House Party September Demo Coming Soon

House Party September Demo Coming Soon

Aug 30
House Party September Demo Coming Soon

Hey guys!

It’s been becoming a routine to put out a video at the start of each month, and then a release toward the middle of the month, so here’s the video showcasing the new House Party updates for this month’s demo release. ┬áThe demo should be available toward the middle of September with some content and engine updates.

Details are in the video:

After some content updates, this build will be made into a new demo of House Party and released to $25+ supporters, at which time, the demo I released last month will be available to $10+ supporters.


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  1. EcchiX

    Must say Wow! Didn’t expected this kind of complexity on physics, i am really impressed, look at that hair movements, just amazing.

    I can clearly see the game is in good shape and on the right direction, we can see the efforts on making it look as good as it can, good job. Can’t wait to see more.

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