House Party Public Release!

House Party Public Release!

Mar 17
House Party Public Release!

Hey guys,

Thanks so much to all of the YouTubers who did gameplay videos of House Party!  I’ve counted over 20 different streamers, some doing up to a 7 video series on the game.  All of the attention has done wonders with getting the word out and has helped me to reach my goals so I can spend more time on the game and make it even better!

In addition to all of the YouTube hype, I can officially announce today that House Party has been Greenlit on Steam!  I am filling out a lot of paperwork and getting a package ready, but soon the House Party game will be visible to a much larger audience through one of the largest game distribution platforms ever to exist!  The game will still be free, and my supporters will still have early beta and alpha access.

It’s an exciting time, and all of you supporting the project have had a part in helping this game to get to where it is!

Without further ado, here are the download links for the public release of House Party

NOTE:  At the moment, the game is experiencing very high download volume.  For faster download times for now, I am re-directing traffic to GameJolt and  You can download the latest free version of the game on either of these sites.  Oh, and don’t forget to rate the game on those sites! 🙂



  1. Nic

    Wait, doesn’t Steam force adult games on its platform to be nudity-free by default? How is that gonna work? Free nudity patch like HuniePop for example?

    Anyway, thanks for the release!

    • Bobby

      No, they haven’t told me I need to make any modifications to the game. They are getting more lenient in what they are allowing, and they also have a way to mark games as nsfw and mature now.

      • Doodles

        Oh, don’t you worry, they are definitely going to ask you to modify it. There is no way they’ll allow straight up explicit sex in a steam version of the game.

      • ted

        i can’t look around when in game

  2. James

    Why after i click “start a new game”, the game is not responding and then close the program?

    • Bobby

      What are your system specs? You can try playing around with the quality settings and the resolution, and there are in-game options you can also tweak to get better performance. If the game is not running at all, it’s possible your system falls below the minimum requirements.

      • juan

        what are the minimum requirements? game running slow on 768 resolution on high settings yet i can play games with better graphics no problem.

  3. Brandon

    Hey, Bobby! Love the game, but I wanted to point something out, when playing the 64bit windows version of this release I noticed I could not interact with my own penis! I am unsure of whether or not this is an independent problem I am having, or something wrong for the 64bit version of this release. I am using Windows 8.1 64-bit. I am currently downloading the 32bit version of this game to see if I have the same issue.

    • Bobby

      Are you able to interact with everything else ok? I just re-downloaded that version, and the interaction seems fine. Are you able to interact with your own body?

      • Brandon

        For some reason it is legitimately just the penis. Like I’ll whip it out, and go to click on it, (I’m assuming I’m not stupid, using left mouse button) and no menu pops up. Everything else seems to interact fine, like I’ll be looking down, trying to click on it, and if I hit my own body I get the option to remove my clothes. (Btw. Same issue with 32bit version)

        • Bobby

          I am working on a completely new control setup based on a lot of user feedback. Look for it in 0.4.5. I think the game is growing too large for the simple click/select option on everything. For me, the interactions with the penis work, and I just checked the latest build and they are working there too, so I’m not sure what’s going on in your version. I would say just give it a try next release and see if the issue clears up. You can also try to play around with your quality and resolution settings. Sometimes they have a tendency to interfere. The better quality you can get away with the better.

          • Brandon

            Thanks, Bobby! I can’t imagine what could be the issue with my game, but I appreciate you looking into it. I’ll do some further investigation and testing with game quality to see if anything helps. It might just be the nature of my system, my computer is home built, so that might be a thing to think about. Thanks again!

          • Bob

            I’m also having this problem. I can’t open doors either. I can, however, interact with small objects. I’ve tried various resolutions and qualities (Max I can do is 1920×1080 with max everything else)

        • Bobby

          Make sure you are keeping the mouse still when you click. There is code in place that checks to see where the mouse is when you release the mouse button. (I’ve removed this code for the new version), and I think that’s what’s causing the issue. On systems with slower frame rates, I think there is more time for the mouse to move, and any micro-movement of the mouse will cause a misfire of the radial menu. This is why I have been working on a new input system.

