House Party Story Creator Crash Course and Story Challenge

House Party Story Creator Crash Course and Story Challenge

Feb 03
House Party Story Creator Crash Course and Story Challenge

Hey guys,

A lot of you have been asking about the Custom Story Creator and how to get started with it.  Here’s a video to help you through starting to create your own House Party story.  This video picks up after you’ve followed the initial steps in the Custom Story Creator Instructions and are ready to start working with the Story Creator.  Watch me step through the very basics of getting your feet wet and creating your first story, and how to export it to the House Party game to see your changes.  I may create more videos down the line getting into different areas more specifically, but this video should get you poking around and getting comfortable in the Story Creator.


Custom Story Challenge!

Also of great interest is the recently announced House Party Custom Story Challenge!  If you think you have the chops, create your own story in the Custom Story Creator, and then upload it to the forum.  Each month, I will choose a “Story of the Month”, and the author of that story will have their story featured on the site and available in the official next House Party version, and also win free access to all of the latest builds of House Party immediately after they are released for life! ($25.00/month value).  More details and contest rules can be found here.

More exciting updates coming soon!


  1. Sander28

    This is a really great tool you have created for us here. Congratulations for that. You showed us how to add points for friendship and romance, but how are we supposed to deduct them? We can equal or add. And is it possible that the option Event triggers isn’t in the free version of Unity?

    • Bobby

      To deduct, just make the value negative. If you don’t have event triggers, re-download the latest version of the Story Creator. You probably have an older version. You have access to all features in all versions of Unity.

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