House Party Beta Released to $25.00+ Supporters!

House Party Beta Released to $25.00+ Supporters!

Jan 02
House Party Beta Released to $25.00+ Supporters!

Hey guys,

Ok, I’ve just gotta say, I’m really excited about this release.  And you should be too.  One thing that you guys have been harping on me about is when there was going to be any actual erotic scenes in the game.  Well, the time has come.  I spent a lot of time getting all of the fine details together, and I think they really pay off in the first erotic scene in the game.  Keep reading the update notes below for more details on exactly what the new scene entails.

This new build is available to $25.00+ supporters as of today, and these new mechanics will be available to $10.00+ supporters after they’ve been tested a bit on or around January 15th, and then that build will go public on or around February 17th.

To become a supporter of the game, visit my Patreon page.

Here are the major updates to look for in

Revamped House

The house has gotten some major updates including a bunch of new furniture.  I also limited the amount of furniture that you can knock around.  At first I thought it was really cool that you could bump into and move almost everything in the game, but as there is more and more game-play afoot, these mechanisms have started to get in the way, so I pulled back and put it where I thought it was necessary, and scaled back in places I thought weren’t adding any value to the game.

Revamped Lighting

I think the lighting looks gorgeous in this build.  I’m finally really happy with the way the characters and the house seam together.  When you’re pulling resources from various places (for instance, the characters are created in Daz Studio, and the rest of the models are downloaded from various places),  you really need to rely on shaders and lighting to get everything just right.  I think I’ve finally found that zone, and I am really enjoying moving around in the game in the new atmosphere.  It really adds a lot to game play, and gives the game a fresh feel.  I felt like the game was kind of over-lit before and it was showing some of the seams where these different assets were coming together.

First Erotic Scene:

A lot of people have been wondering how the erotic scenes in the game were going to work.  Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore.  This version of House Party allows the player to receive a blow-job from two different characters in the game.  You’ll have to play through the game to unlock this scene, and it will be something that will generically be available with any character that you can get their relationship bar high enough with, but it will give you an idea of how these scenes and future scenes are going to play out.  I’ve done a lot of research and took elements I liked best from different places.  The only other 3D game I have to compare with is X Story Player, but the oral and regular sex always felt very clumsy to me in that game.  There was just too much user input to get it just right, and when you did, it was easy to mess it up again.  I suppose that correlates well to real life, but my argument to that is that this is supposed to be fantasy!  I’m not trying to dis the game.  I think it’s fantastically done, but it wasn’t the direction I wanted to take my game in this aspect.  Freedom is nice.  Too much can distract from the player goals, and let’s face it, when you’ve gotten to the point of unlocking the erotica scene, it requires a less hands on approach, if you know what I mean.  So I gave the scene interaction, but not too much, so you can kind of guide the action, but also sit back and enjoy it.  Of course, this is the first rendition of this scene, so it will certainly be enhanced and more things to do and ways to interact will be introduced, but I think it’s off to a great start.


Obviously with the introduction of sex scenes, it’s important that we have some kind of orgasm controller.  I solved this rather easily by giving the player an “Orgasm” meter.  When the meter peaks, the orgasm happens, and then there’s a cool-down period before the player can have another one.  I thought this was a realistic way to handle it, and also allows the player to recharge himself as he moves forward to unlock other content in the game or just check out what the other characters are doing in the meantime.  The “end” of the night (no matter the outcome of your actions) is a free-world, so the thinking there is that you can just keep going back and revisiting any sex scenes you’ve unlocked once the rest meter has gone down.  I should also mention that I think the orgasm climax is a really cool scene.  I’m actually slowing down the game time when it happens so it can be savored, and it’s a pretty realistic looking cum shot for a first attempt I thought.

Overall, I’m excited to get some feedback on the new systems.  Enjoy!


  1. cesid

    Physics and animations are great and feel so live, the sex scenes will be very entertaining. Stripping will be improved? Not speaking about the number of clothes (after all only Madison and Ashley have full access to their wardrobe since they are at home) but about the animation for taking off clothes, right now it is just about clothes disappearing, would be epic something like helicopter panties or bra

    • Bobby

      Getting a stripping animation to work well is not an easy task in a 3D environment, but the suddenly disappearing clothes is a placeholder. I do intend to look into something more elegant down the line. Maybe even a cut-scene so I have more control over it.

  2. Misty

    I’m thinking that for at least Brittney or Ashley, you could allow the character to simply expose the tits just like how you would if embarrassed them by their tops for example, as that seems to alleviate some strip animation time down to a limit on those characters. But yes a cut-scene would work for most characters. So for example like Ashely would say, “Mind if you un-tie my top”. You say “Of course”, then she turns around and lets you, After she that turns around and then cut-scene happens. Same for Brittney, I do like Brittney xD. Sorry I imagine myself as Brittney :/

  3. Misty

    I mean cut-down some animation time for cut scene*

  4. Uno

    Woohoo closer to actual sex. Can’t wait to bone Stephanie! If she can move that well on the dance floor then her bed moves will be grand.


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