          • Joe Meme

            I’ve been having this same problem, but I figured it out. The problem occurs when you’re looking straight down. If you’re looking up a bit and click the tip, you can successfully jerk it (lol).
            Another problem I’ve had is with Madison’s phone though, when you pull it up without knowing the code. It becomes impossible to remove the GUI for the phone once it comes up.

      • Jay

        Hey Bobby why are some items not in the latest version like the sim card the usb stick and the phone jamer for exambles

  4. Mathis

    Is there a way to knock out Frank in this build. I can’t seem to get the rack to fall down on him.

  5. dragon

    iv been trying for 30 min now and i cant get the alcahol from frank i have him go after the drunk dude then i grab the booze take it to a dif room and it still wont let me pick it up or interact with it to drink or pour into somthin else so what do i do?

    • Bobby

      Talk back and forth between Frank and Katherine and you should open up a quest.

      • Jonathan

        Ive been trying that for so long now and nothing! Please, anything more specific???

        • Bobby

          Are you on at least version 0.4.4? That’s the version where the Katherine quest was introduced.

  6. eddie123xddd

    Wait, is 0.4.4 going to be released to public?

    • Bobby

      Yes. All versions go free. This one comes out on 4/17 for free.

  7. Arthur Timothy Read

    I got Frank and the other guy into a fight in the upstairs bathroom and used that to turn Frank into a ragdoll, get him trapped in the bath with no way to get out when he got up and locked him in for good measure. Still couldn’t take the booze, but it was fun nonetheless.


    • Bobby

      Haha.. that’s because that was an exploit, and I hadn’t anticipated it! Creative though. I will see what I can do about handling that situation. It’s hard to give players free reign and thing of everything they might do!

  8. Mathis

    Talked back and forth between both Katherine and Frank and no quest pops up. Last thing I can say is that Frank is guarding all the booze.i thought I was smart by luring him to attack Patrick In a bathroom then proceeding to lock it.

    • Bobby

      Which version are you playing? I assumed 0.4.4 because this is the post for it, but if you are on an older version, it doesn’t have the content I am talking about quite yet.

  9. benjamin

    Bobby i need your help! when i start a new game as soon as i press the button the game crashes! i have tried lowering the graphics and thet doesnt work. i am using the 32bit version. if my computor isnt powerful enough, can you atleast give me the system reqiuerments please!

    • Bobby

      It’s hard to say what the system requirements are because they are constantly changing as I optimize the game more and more. But you will need the minimum requirements for Unity in general, which is a relatively modern graphics processor. If you are trying to run it on a laptop or something, you may get varied results unless it’s a gaming laptop.

      Check to see if there are any debug.txt or log files inside the HouseParty_Data folder. There may be some clues in there as to why it’s failing.

  10. benjamin

    and oh its the soonest public version!

  11. Elijah

    How do I play the game after downloading it?

  12. Marco

    Is there anyway to get past Frank? Ive been trying for the past hour but cant seem to get it.

    • Bobby

      There’s a way to work around Frank in the new version (0.4.4), but in this version, his only use in the story is to help you get the wine off Patrick.

  13. Bryant

    After speaking to Madison about the plan to humiliate Ashley, when I ask her what’s wrong she doesn’t talk about the beer being spilt, she goes on to say that it’s none of my business.

    • Bobby

      That means you didn’t butter her up enough before you asked her what was wrong.

  14. Kevin

    I still can’t support your game at this rate, especially if the ongoing problem keeps persisting. I get no option to change the graphics quality or resolution. Nor can I even interact with the penis even though I clicked on it.

    The loading is glitchy, because it sometimes takes away stuff from your inventory permanently, for example, Ashley’s clothes so that quest is glitched if you load up the save file. I also check my inventory and I figured out that I can’t switch between items at all, the arrows do not pop up.

    At this rate. I just give up. I’ll see how this game progresses in a few months.


    • Bobby

      The game is “early access” right now, meaning everybody supporting it realizes that there are glitches and that I am still working on some mechanics. The more support I get, the more it helps me weed out those bugs you’re talking about, not the other way around, but everybody has their own opinion about whether or not they’d like to support, so just do what makes you feel comfortable.

  15. Noah

    I’m trying to play on a good 64-bit computer but when I start the game it’s just all bugged, all dark with the hairs and eyes of women popping up.

