House Party Public Release!

House Party Public Release!

Feb 17
House Party Public Release!

Hey guys,

House Party officially goes public today. ย This was a pretty hefty release and contains a lot of updates over including the first erotic scenes that were added to the game beyond nudity. ย Be sure to check out the official post to see specifics about what was changed, or check out the version to version change log.

To get the most current game release, you can become a supporter by checking out my Patreon page.

Here are the download links for

House Party Windows 64 Bit
House Party Windows 32 Bit
House Party Mac OSX
House Party Linux


  1. D_Man

    I am deeply grateful for the Linux build.

    • Camocollar

      Seconding this! I don’t know how much extra work it is, but either way it’s appreciated. (And nice to know I’m not the only one!)

      • Bobby

        No prob guys. Glad to see there are people using the Linux builds. I will keep building them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Misty

    Ok Bobby I think I found the issue to why some graphics cards come up with this weird graphical bug. Unfortunately I’ve read some forums that some people are having this graphical bug in Unity. Change to uncompressed rather than compressed in the reflection source. If this is not the problem, then I will keep on searching for solutions.

    • Misty

      As I look at the source of what is it resembles in the image shown on the forum, it’s very much like how the reflections appear in the game with the purple/pink. So this could possibly be the solution?

    • Bobby

      Cool, nice find. I will change this setting and you can let me know how it works next build. FYI, this change won’t make it to code until at least version

  3. msmc

    how we install the customise story creator please give a installation video

  4. Fartie

    Hey Bobby, that’s an awesome update for the public release version. Also, I’m happy to see that you got the ball rolling with your Patreon campaign. There’s so much potential in the engine you have built here, that I hope you will keep going and leverage these mechanics into even more immersive, interactive and fluid game content.

  5. Brok

    Having trouble finding the pencile so i can get the code of Madison’s safe can anyone help me out with this?

    • Bobby

      Check in the spare room on the desk.

      • Brok

        i have checked the spare room with the desk with all the pencils on it but i could not interact with any pencils.

      • Brok

        nevermind i downloaded the game again and now it works, appreciate your work man

  6. lolz

    ร‡a aurais รฉtรฉ beaucoup plus fun si la main interactif pouvais autre chose que simplement ramasser des objets…

    • lolz

      It would have been much more fun if the interactive hand could do anything other than just picking up objects, such as being able to touch women on all aspects, having some freedom that has any time and even outside the erotic scenes…

      • Bobby

        That’s the plan down the line. The game is still under development.

  7. cesid

    Nice release. I didn’t have any problem with the pencil, but I think that people who never played could have some trouble: there a lot of items on that table!
    Also I am forced to use all lines with Ashley before she is interested on Madison’s phone.
    Some lines should disappear: if I said “you are hotter than Madison” the resemblance line should go away. Also after Stephanie get topless I can see to her “Careful I can see under your dress when you move!”.

    • Bobby


      Yes, I’ve already removed all of the other false pencils for next build.

      You only have to tell Ashley you can see the resemblance to trigger her wanting the phone. The dialogue serves as a hint that she’s got animosity toward her sister, and she could possibly help you out with breaking into the phone.

      Fixed the Stephanie issue. Thanks!

  8. cesid

    I have a question. What does personality influence? I noticed that some characters smile more often and the value reflect that, but what about intelligence (Brittney one of the most intelligent character?) for example? For example Frank is always sit so I guess his behavoir don’t care much about personality.

    • Bobby

      Personality shapes a lot of behavior. For example, if you walk into a room and a character notices, a nice character is more likely to smile. Also, when characters talk with each other, similar personalities get along better with each other, and that shapes who they hang out with. Once a character establishes a relationship with another, when they are looking for a place to hang out, they will seek out hanging out with characters they like over ones they don’t. Also, when reactions happen like, for instance, Patrick gets punched in the face, you’ll notice some characters get scared or surprised, while others might make fun or laugh about it.

      Intelligence doesn’t specifically do anything in particular, but it’s something that can be used down the line, and it is also factored in when assessing whether two characters will get along.

  9. waffles

    how do i get more alchohol for the whip its girl? She wants more than the chardonany

  10. waffles

    how do i get more alchohol for whip its girl? besides the chardonay?

  11. Kevin

    Awwww, no jerking off on people in this build? Shame ๐Ÿ™

    Also is there a proper walkthrough for this build? I can’t find a decent walkthrough at all, because of the constant changes you make.

