Introducing the Official House Party Custom Story Creator!

Introducing the Official House Party Custom Story Creator!

Jan 24
Introducing the Official House Party Custom Story Creator!

Hey guys,

Exciting news today!  I’ve officially launched the first version of a new tool that will allow you all to write your own custom stories for House Party!  You don’t need any programming or Unity experience to get started.  If you do have experience in either of those things, even better!  It’s not necessary though, because the Story Creator is really easy to use!  All you need to do is to think up a good story and dive in!  Note, this is the first version of the story creator, so feedback will be much appreciated, and you can share your thoughts on more things to include on the forum.

If you’re already convinced, click the link below to get started:
Introducing the Official House Party Custom Story Creator!

The tool lets you do things like create custom quests, dialogues, personalities, and trigger game events.  You will be able to dictate how the character will react to items, the player, and other characters using the tool, and then with the click of a button, you will be able to import that story into the game, or export it so you can share it!

This is the first step in taking the House Party game to a whole new level of customization and unlocking an almost never-ending amount of game-play!  Tired of the original stories?  Just download some new ones and dive in!

There are already a few writers who have taken an early interest and have already begun writing custom stories for the game, so we should hopefully start seeing some stories popping up very soon.  Keep a close eye on the forum.  I’ve made a special section just for sharing stories, and another section for help, suggestions and questions about the Story Creator.



  1. Uno

    So I could ‘cheat’ and get right to the ‘action’ by making a story? o:)

  2. Kirito

    when is being released, both for patreon supports and public?

    • Bobby

      Here are the release dates:

      $25.00+ Supporters: 2/1/17
      $10.00+ Supporters: 2/15/17
      Public: 3/17/17

      You can still however, download and work on your custom story before it gets released.

  3. cesid

    Brilliant idea, it will improve greatly the longevity of the game. I guess you can do even crazy things like Stephanie punching Frank after she gets the wine instead of stripping lol!

    • Bobby

      Yep! That’s the idea! Each release I am exposing more and more options for gameplay. The release of the Story Creator that is coming out with version is already packed with much more than the current version.

  4. Uno

    Too bad you can’t change the player though. THAT would make things even more interesting to play as another character, even a female! Still gonna enjoy boning Miss Whip Its one day.

  5. itaboy

    where do I download the custom stories of other people?

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