House Party Released to $25+ Supporters!

House Party Released to $25+ Supporters!

Feb 01
House Party Released to $25+ Supporters!

Hey guys!

House Party has officially been released today to $25.00+ supporters, and wow, what a release it is!  If some of you have been holding out support and waiting for that “next great release” to check back in, this is the one!  There’s so much crammed into this release that works toward sewing together all of the seams of this game.  The biggest takeaway I think you will all have from this version is that this game just feels great.  It feels more like a game, and there have been major improvements both visually and performance-wise.

The best part about this version is that you will be able to start downloading and playing some of the custom stories that have already started to pop up in the forum from players testing out the Story Creator!

This build is available now to $25.00+ supporters.  To become a supporter, visit my Patreon page.  The content in this version will be available to $10.00+ supporters on or around 2/15/17, and is slated to be released publicly on or around 3/15/17.

Here is a list of all of the updates that were jam packed into this release on top of all of the content updates that have been coming out over the past few months:

  • Added Save/Load Game Functionality
  • User Interface Overhaul
  • Removed Achievements
  • Added Images to Quests
  • Added Custom Story Loading Support
  • Added Anti-Aliasing
  • Added Tone-Mapping/Color Enhancement
  • Added Character Ability to Lay Down
  • Baked Lighting (Major Visual Improvements)
  • Added Player Ability to Put On or Remove Clothes
  • Added Ambient Occlusion
  • Normal Maps Added to Girl Textures
  • Major Performance Updates

For a comparison from version to version, you can click here.



    can we knock the shelves in this version

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    ses bien


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