House Party October Release Highlights

House Party October Release Highlights

Sep 28
House Party October Release Highlights

Hey guys!

Here’s a video getting into detail on some of the upcoming engine updates to the new version of House Party!  The new version will be released on or around October 15th.   From now until the 15th, I will be adding in a bunch more story for you guys in conjunction with the engine updates you already see here!  For those of you who stick it out to the end of the video, I uncover an Easter egg in the game!

To help support this project and get access to the latest version of the game, click here:

Here’s the video:



  1. DJ

    do you have the pay up front option on patreon enabled?
    cause while im totally willing to support this game, $25 a month isnt something i can afford but if i can give $25 once for a given build and then wait for another build i have money/interest in.
    especially since a $25 monthly change would effectively double what i give to Patreon as it is

    • Bobby

      Yes, I do have the pay up front on, so you can make your pledge after the release announcement and then cancel it after you get the download, and then you can do that again in the future if you’d like. You will have access to the new build right away once you pledge.

      • DJ

        cool, thanks! glad to know i can still support and get the latest demo without having to worry about my wallet.

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