    I’m not willing to donate to you yet, but I will make you an offer. If you can put out a new build where you can take off all your clothes instead of just having your dick out, I will give $15 every month to your patreon.

    Because I don’t like how the only thing that goes out of the pants is the penis. I WANNA SHOW MY WHOLE BODY! CFNM FOR THE WIN!

    Also I’m sorry for being weird.

    • Bobby

      Actually, in the latest version that’s already available to $15+ supporters, you can both jerk off on people and remove all of your clothes. Characters also react to both of those things.

      There’s also a full walk-through that’s maintained on Patreon for $10+ supporters. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Kevin


        Oh but wait. Is that build coming out for free on March 15th? Be honest. Because I thought that it is going to be. If not…SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

        Aye, maybe you can let the player choose their penis size. Have a big, regular or small, and depending on the penis size, they all have unique reactions from everyone. I would love that feature.

        After all…I have a small penis humiliation fetish. I’m sorry. Is that too much information?

        • Bobby

          It’s coming out for free on March 17th. I don’t think I made that a secret anywhere. You should support the project if you feel like it deserves to be supported. Otherwise, I am fine with you playing the free versions.

          A size selector for the penis is doable. I can put it on the list, but it wouldn’t be an immediate priority as I am currently in the middle of working on expanding Katherine’s story.

          • Kevin

            Alright. There is one more thing I want to ask. I was wondering why there was a lack of options for the resolution and graphics of the game like the early builds. I have a 2014 macbook slim that holds up pretty well, but still garbage for games.

            Because of this, I’m getting terrible input delay. With the game itself glitching out the connection of my USB connected mouse and needing to use my touchpad to play instead (which is a pain), I’m already wrestling with the controls of this game way too much.

            It has technical issues that stops me from putting money in to support the game. If the March 17th build gives the game a little performance boost and I like the new additional features, I’ll be willing to start supporting it.

            Thanks for taking your time to reply.

          • Bobby

            Hmm. I have a list of resolutions available to me when I start it up on OSX. It could be an update to Unity. Maybe it is not realizing your computer can support some of the resolutions possibly? I plan to make the jump to the latest version of Unity. To be honest, I should have stayed on the last version because there were a lot of problems introduced it seems, but I’m hoping another upgrade will fix them.

            You should definitely notice a big performance boost with which is due out on March 17th, and also even more so with 0.4.3.x which is coming out to $5+ supporters on March 15th.

  12. ryan


  13. ryan

    what room is the safe is it the room with all the clothes and what pencil do i have to grab

    • Bobby

      Yes, the safe is in the master bedroom closet, and the pencil is in the spare room on the desk.

  14. DroidRazer

    How do you deal with frank? He keeps beating my ass and I cant do anything to stop him ._,

    • Bobby

      You’ve gotta work around him. In the new version you can make a deal with him (0.4.4).

  15. my game crashes when i try to start it what should i do to get

  16. jay

    requirements cos i got a crappy laptop…

    • Bobby

      Yeah a laptop may not cut it. You’re probably going to need a system with a modernish video card to play the game. It’s a little graphics intense.

      • Mitchell

        Can you add low detail? I’m still downloading and I don’t know if it’s been added yet but still.

        • Bobby

          You can choose the detail level. Fastest is the lowest it will go, and you can also try smaller resolutions in combination with that, and also you can turn off certain visual effects in the in-game menu. I try to make it as customizable as possible.

    • leo

      just like me, still downloading the game but dont know can my laptop run it or not

  17. ryan

    what does the pencil do i click use with but nothing happend

    • Bobby

      You need to use the paper and pencil in the quest to get the diary.

  18. how do i get the mouse out of the screen?
    my mouse constantly is in the screen and its annoying, someone help me

    • Bobby

      What do you mean? The cursor? You need the mouse to play the game. You use it to click on characters and items to interact with them.

  19. reted

    I can’t play in iOS !!!

  20. jay

    does it work on chrome books???

  21. I wan to play this game

  22. Comment

  23. i wanna play RIGHT now

  24. regisow

    go play

  25. Comment on peut jouer

  26. Love love love

  27. blondie_33

    It would be awesome if you could add more positions to the game such as cowgirl, 69, anal, etc. and if there would be an option to have a threesome with two girls, ofc only put the girls together who get along with each other (as Katherine dislikes Stephanie and Madison dislikes Brittney putting them together wouldn’t be an option.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

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