House Party Released to $15+ Supporters

House Party Released to $15+ Supporters

Feb 23
House Party Released to $15+ Supporters

Hey guys,

Here is House Party!  There were a lot of updates to the game and Story Creator that were released in this version.  We have some authors on the forum who are actively creating stories and we should see some coming to a completion very soon!

This version is available today to $15+ supporters.

To become a supporter, visit my Patron page.

Here are some cool highlights of the update including Story Player Updates:

Stories now downloaded from the server:

This is a really cool new feature.  On start, the game actually downloads the latest version of the stories from the server.  This means I can now put out story hot-fixes.  I will eventually port this into a system where people who are writing custom stories can upload their stories to the server for inclusion in the game.

Debug Console now displays all game events as they happen:

Pulling up the debug console (F5) now not only displays any possible errors that may have happened in the game (for better error reporting), but will now also give you a play by play of all of the events firing in the game.  This will be extremely useful for Story Creators, as they can now take a look at how their story is triggering events in the game in a written, ordered format.

Support for Custom Stories for OSX and Linux:

Before, custom stories were only able to be edited and played on Windows.  Version allows for OSX and Linux to also edit and play custom stories.

Characters who don’t have story files now omitted from game:

This is a really cool new feature because you can now pick and choose who is available in the game for your custom stories.  In the older version, if you omitted a character’s story, it would simply load up their old story.  This is not particularly ideal though because some of the Original stories intertwine with each other.  Now, if you don’t include a story, that character will not be loaded in the game.  This is beneficial also for writing different themed stories.  For instance,  you could do “Date Night with Madison” in which only Madison is in the house with you.  Or you could do a girls’ night sleepover type of story.  You can now mix and match the characters so the possibilities are endless!

Full control over Item names and interactions:

You now have complete control over all of the items in the house including doors, chairs, beds, and any interactive item in the game.  You are able to customize any object to be an inventory item and you have complete control over the item interactions and even set up “Use With” scenarios.  There are also “Item Functions” now available on specific items (like the thermostat) so you can trigger events to happen in game that would normally be impossible to script with the Story Creator.  Pretty cool stuff!

Expansion of Madison’s Ending:

I’ve expanded Madison’s ending to make it open world in the sense that, after you blackmail her, you are able to dismiss her back to the party to preserve the “sandbox” ending, and re-summon her when you want to have some fun and exert your control.  You can also dictate what she wears.

Tons of more Custom Story Creator Options:

At this point, every single thing that happens in the game is driven by the Custom Story Creator.  I’ve also included up-to-date stories from the original version so you can see how everything is set up and triggered.  In the past, I provided cleared stories you can use to start with, but it seemed most of you preferred to start out with editing the existing stories, so I’ve just included those as the default template and added a “Clear” button if you decide you want to start fresh.

Renamed File Extensions:

Character files now have a .character extension and story files now have a .story extension.


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