House Party Sneak Peek

House Party Sneak Peek

Jan 28
House Party Sneak Peek

Hey guys,

Here’s a break-down of all of the expected updates coming to House Party  There’s a lot of awesome stuff in this build.  I’m going to push to get a little more content done before the actual release day, but I already have a huge laundry list of things that are going to be included in this build, which covers some very long-awaited functionality. is slated to be released to $25.00+ supporters on 2/1/17.  The updates from this build will be released to $10.00+ supporters on 2/15/17, and it will be released publicly on 3/17/17.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect out of so far!

Save/Load Games:

Players will finally have the ability to Save and Load their games!  There’s really not much to explain about it beyond that, but I feel like I should be writing more about it because players have been asking me for this feature for so long!  Dun du du daa!  It’s here!  You now have the ability to save your game in up to 10 save slots, and load them back up at will.

User Interface Overhaul:

So the entire user interface has been overhauled.  Without getting too technical, I converted the system to all use the same underlying mechanics, so the result is a much smoother UI.  I also touched up some areas and made them look a little more slick.  I did away with the Achievements system because it was pretty much the same thing as the questing system.  In its place, I added images alongside the questing system that change over time as you work on the quest, and I think overall it is a much nicer system.  Check it out and see what you think!

Custom Stories:

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, last week I released the House Party Custom Story Creator software.  This will allow you to create your own custom House Party stories even with having zero experience in either programming or Unity.  I’ve already been working closely with a few eager individuals, so there are already some custom stories being worked on.  The custom stories can be uploaded and shared and loaded into your House Party game, and I may include some select stories in the actual builds.  It’s awesome to see that there are already people jumping on this and writing stories!


For those of you who don’t know what Anti-Aliasing is, it basically just makes the game look smoother and sharper.  For those that do, I’ve added an anti-aliasing filter to the main camera (can be turned on and off via settings) that adds a lot to the overall look of the game!

Tone-Mapping/Color Enhancement:

Also in the interest of bringing a smooth and great-looking gaming experience to the table, a tone-mapping/color enhancement filter has been added to the main camera (can be turned off via settings).  This really brings out the colors of the game and makes for an overall more realistic and less washed out type of look.

Laying Down:

Characters can now lay down on beds.  (Bow-chicka-bow-wow!).  No seriously though, in the same fashion they were recently able to sit down in chairs, characters and the player can now lay down on beds.  You may see this happen throughout the game that they might just up and decide to take a load off and relax on Madison’s bed for a bit.  Of course, getting these characters (and the player) into these laying down positions opens up new possibilities for future erotic scenes!

Custom Story Creator Updates:

Along with build comes another version of the House Party Story Creator.  The House Party default stories have been completely re-written inside of the Story Creator so that every single aspect of what happens in each of the characters’ stories are driven by the story file, and the original stories are included in the creator.  This means you can take a look and see how House Party accomplishes each story, and use that as a premise to create your own stories!  There’s also a new section called “Event Triggers” that will allow story writers to set up events when a number of things happen in the game, which makes writing custom stories even easier!

The best news is that everything I’m reporting on here is already done!  That means I’ll have a few days to work on some new content to include in in addition to all of these updates!  This is by far one of the biggest updates of the game yet, and the new features are going to add the ability for the player community to start contributing content.  I’ve been working toward some of the these features for a long time, and your support has helped me get to the point where it’s now a reality, and I thank all of you immensely for that.  I also plan on featuring stories and also possibly including some of the best story submissions in the game itself as an alternate story path.


  1. Uno

    Getting closer to some fun on the bed!

  2. Nautica

    You had me at “Save/Load Games” <3

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