Sneak Peek at House Party

Sneak Peek at House Party

Dec 24
Sneak Peek at House Party

Hey guys!

Here’s a sneak peek video of some of the new mechanisms and updated engine, AI, and visual enhancements for the next version of House Party.  This version is due to be released to $25.00+ patrons just after the new year, and then $10.00+ Patrons will receive a version of House Party with these mechanisms in them on or around 1/15/16, and then a free version with the mechanisms you see here will be released the following month.

Hope you are all enjoying your holiday, and enjoy!


  1. Uno

    Merry Christ-I mean happy holidays! Please don’t sue me! lol (got to love how touchy America is with that one).

  2. Mark

    So many improvements, I like it already!
    Just consider a Saving and Loading in game play please?

    • Bobby

      A saving/loading mechanism is also being worked on. As you can imagine, with so many moving parts, it’s not a simple task. Every build I work toward consolidating all of the data to facilitate easier saving down the line, so it’s not too far off.

  3. Boaty McBoatface

    I can’t seem to find the phone?

    • Bobby

      It’s in the upstairs bathroom (the one connected to the bedroom, not the hallway).

  4. Inconnitah

    Comment on joue ??? De l’aide svp help !!

  5. Inconnitah

    I cant game help !!!! Comment on joue ????

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