House Party Released to $10.00+ Supporters!

House Party Released to $10.00+ Supporters!

Dec 17
House Party Released to $10.00+ Supporters!

Hey guys,

Sorry it took a couple extra days. I spent the last few days bug-testing to get the release ready. Lots of new and exciting updates in this version. To answer the first and obvious question, Yes! There are content updates in this version. There are two new quests and a new achievement as well as the ability to get one of Madison’s endings. Keep in mind that these “endings” are only endings to the stories that I am including with release of the House Party game, but after you complete a “story” and get a girl to like/love you past a certain amount, it will unlock the ability to get more intimate with any of the girls. This feature is not yet implemented, but I wanted to give you some insight as to what the big picture is. Here is some in-depth discussion about some of the cool new features that were implemented in the engine, some of which is progress toward that intimacy (and some of which is included in the implemented story).


There is a new “Posing” mechanism added to the game that allows me a lot of flexibility that I didn’t have before in terms of animating the characters. I was able to successfully export still poses out of Daz Studio (much like you guys are used to seeing in other games made with Daz characters), and combined with a little programming, I was able to add a realistic idling effect to the poses so it’s more as if the character was just standing there in that position. This will be extremely beneficial for creating new scenes in the game in which I won’t need to use still renders for. You will be able to see these events happen in full 3D!

Another benefit of this new mechanic is that when a character is “posing”, you can walk right up to them in the game, and they won’t do the usual “step out of your way” thing, so you can get really close to them, and for the first time in House Party, check them out very closely. This (and the fact that I can now put the characters in any position I need) is going to be key for more intimate scenes.

Interactive States:

Another really cool mechanism that was added to the game is that characters now have “Interactive States”. These states entail things like “Naked”, “Embarrassed”, “Nervous”, “Worried”, or “Wants to Be Alone”, and this affects how they react to other players. For instance, if you are alone with a character (for a reason), and that character also wants to be alone with you, the character will shoo away other characters that come into the room, and they will respond accordingly and leave. In the past, getting characters alone was more difficult because you’d be interrupted by other characters barging in on you, making it more difficult to complete your objective, but now other characters can more readily realize when another character should be left alone, and behave accordingly. Characters that are seeking solace won’t be sought out by other characters unless the story is needing it to happen.

Also, other characters will react to another character’s embarrassment (among other things) more readily, and there are various aspects which contribute to that. For instance, if a character is in a various state of undress, their embarrassment level will increase depending on how naked they are, and other characters will respond to that depedning on their personality. These states can also affect how the character responds to the player.


One thing that really bothered me about the game was that, everywhere you go in the house, characters were just standing around all the time. In a more realistic scenario, people will sit down and take a load off whenever they can. First, let me just say that you would never believe how hard it is to program AI characters to seek out chairs and sit in them, but I got it worked out and the result is fantastic. The characters can even still talk and interact with each other while sitting. It adds such a depth and realism to the game that you just have to see for yourself to appreciate. This also takes me a step further to getting them to lay down in the beds, if you know what I mean…

Download the Game:

This release has been made available to $10+ supporters. To become a supporter, visit my Patreon page. This release will be tested for bugs by supporters, and probably have a few revisions and will be made available publicly on 1/15/17 if all goes well.

To download the latest public release of House Party, click the Downloads link up top.


  1. Britney

    I don’t have access to this version so I can’t test it myself, but from the post I have to say that some real progress is being made. Having characters in interactable states sounds awesome and something simple as them sitting sounds kinda cool. I just hope that you don’t delve too deep in making technical changes and forget about the actual content. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that these changes also allow for more content. But so far there’s been a lot of advancement in terms of engine development but the story is almost still the same as the old demo.

    • Bobby

      There was a significant content update in this version as well. Every version I put out moving forward will have more content. I am at the point where the engine is running smoothly enough that I can concurrently work on enhancements and add new content.

  2. KojackHunter

    Hey there, I’m checking this version right now and it seems that a former bug is back: at a certain point the game won’t let you interact with characters or objects. I couldn’t tell you exactly if there’s some special thingy that triggered it. Will update.

    • KojackHunter

      Alright this didn’t happen to me after I posted the previous. But I remember some of the circumstances when it did so: I had grabbed most of the items, most quests had been completed and there was a ton of people in the main room. Oh and this a really nice game btw, can’t wait to see more.

    • Bobby

      Sometimes you just aren’t allowed to click on a character, for instance if they are walking somewhere important. But you are right that was a bug in the past. I will keep an eye out for it, but haven’t seen it pop up in the new version yet.

    • Trism

      +1 this bug also happened to me in the living room


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