House Party BETA .3 Released to $25+ Supporters

House Party BETA .3 Released to $25+ Supporters

Aug 19
House Party BETA .3 Released to $25+ Supporters

Hey guys!

Just wanted to let everybody know that version .3 of House Party has officially been released to $25.00+ supporters.  This is the first version of the game that will be adhering to a new release structure where, in a month, when I put out my next release, it will trickle down and be available to $10+ supporters, then to $1+ supporters the following month, and eventually be the next public version of the game.  Future versions will follow in this manner.

I took an extra week or so putting this build together because this version will eventually be the first public release with the new revamped models and house, and I wanted to add a little more game-play, story-line, and some Easter eggs into it.  There are a few story-lines you can start to head down in this released version.  I plan to mostly focus on story in the next few months to come, so we can start getting a solid playable game.

If you are already a supporter, or you’d like to become a supporter, here is the link to the Patreon Project:


Change Log:

  • Completely revamped house and character models
  • Completely revamped lighting Improved frame rates
  • Completely revamped character AI
  • Completely revamped path finding
  • Started working on story-lines
  • Characters now have moods and emotions
  • Characters now have diverse personalities that affect behavior.
  • Characters now have friend, love interest (toward player and each other), and drunk properties.

User Controls:

  • W, S – Move forward/back
  • A, D – Strafe left/right
  • C, Z – Crouch/Stand
  • Press “P” to take out and put away your penis
  • Alternately, hold down both mouse buttons to move forward
  • Right Mouse click and drag to move camera
  • Press I or use the icon on the bottom-right for inventory
  • Press Left or Right or use the on-screen arrows to cycle through inventory items
  • Left Click on a character to talk to them.
  • Left Click on an object to interact with it (Must be close enough)
  • Left Click on a dialogue option to select it.
  • Press Escape or use the icon on the bottom-right to pull up the game menu

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7+
  • Graphics card: DX9 (shader model 3.0) capabilities; generally everything made since 2005 should work.
  • CPU: SSE2 instruction set support.
  • Recommended Resolution: 1900 x 1200 or higher.

Monitor Resolution:

  • Optimized for 2560×1440, but will work on most.
  • Recommended: 1600×900 or greater.
  • Minimum: 1024×768 (Some text may be cut off at this resolution).


  1. Ayy

    How much of this storyline is playable? I feel like there isn’t any story to play, or at least the story bugs and won’t continue.

    • Bobby

      There’s not too much in the way of story yet. I will be working on storyline mostly for the next release. I’ve been spending most of my time working on all of the new features of the game and underlying structure.

  2. Uno

    Will there be any sexual content by November? XP
    Can’t wait to see more, will there be outside backyard activities or is it exclusively inside the house party?

    • Bobby

      I’m thinking at the rate I’m going now, and the groundwork I already have done, that yes, there will be by November. As of right now, the party is contained to the house. I may open it up more down the line, but I think adding more the available areas you can travel to will just prolong getting more actual content in the game at this point, which is my main goal at the moment.

  3. gnats

    I’m running into problems. The painkillers are inside the wall of the bathroom above the towel rack by the sink (I found by accident) and the drawer to the nightstand with the key in it will no open. It is preventing me to proceed anywhere in the game.

    • Bobby

      There isn’t too much content there yet. The next release I am putting out this month has a lot more in the way of gameplay.

  4. Tedger

    So there are no pills to be found for Frank, nothing much else yet? 🙂

  5. K.D

    I still can’t figure out how to get the pills like i know they are in a wall in the bathroom but i still don’t understand

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