House Party 0.4.4 Public Release

House Party 0.4.4 Public Release

Apr 17
House Party 0.4.4 Public Release

Hey guys,

Here’s the House Party 0.4.4 public release.  This release includes a lot of updates geared toward adding on to Katherine’s story as well as some overall enhancements and game improvements.  To get the very latest version of House Party, be sure to check out my Patreon page.  You can also check out the Official House Party Release Notes for information about what’s changed from version to version.  Here’s a full list of all of the updates this version has included from the last public release,


  • Upgraded to Unity 5.5.2
  • Updated textures to reduce bleeding of skin when characters are moving limbs.
  • Changed Product Name to “House Party” for better Discord display.


  • General Bug Fixes
  • Added Game Tutorial

  • General Bug Fixes
  • Updated Katherine’s Story
  • Added Camera Functionality
  • Added More Objects to the House
  • Added 3 New Quests

  • General Bug Fixes
  • Updated Madison’s Story
  • Stories Now Downloaded From Server
  • Added Debug Console
  • Custom Stories Now Work on OSX and Linux

Download Links:

You can find House Party 0.4.4 on either or  Here are the links to each:


  1. Buffalo

    Been waiting for this for a while ;3

  2. FdpDuGame

    Android version please

  3. GoG

    Uhm… How do you download it? I didn’t find a link on the page and gamejolt simply doesn’t load at all (just shows me a grey blank page).

  4. Colton

    does this version fix katherine quest ?

  5. colton

    cant download wew

  6. Please make android version

  7. Fack

    I just try your game in this version and i can say, it’s really really cool ! As soon as possible I will contribute to your Patreon !

    I’ve try somes story but i can’t understand how can i crack the Madison’s phone !

    Spoiler alert : I didn’t do the prank to Ashley and she give me the phone code but i have already give the phone to Madison, with another save i’ve trying do the prank to Ashley but i cant start the quest “prank to Ashley” if i don’t give the phone to Madison ?

    By the way sorry for my English level …

  8. Misty

    Hey Bobby, just to let you know, changing the render/reflection to uncompressed in Unity did the trick :). The game is beautiful and running as it’s supposed to. MUAH <3

  9. DroidRazer

    Broke AF the characters would not load in, and the options just were n
    ot there. its a ghost town everytime i play i think its because i had a house party folder along time ago but i messed with the files a bit and screwed them up

    • Omendg

      Hi I have the exact same problem… Can someone please help me.

    • Michael Juan

      I have same problem too.

    • Bobby

      This is due to the game not being able to download the latest version of story. Check your firewall or antivirus settings to make sure they are not blocking the game from downloading the story from the server.

  10. Michael Juan

    Help me… there is no characters in my game

  11. Barry

    Awesome playthrough of this game! This game is hilarious

  12. me

    when is the walktrough be abeilable?

  13. dumbljump

    This is probably a stupid question but can I access older versions of the game?

  14. Prezmunk

    When is 5.6 gonna become free?

  15. XsonixV23

    i have a problem on the item list. Do you mind making a button option to switch items because when i click on inventory, i don’t see any arrows on the sides on the game so i be stuck with this one item to use even doe i got more

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