    • Bobby

      Hairs and eyes of women popping up? I’m not sure what you mean by that, but check your quality settings when you first run the game. If you have a newer computer, your best bet is to run it at Fantastic. Sometimes reducing the quality too low on some systems can cause issues.

      • Noah

        I discovered that when I use the 3D hand some graphics show up but when I’m not using the 3D hand the game back to the glitch/bug that is all black with some colors and only the hairs and eyes out and some frames

  16. Phillip

    Hey Bobby.Nice game I liked it.

    But its very hard xD anyway I have a problem can you help me?Im trying to find Maddisons diary can you help..cuz i cant find it

  17. Can

    Hello there Bobby. I need your help about a problem that Im facing with. I have the latest version of the game but I cant find the jammer in the garage. I`ve watched some youtube videos and I saw there was a jammer on the table. But when I check the table there is no god damn jammer 😀 could you help me ?

    • Bobby

      My guess would be that you are playing an older version of House Party. Katherine’s story (with the jammer) was no introduced until 0.4.4.

      • Can

        I think you are right. Thank you bobby you re the best. I hope this game will be much better. Good luck 🙂

  18. Phillip

    Hey Bobby found some problems you might need to fix.(sorry for my english :p)

    When you talk to Maddison about the plan to prank her sister,you can choose the option to make her repeat it.When you do that the the friend and love bar go higher if you do this thing again and again.Its like cheating ;p

    And also at that room with a blue door under the desk there is a texture problem at the carpet 🙂

    Have a nice day and keep doing good work at the game!

  19. Michael

    Hey Bobby, I found a problem, ok so either my mouse doesnt click so well or the game doesn’t respond so well when i click so i have to click multiple time, so when i tried to talk to frank i had to click multiple times and i click the 12 shots answer and he knocked me out, so when i tried to resume my progress by reloading my saved game i was still of the floor and he wouldn’t get up.

  20. Michael

    nvm i had to exit to the main menu then reload it

  21. John

    Finding a very consistent error when playing this on my main desktop. For some reason it is very difficult to get the game to recognize clicks on essentially any object, meaning that I need to spam left click constantly to try to get any interactions. changing the graphics settings did not help. I’m running windows 64 bit version and 5820k/ GTX970 anyway so I doubt it’s down to performance issues there.

    • Bobby

      Try changing the quality level off of “Fastest”. Sometimes it can cause issues. Run the game in Fantastic mode if your hardware allows.

  22. Colton

    That steam link takes me to something that does not exist.

  23. Samantha Wimberly

    So I have watched a YouTuber play the game and I have downloaded the game for Mac and there are quite a few items that I could not find within the game I was playing. I watched the youtube video and none of the items such as the SD card for the camera, or the thumb drive by the safe is not in my download but it is on the video I watched. Please Help!!!!

  24. Alicia

    Hi, I wanted to play your game soo I downloaded it. But when I open it, the game looks so dark, and the people is black too, and I see no clothes, almost no hair… and it’s too unconfortable to play. I’ve tried changing the settings and it looks the same. So I guess the problem is some errors I got while I unzipped it. I’ve unzipped the game twice, and I still gets errors. It says “the file is damaged”. But I’ve downloaded it twice too and it still says the same. Any idea about how to fix it?

    Here’s a link of an image of how I see the game:

    • Bobby

      Yeah there’s definitely something up with the build you have. Have you tried re-downloading it? Same results?

    • Morteker2

      if the harddrive is full that you initially downloaded it on it will miss somethings my c was 3gig left and the game was 3.25g so i know is different game sizes now but it still mattered all i have to do was download it to a bigger harddrive an everything works fine 🙂

  25. Soda

    I can’t seem to find the code for the safe anywhere. Any help??

  26. I saw a buddy of mine named critikal (penguinz0) play this game, did you want the game to have the ability for you to eat patricks ass if you glitch him out onto the table when frank knocks him out?

  27. RayJW

    Hey dude, I cant get the quest between Frank and Katherine on. I don’t know why. I am on the latest build I actually wanted to follow the quest of Stephanie but it seems like I’m not able to get the second booze. I also don’t seem to find the diary. I checked every room completely over and over again, I really don’t know. Still really enjoyed this game. Great work, keep it up.

