House Party Released (Major Content Update)

House Party Released (Major Content Update)

Dec 02
House Party Released (Major Content Update)

So I know you guys have been waiting patiently for more content updates.  This is it!  Because of the public release, I’ve been spending a lot of time tweaking and honing in on bug reports, and just optimizing the engine and graphics as much as I can.  There’s a huge payoff because the engine is running really smooth right now, and making this content update was a breeze without having to go in and work on major systems because of characters glitching trying to get places or reacting to things. This means that creating more content down the line should go just as smoothly!

Also, you will really start to see the benefits of all of the time I took with the AI. You’ll notice characters seeking out social interaction or solitude based on their mood or reacting to other characters being embarrassed or in various states of indecency. It also also allowed me to keep the cinematic scenes in full 3D and still get a “cut-scene” experience without ever breaking game-play!

This version of the game is only available currently to $25.00+ supporters, and its content will be available to $10.00+ supporters on December 15th.  These updates will also be included in the next public release, which does not currently have a scheduled release date yet.

To become a supporter, please visit my Patreon page.

Here’s what’s been updated:


Achievements are now obtainable in the game!  The achievement system tells you when you’ve reached the end of a story, or you’ve done something of mention in the game.  They include a bonus render and a description of what you achieved, and information about whether or not you unlocked all of the various content along the way.

New Quests:

  • (Ashley) A Change of Heart – 100% Implemented
  • (Ashley) Humiliate Ashley – 100% Implemented

That’s right, there are two Ashley “endings” implemented in this release!  As the in-game instructions now state, there are two main “goals” to House Party.  The first goal is getting a characters like/love meters all of the way up so you can engage in intimate relations with them (not yet implemented), and the other is that every character has one or more “stories” that you can play though.  Most of the time, a story will set you on the path of getting a character’s like/love meters all the way up, but sometimes not.  These stories have multiple paths based on the decisions that you make along the way, so they can play out and you can even finish them without unlocking all of the available options and Easter Eggs along the way.  You can always go back and replay the story and try options you might have missed.  The much-anticipated ending to the “Humiliate Ashley” quest has now been implemented, and there is a second quest revolving around Ashley that can now be obtained, and that one can also be completed.

Penis Physics:

The player penis (when exposed) now has physics attached to it. You’ll notice that when you take it out, it is flaccid. It also has the ability to become erect (events causing erection not implemented yet). This is going to lend toward upcoming released where you can use it for more than just walking around and seeing NPC reactions.

Thank you guys so much for your support!  If you are a supporter,  you can find the download links here:


  1. Uno

    So we can play with our lightsabers?! 😀

  2. roscharbear

    So, in the post it says 15th of december for the other Patreons. I’ve been waiting man! I need some more houseparty!

    • Bobby

      Getting the release ready now!

      • anon

        Could you explain ..other option .. ie; phone inb.. offline ..ways to become a supporter get supporter access

        • Bobby

          Right now, the only way to support the project is through Patreon. If something changes, I will announce it on the site.

  3. Trism

    When will this version become accessible to $10 pledges?

  4. Kevin

    Any news on when we can expect this to be released publicly?

    • Bobby

      It will be after 0.4.x.x is released to $10.00+ supporters, which is slated for 1/15/17. So it will be in the latter portion of January.


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