House Party Released to $5+ Supporters

House Party Released to $5+ Supporters

Feb 15
House Party Released to $5+ Supporters

Hey guys,

House Party has been released today to supporters who are pledging $5 per month or more.  To download the latest vrsion or to become a supporter, please visit my Patreon page.

This version contains all of the updates made in House Party and House Party as well as many bug-fixes and updates to both the House Party game, and the Custom Story Creator.  Also, those of you at the $5 tier level can try their hand at creating custom stories!

For those of you getting your hands on for the first time, be sure to take a look at the forum where you can find custom stories made by other users that you can load into House Party and play!

You can read up on all of the changes from version to version here.



  1. Dudebro

    Are you planning on making npc to npc sexual actions for story editor and if so, when cca? Awesome work tho

    • Bobby

      Thanks! Yes. Eventually, all sexual activity will be possible between all characters. Right now, I’ve just started with the player, but down the line it can be any character with any other character.

  2. Misty

    Bobby, it’s still doing the purple/pink line thing. However, FPS is alot smoother than the last one. Just some things like the TV and windows are getting this purple/pink lines still. Overall I’ll live with what I got, because I’m enjoying the game so far with the poses and everything else. Some transparent shadow effect might be causing the pink texture graphical distortion as some graphics codecs are different. I might update my graphics drivers so it will understand some different video codecs better, but I don’t think this is the issue. One other thing might be that it’s some pixel formatting codecs of rgb or cmyk understanding. I’m just guessing, but searching for this issue, I’m stumped when higher graphic games are playing just fine.

    • Bobby

      I’m at a loss as to what’s causing the pink lines. I haven’t had any other reports of it. I don’t think it’s necessarily a matter of higher/lower quality, but maybe something Unity is doing with their graphics methods. I was hoping the upgrade to Unity 5.5. would clear up the issue.

  3. Misty

    By the way can the main character sit or masterbate/ejaculation? I thought I read that somewhere? I can’t figure out what controls that.

    • Bobby

      Yes, you can press “P” to pull out the player’s penis, and then you can click on it for a menu of things to do.

  4. Misty

    Ok, if I turn off reflections it looks worse (pink/purple) and if I turn off color-enhance it looks abit brighter. Now I’m stumped :/.

  5. Anon

    I noticed a heavy performance drop compared to 4.1.0, even while playing on “fastest” quality settings and turning off all graphics effects (shadows, anti-aliasing etc.) in the menu.
    Maybe it’s just my pc being a toaster, but the previous version ran much more swiftly, now I get 2-3 fps

    • Bobby

      Hmm. You shouldn’t really be experiencing a drop in performance. I’ve baked all of the lighting in this version instead of using real-time shadows, so there should be a considerable increase in performance quality. Though I suppose that’s hardware dependent. The only think I added this go around was “Ambient Occlusion”, which is sort of “faking” the extra shadows, but I haven’t built in an option to turn it off. It could be that your card is having a hard time with that, or it could just be that before you could turn everything off except for that. Either way, I will build an option to switch it off for next build.

    • Josh

      I’ve had similar problems. I use 64 bit windows, use an AMD 1.8 GHz processor, AMD R4 graphics card, and 8 GB ram. On the fastest setting, and with all graphics options turned off, the game is less than 5 FPS. This is not a great computer, I know, but it would still be nice to play this game. Maybe it’s not possible, though, and I just need to build a new PC once I get more money.

      • Bobby

        Yeah I mean as much as I am trying to make this game as accessible as I can, there’s going to be a bottom floor. You can trust that I am doing everything I can to allow for the game to perform on as many systems as possible, but for a game like this, it tends to be very visual, so a newer graphics card will go a long way.

  6. maxime

    se jeux a l aire bien

  7. glftiwigiwo

  8. Tetinos


  9. bg


  10. bg

    ce jeux q l air bien

  11. Cool

  12. Ce jeu est plutot cool

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  14. Comment jouer au jeu

  15. Trop cool

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