    • the diary is in the safe in the main bedroom closet the code is obtained by takin the pencil and paper and etch over the stack of books on the desk next to the tv and then opening the safe after taking the paper with you.

      • douglas

        What book, where. there are three different TV’s and there are no stacks of book.

  28. Maggie

    I can’t find the pencil so I can’t open up the safe, does anyone know where it’s at? I can’t pick up pencils in the other room.

  29. Adam


    Fun game.

    But I downloaded the House Party Mac OSX, But I don’t seem to have the Memory card for the Camera or can continue Katherines story. Is there something that i am missing?

  30. Lalchi

    I can’t interact with the main menu.
    I can’t start the game and I can’t even quit. :/

  31. Adrian Tanory

    It is not Downloading for me sadly. any idea how to fix?

  32. Dvid

    Great game I love it there is only one little problem I think this camera movement is really bad … something without dragging would be great. Is it possible to change the camera movement?

    • Bobby

      0.5.0 has a completely new input system and includes not having to hold down right click to look around.

  33. Hedwig

    Can you make a android and IOS version

  34. Ricky

    Hey, the game looks awesome and I just downloaded in my iMac.
    The thug is I can’t seem to move my camera around so I just keep facing forward. Is there a way for me to move my camera around? Because I can’t seem to figure it out.

    • Bobby

      You need to hold down the right mouse button. If you’re playing on a mac, you will probably need a mouse. I am working on a new input configuration for the new version.

  35. Tony

    My mouse doesnt work with the game idk why

  36. Aidan

    You guys this game is so dope man!

  37. Aidan

    This game is awesome because there are so much babes

  38. BoobsMaster64

    Why the file is corrupt?

  39. Asad

    i want to play the game

  40. Rob

    THERE IS A PROBLEM FOR LOW SPEC USERS. I have to set the resolution to minimum to be able to play- thats fine. However, when in game, there is a huge bug that makes it unplayable. Madison’s phone. Opening this thing on the two lowest resolution options puts the cancel button off screen. Also, there were multiple dialogue options that overflowed the screen. The stuff doesnt fit on the minimum resolutions. It looks like a fucking great game, and i would love to see this stuff fixed in the next release. Im playing on 4.2.1.

  41. Rob

    Im reposting without cursing as to not get autoblocked. THERIS A PROBLEM FOR LOW SPEC USERS. I have to set the reslution to minimum to be able to play- thts fine. However, when in game, there is a hge bug that makes it unplayable. Madison’s phone. Opening this thing on the two lowest resolution options puts the cancel button off screen. Also, there were multiple dilogue options that overfloed the screen. The stuff doesnt fit on the minimum resolutions. It looks like a great game, and i would love to see ths stuff fixed in the next relese. Im playing on 4.2.1.

  42. EcchiX

    I am watching several youtubers playing house party lately even pewdiepie today… i can’t believe how this game grew, congratulations man! I just remember the very first alphas on the old house, you are doing amazingly well! Keep the good work.

  43. cece

    this version of the game is not working for my mac idk what to do when i try to open the file it just says that my security preferences only allow installation of apps from the app store. also said its an unidentified developer. help me asap

  44. celine cardoso

    this version of the game is not working for my mac idk what to do when i try to open the file it just says that my security preferences only allow installation of apps from the app store. also said its an unidentified developer. help me asap

  45. xander

    hi bob!
    in main menu
    and i click start
    the game just not responding
    i try it over and over

  46. Paolo T

    Yo bro! i’ve seen many of my favorite gamers try out your game and like it so i downloaded it for myself. I saw in their videos they can look at different directions; why can’t my character do that? It’s always facing only one direction. i couldn’t even scroll down o the ‘how to button’ in the corner to see what the problem is. Please help! I really want to play already

  47. john


  48. yeas1

    can someone pls post about how to finish katherine quest ? wew its so hard !

  49. Matson

    It lags like hell! Is there something I could do about it?

  50. cameron

    when i pull the phone out and look at the picutres i cant put it away and i reset the game every time it does that can you plz help me

  51. jones

    when i pull the phone out and look at the picutres i cant put it away and i reset the game every time it does that can you plz help me

  52. Biggy

    Hey, just wondering if you new about that glitch when the bottle of booze Patrick drops disappears? I find it really aggravating.

