, can i buy the game using steam wallet? When it is available of course

  4. Misty

    I know this is beta, but really now there is flickering issues to full black screen. Really I don’t know what was changed by graphics, but I played on fantastic setting. Still the kettle bounces up and down and slips like soap; you can’t even pick it up fully to move onto the stove. Only by luck of glitch it takes frustating time to bounce it against the stove or counter tops. Also there needs to be a scroll function on inventory items; the items are fixed off screen.

    • Zachary Irvin

      Yep, I agree. I have had the exact issues as you. Except I can’t get my kettle off the floor. Every time I try and pick something up, in general, it bounces around. I wasn’t so lucky I can’t get the kettle on the stove to save my life. It just ends up on the floor and stays there.

  5. every time i starrt the game it says house party not responding

  6. smee

    Since 0.6.1 i’ve only managed about 30 seconds before i get frozen. is this just me and any suggestions how i can get round ot

  7. jarif558

    how can i play house party of this version.i cant download it.please!help!

    • Rizky

      You muse be beta tester for early access read before asking mate

  8. Jc

    I wish that you can fuck all of the femaul characters not just Rachel and Katherin

  9. ZZickazz

    Do any1 know how to restore the wifi connection?


    What’s there for the next version

  11. chuckfrost1326

    hey how do i download the the new beta? i donated 15 to become a beta tester but am kinda lost on how and where to get the actual file. am i supposed to get an email or something? help would be really appreciated.

  12. mr. e

    Katherine says. there is no wifi.. . how to get the wifi back?

  13. DLNight

    FYI – Lots and lots of bugs in the save/load feature. (Windows and Mac)

    Here are two I have noticed:
    – Loading mid game results in odd impact on current game. Works a little better loading in fresh start
    – Loading saved game results in SD card no longer being in camera

  14. N3m3s1s

    Hey when is 0.6 + coming for public?

  15. eve

    when is 0.6.1 coming out for public users.

  16. Meme

    When I start up the game in windowed mode I cannot use the mouse to look around it is not connected to the game

  17. ben

    when will 6.1 come out for public access

  18. HowToDoPhone

    How do I hack Madison’s phone?

  19. This game is nice, I like it.

  20. mark

    you should add alot of sex position not only 2 its always good to change positions

  21. Mason

    Hi i donated but i never got a ‘beta-tester’ copy of the game could anyone help?

  22. magicdark96

    What’s the difference between donating 5 bucks to bve a beta tester and 10 bucks to have the “Full game walkthrough” ? Can anyone help me out with this ?

  23. Matthew

    When will o.6.1 be coming out

  24. iNNk

    It is impossible to complete quest ” crack the code”. There is no way to do it?

  25. simon

    how do i become tester

  26. bobyjones

    one question how do i download this version there is no download link for 0.6.1

  27. bobyjones

    one question how do i download this version there is no download link for 0.6.1

  28. bobyjones

    and how can i become a beta tester if thats the only way to play this version

    • Daniel

      Go to EEK!’s patreon page and pledge to get the “Beta” role, then you can download it form the post on patreon

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