House Party 0.5.0 Released to Alpha Testers!

House Party 0.5.0 Released to Alpha Testers!

Apr 01
House Party 0.5.0 Released to Alpha Testers!

Hey guys!

Wow what a month!  After almost every YouTuber I can think of ended up playing House Party on their channel, including Pewdiepie, the game has reached more people than I could have ever imagined!  Thank you so much to all of the new supporters who signed up, and to top it all off the game has been greenlit on Steam, so we’ll be seeing a Steam launch in the near future.  Of course, this will change some things as to how House Party is going to be distributed from now on, but I will release more details on that soon.

House Party 0.5.0 has been officially released to Alpha Testers.  If you are already an Alpha Tester, or you’d like to find out how to become one, visit my Patreon Page for more information.  For a full list of changes throughout all of the versions or to compare them, check out the Official House Party Version Log.  Here are some of the notable changes in this release.  It’s a big one!

Added obligatory cheesy pick-up lines:

It’s just what it sounds like.  What smutty game is complete without cheezy pickup lines?  Frankly, I can’t believe it took me this long to add them in the first place.

Major path-finding update:

One thing I noticed when all of the YouTubers were playing the game is that they were contantly trying to get the NPC characters out of their way to get somewhere.  This is because the characters themselves would often get stuck or there would be a traffic jam on the stairs or in the hallways.  I took a good look into optimizing the pathfinding system in this build, and the characters are much smarter about knowing whether or not they can reach their destination.  If they see they are blocked, they will wait, and they will easily go around other characters including the player.

Stopped dead an knocked out characters from responding to clicks:

Yeah, this used to happen.  Not anymore though!

Completely revamped input system:

A lot of people don’t like holding down the right mouse button to look around.  I had originally designed it this way so as not to interfere with the left clicking that is a regular part of game-play.  I came up with an alternate system of input where the free-look is on by default, and becomes disabled when you are in a UI screen.  There is now a cursor in the center of the screen that you can focus on items to interact with them now.  Intractable items will also now display an indication that you can click on them when you hover over them.

Revamped Katherine, Madison, Rachael, and Ashley’s Models:

A lot of you noticed some foot deformities in the old version, and some poking of skin though clothes.  I have cleared up a lot of these things as well as enhancing on some of the features of the girls.  A lot of the teeth were polished up as well, and we gave Katherine’s hair a makeover.  I’m still not 100% happy with her hair, so it will probably change again, but it’s much better at least for now.

Is now backwards compatible with custom stories from and higher:

Yep!  You don’t have to upgrade your Custom Story Player for this release.  It will work just fine with the latest version, and any stories that were made on version and up.

Gave voices to Madison, Ashley, and Frank:

Possibly the coolest of all the updates, Ashley, Madison and Frank have voices that you can hear in game.  It adds so much to the game play, and the voice actors did a fantastic job!


In order to download this version, you will need to register as an Alpha Tester on my Patreon Page.  This version is scheduled to go into beta testing on 4/15/17.


  1. cesid

    But still not real sex? Testing wise there isn’t much difference: pathfinding will make easier some crowd action (I guess you can try to make everyone enter inside a bathroom), voice there isn’t much to do with story creator too.

    • Bobby

      Next update will be a major content update. This update was more in response to the things people were wanting to see changed and fixed in the game.

  2. WirGan

    Please update the mac version also. Last time I played when there are no USB stick, sd card & phone jammer. Thanks, keep it going! Love this game!

    • Bobby

      There is a mac version of 0.5.0. We will be testing and confirming that all is working on Mac this build.

  3. FrankFucker

    Can we fuck Frank yet?

  4. itsremy

    im already download this game on itch how to update to 0.5.0?

  5. Roden

    Are you going to update a sex scene, like inserting a pennis to pussy in the future?

    • Roden 2020

      Vote Roden for president 2020 for a better America where anyone can be “inserting a pennis to pussy in the future”.

      • Austien

        Actually he have a point.. What if you able to have a sex to any girl? it will be great I guess

  6. Roden is a genius

    Loooooool “inserting a pennis to pussy”

  7. LOL

    inserting a pennis to pussy 😀 Yes! We need it!

  8. Power

    Bobby i really liked the game and i want the new versions like 0.4.4 and 0.5 it’s the best game in this time,,, i hope you give me them, and i will try to help you by testing everything in it,and if i had money i would support you as much as i can

  9. LOLOL

    Please make a real sex scene as well as releasing a walkthrough on how to get my dick sucked.

  10. Aye Doge

    I don’t even know how to play. There is n Play button or anything

  11. seymorechiong

    hey i have a quick question lets say I’m a 10 dollars supporter and it has the full game walk through but if the 15 dollars supporter has an update on their game will you also update the 10 dollor supporters game? same with the free users?
    thanks in advance 😀

    • Bobby

      No, the $5.00+ tier gets the game about a full month before the free version.

