New Demo Video Preview!

New Demo Video Preview!

Aug 04
New Demo Video Preview!

Hey guys,

Exciting news! Here’s a video preview of the demo I will be putting out this week to my $25.00+ Patrons. This demo will also be the first official public build in a while. I’ve decided to change the way I am releasing demos, so that they will eventually all end up being public releases.

Here’s the scoop;

This demo will be available to my $25.00+ supporters to start. ¬†After I release the next demo, I will be making this demo available to my $10.00+ supporters, and then on the next release, this video will be available to my $1.00+ supporters, and then on the following release, this demo will go public. So it will be available to all of you soon! After trying a few different reward method systems, I’m feeling like this one is making the most sense. Thank you all so much for your continued support. Here’s the video:

Details are explained in the video itself. Enjoy!


  1. Fartie

    That makes sense. So once a public release is out, each new release date will be good news for everyone. Though, that means it will take another 2-3 months until the next free demo is out, right? Or have you considered to add some of the older $10-patron-only versions to the queue?

    And hey, nice work with the audio comment videos.

    • Bobby

      Yes, that’s exactly right. This will be the first demo that will make it to a public release. I don’t want to release any of the prior builds because there really wasn’t anything to do in them. This version has a little gameplay so you can kind of get a hint of what’s coming.

      • Kappa

        Does the most recent $10 build have any game to it, or just to see the models?

        • Bobby

          There’s a little game to it. I’ve just started working on gameplay in the past few weeks. So far, there’s a little bit of questing to do.

  2. Kappa

    Any word on when this will trickle to the $10 supporters, ie, when the next $25 build will be out?

    • Bobby

      It will be in about a month. I generally put out one update per month.

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