House Party Released to $15.00+ Supporters

House Party Released to $15.00+ Supporters

Feb 08
House Party Released to $15.00+ Supporters

Hey guys!

House Party has just been released to $15.00+ Supporters.  This version contains a lot of bug fixes that were found and addressed in the release, as well as a lot of updates to the Custom Story Creator from the feedback I’ve been getting from those of you working on your own stories in the forum.

To find out how to become a supporter, visit my Patreon page.

I usually don’t announce in-between updates, but if you notice in the title, this update is available to $15.00+ supporters whereas in the past it would have been available to $25.00+ supporters, and this leads me into my next announcement; I have re-structured the price tiers on my Patreon page.  I am now offering the monthly stable version of the game to people pledging $5.00 or more per month, and the rest of the prices have been adjusted from there.  I appreciate all of your support, and I felt like the tier rewards were a little steep for those of you interested in seeing the growth and progression of the game, and I’m hoping with the adjusted amounts, to see people sticking around and maintaining support for a longer period of time, and receiving more game updates for their donation.

Here is a list of updates for

  • General Bug Fixes
  • Added “Player Inventory : AllowTake” GameEvent to Story Creator
  • Added “Item : Mount” GameEvent to Story Creator
  • Added “Item : Set Enabled” GameEvent to Story Creator
  • Added “Character : Exits Vision” EventTrigger to Story Creator
  • Added “Event Triggers :  Set Enabled” GameEvent to Story Creator
  • Added Ability to rename characters in the Story Creator
  • Updated Patrick’s Story

For those of you working on custom stories, you will need to re-download the Custom Story Creator using the same link provided on the site:

Remember, the best way to preserve your stories you are working on is to export them all, and then re-import them into the new version of the Story Creator.

I’ve also included all updates made to the Eek Story files so you can see how the new features are being used.

Note: I still have not fixed the issues with the OSX version from the last build, but I compiled an OSX version of the updated game just in case the new update might have fixed the issue.  If you are continuing to have an issue with the OSX build, know that I am shifting my main focus to that at this point.


  1. anon

    Which version of the game $5 pledgers get as of now?

  2. getrs noew

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