  53. jack

    hey bobby i talked back and forth to frank and katherine there is no quest pop up or watever my version of house party is the newest one i cant get an alcohol to frank pls help T.T

  54. keixi


  55. anna

    i downloaded the game, but everytime i click on “start new game” the app just freezes and i have to close the game ): i just can’t play the game

  56. Welp

    The game looks awesome and all, I tried downloading the game, no problem with that. The game freezes if you click on start game, turns out I only need to wait, but my major problem is, why is it that the screen is pink, I put the graphics as low as possible, still the same result, Is there something I need? Am I missing something? Please reply.

  57. leo

    what is the spec that I need? can it run in 2GB ram?

    • Nick

      yes i played this game on my laptop and got low fps. Then tried this game on my gaming pc and it was smooth

  58. Wahyu

    I experienced a very low frame rates, it’s lag. Is it because of my computer specs?

  59. Hector

    They can only do blowjobs?
    How about Sex??
    Will it be added to the game??
    And Will there be a mode that we can control character’s clothes and have blowjob/sex with the Player??

  60. Loop

    So when is the latest version coming out?😉Is it going to be free?

  61. Nick version

    After giving Madison her phone I can ask her about pranking her sister. When i ask her that it gives me a boost in the relationship with her. It is possible to decline her quest and keep on asking her again and again about it which keep on bossting the relationship with her. After a while it is possible for her to give you a blowjob for doing absolutely nothing. Hope you will fix that 🙂

  62. Blood Sky

    any tips to make the game smooth. cuz its kinda slow when i turn other directions.
    ive tried charging the graphics on low still same.

  63. pig

    problem. i got the the version recommend for my computer its a window vista and its kinda slow and i tried to change resolution and graphics but nothing works can you help me

  64. Ole Buttcheek

    How can I play the game on my computer can anybody tell me I really want to play it it looks really fun I have windows

  65. King Star

    Did anyone find out how to embarrass Ashley? And how to get a hold of beer?

  66. Sdyce

    why i cant move the mouse after i click start new game

  67. A fan

    I’m just guessing the full version is after u pay, but want to hear it from you, bcs I don’t have many dialogues I saw gameplayers had and also there is no cd card in downloaded game. Was so dissapointed. :/

  68. A fan

    Plus, it would be totaly fine if object had a few spawn spots so it could be a little interesting each time (just for me, I believe majority would hate that, so would make that optional)
    And more dialogues I believe 😀 mby even some random structures of possible dialogues that would be available at the time, that would make game even more interesting
    Ofc I know u can add your version of plot, but surely as your game you want it to be the best from the beginning to the end
    Plus introducing main controls first as an option to be chosen would be nice for the player or just make sure he knows where to find all

  69. pvmediocre

    How to make him masturbate?

  70. SepiA

    I have been trying so damn hard and i don’t even know how to start the game and get in please help me.

  71. Ray369789

    When I tell Katherine that Frank is guarding the drinks it does nothing and she just walks away.

  72. Senator

    Anytime I click ‘start new game’ it crashes. I like this game but I can’t play if this always happens xD

    I use Windows 10 32 Bit Btw

  73. Hans

    Why can’t I locked the door? People keep coming in to the master bedroom when madison BJ me.

  74. hans 2

    my mouse is not working in this version,waht is happening?

  75. JamHardd


  76. Chankarak

    Hey Bobby,

    I’m usin Mac iOS X, do u plan to release any of Mac version ?
    if u do, let me know. Thanks

    • Chankarak

      Hey, sorry

      I just checked the download link, i found iOS version, and just downloaded it.

      this game is look very fun to play

  77. Kyle Pesola

    Can you make a version of this game for Chrome OS if there isn’t already?

  78. Adam


  79. kamal

    hey i cant play the game it is showing pink screen and i cant see anything please help me

  80. John Connor

    I can’t lock the door in Katherine’s sex scene. All that work for nothing.

  81. Nic

    Is this game only for pc?

  82. Sam

    I tried playing it on my phone ,but it keeps crashing and not finishing the loading it stops at 9%5 or 97% any ideas on how long did that?

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