  12. seymorechiong

    so does the $5.00 tier have the Full Game? or it starts with the $10.00 tier? 😀

    • Bobby

      The $5.00 tier gets the very latest version once per month. The $15.00 tier gets the in-between versions.

  13. Barry

    Go watch our video of this game! It’s hilarious!

  14. Wrecker

    Loved the game. Definitely looking forward to future updates!

  15. Janzen

    If you need some voice actors let me know! Totally wolling to get hammered and be patrick. Or be sover and make frank not sound mentally challenged lol

    • Janzen

      Woah completely botched that one. Fat fingers and iPhones aren’t friends for a reason! I think you get the gist though;)

  16. DefinitelyNotDanHarmon

    I actually thought it would be a cool mechanic to be able to grab a girl’s head with the hand while she’s blowing you and kind of move it around like an interactive object. Or grab their boobs or ass with the hand and have them make a comment about being groped. (Some girls will be disgusted while another may like it?)

  17. pewds

    hola motherfukers

  18. jesus

    Why is my game so laggy? I don’t know if its the laptop or game but its really annoying and i dont know how to fix it.

    • Bobby

      Playing this game on a laptop is tough. Some of the newer laptops with beefed up graphics processors do ok, but the game is very graphically intense. Remember, the game is still in development, and I am constantly looking for ways to optimize it to work on more and more systems. It’s much better now than it was a few months ago, and I’m sure it’ll be much better a few months from now.

  19. rgooon

    Hey, have you seen a game Need For Drink? House in this game is so similar to house in House Party, in fact i think that same models are used. Is this also your production?

    • Bobby

      No, they must have just licensed the same artwork. Sometimes assets for games are bought, and in this case it seems we both bought the same house model.

  20. Smash

    When is the next public release version of the game?

  21. lol

    you a lol Girl

  22. Mirana


  23. Pootis bird

    Can you please make us able to have sex madison ?

  24. Austien

    When is the 0.5.0 release going to be free to download

  25. I’d also like to know when the an updated game would be released. Playing on the MAC after downloading your latest free version I noticed that I have no camera in the closet, no SD Card, Katherine doesn’t let you ask “what is her favorite drink” etc. I have watched people play this on youtube (I assume the free version) and it seems I do not have all character options. I would also love to be and to do something with Brittney (big chested Britney) but again I seem to be missing content from the game or the game is super choosey whom you speak to and when. I am not sure if small talk items (to warm up each character) torpedo other story options even when done not to upset them. I also notice a glitch on the latest MAC free version where if you flash too much (more than twice or in front of a group) people wont talk to you. And I mean literally are unclickable in the whole house. I dont see a clear directions tutorial but I never get an “Orgasm” meter…the “grab” hand function seem almost useless (except to find the whipcream in the fridge) not sure what the garage is supposed to be for (non-playable beer pong) and “tampering” with the thermostat seems useless. I have been lost fucking anyone (not happening in any of my play throughs) and can only get head from Ashley and Madison. She also seems to be the only character I can fully play through (wet clothes thing) and while I can make Ashley strip I and embarass her I have no luck getting any. Rachel, Stephanie and Katherine all seem to be lost stories as well as Britney (mentioned above) I hope you just need to MAC update that free version. If you are looking for a sturdy MAC tested (with a laptop that can work with the game) hit me up!

    But seriously someone mentioned the “Grab” function. I cannot grope anyone (but that would be fun to get a reaction) nor touch myself when exposed (again no orgasm meter) so I am just not sure what the hand is for other than moving furniture.

    Keep MAC updated please! We need the special items in the closet etc. If I cannot follow the Youtube tutorials (if followed to the letter) then there is an issue with the MAC version.

    Thanks Again!

    • Bobby

      The latest free version for Mac is the same latest free version for all other platforms. The content you are talking about is included in later versions that you can get early access to by supporting the project. The next free version will be on 4/17 and it will be version 0.4.4.

  26. Joejoejoe

    It’ll be better if the player can go outside, please make the removing dress part more realistic like real person took off their shirts, and this online thingy, where we could invite other players and get laid with real players! That would be wicked!!!!

  27. dude

    can i be a field tester? if u know what i mean

  28. Mae

    Is there possibly a version for iphone ?

  29. Mae

    Is there possibly a version for iphone

  30. Is there possibly a version for iphone

  31. Sadman

    Dude just make so that we get to trash talk Katherine as we fuck her. She’s the Gotta shame fuck her. Like getting a BJ and then threatening to tell her BF if she doesn’t you know 😉

  32. K

    Can u make it that we have sex with all the characters, including frank 😉

  33. Anonymous

    Hi there a new fan here ! I read that the game will be available to download on steam, will it be still free or not? If not what is the tentative price?
    I’m gonna wait for the full game since i do not have a credit card to support the game 🙁
    Hoping for your reply 🙂

  34. Petar

    I really want play this new version of game :p but money is problem soo it’s possible to download this new version? btw game is really great!

  35. tris


  36. mio


  37. xjn

    when i play the game no people are there.

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