The Gang’s All Back!

The Gang’s All Back!

Jun 17
The Gang’s All Back!

Ok, so after a lot of debate and collecting all of your input, it seems that you guys are preferring the Daz models in the game over the redesigns. Given that information, I have been spending a lot of time working on ways to make these Daz models be everything I need them to be for the scope of the game, and I’ve made a lot of progress. The coolest thing to note is that we are past the point of restructuring a lot of the game, and we’re getting to the point where the game is very playable. This means I should be putting out another public release pretty soon. I would say it’s maybe a month or two away.

Let’s take a look at this new video and some things to note about it.

I’ve been spending a LOT of time on getting these characters to move and act realistically. Pay close attention to the eyes. In previous videos, you’ll notice that when the characters look at you, they just turn their head and their eyes straight at you and stare with a blank look. In the newest version, you’ll notice that the eyes and head move separately, and there’s a lot more going on including micro-movements of the eyes. They don’t simply hold a staring glare at an object anymore. Their eyes wander, and they use a combination of their eyes and their heads to look around at things.

First we walk up to Ashley and talk to her a bit. You can see some of this newer movement here. Then we talk to Steph. She’s busy dancing, so we move on to Katherine. She doesn’t seem to be in the greatest of moods, so we move over to Frank. He, of course, is his charming sense and talks about beating people up. Let’s move on to upstairs.

You’ll notice that by the time we talk to Madison, we can ask her about some of the other characters we’ve already met. You will need to collect information from characters about each other to progress in the game. We ask Madison about Ashley, and we get a bit of backstory. Then Madison asks us to grab her phone since you’re heading to the bathroom.

From there we go and talk to Brittney. Brittney’s hiding out in the study because she’s embarrassed about her new top. Then we head to the bedroom and talk to Patrick a little. He’s got a headache and wants some aspirin. We duck into the bathroom and find Madison’s phone. Let’s go return it to her.

After we give her back the phone, you try to get a little flirty with Madison, and she wants you to help her embarrass Ashley, and you see she’s already started the proceeds, and wants your help to see it through. Head over to talk to Ashley, and she’s got other plans to get the jump on Madison first. You’ll have to decide which of the girls you’ll be siding with. Each play-through of the game will be a series of choices, and you will be able to make different choices that will affect your progress with each girl. This is different from the linear nature of the first beta where you could unravel each story-line as you played through the game.

I will have a build ready for supporters only very soon, and as I mentioned before, I will have another public beta out in another month or two.

If you’re looking for the latest public release, you can find it at:



  1. akastyr

    glad to see you returned the old models. Please announce when the build for supporters will be available, i will consider a donation

  2. Victor

    Suggestion: Make the protagonist’s skin tone a few shades darker. Go for “Ambiguously Brown”. It’s a very minor and simple change, that makes the game a lot more immersive and inclusive. Ambiguously brown covers all the bases. Could be a tanned white guy, or a light skinned black guy. Could be Hispanic, could be Asian, and everything else on the spectrum.

  3. Uno

    heh heh when do they ‘get on their knees’?

  4. YYL

    This game is progressing a lot. I’m looking forward to it when the H is out hehehe!

  5. Fartie

    All right, so the new models will be used in a follow-up project.
    The eye-movement is a very nice detail, you don’t really notice it, but it definitely helps the immersion.
    Did you lower the detail in the faces? Somehow I got the feeling the eye regions look a bit rounder.
    Funny detail: Patrick’s stats show “Sober” XD

    • Bobby

      No these are the same models. The textures have been converted from 2048 to 1024 though, so maybe that’s what you’re seeing. Also, the lighting is much brighter than the old game.

      • Fartie

        Right, I have not played in a while and probably I had the early alpha models in mind, which resembled the portrait / renders a bit more. D’oh…
        Anyway, keep up the good work, I think the potential of this project is great 🙂

  6. Nick

    have a demo/game been realsed to the supporters?

  7. Mac

    could you tell the peple who are wating for a demo how long we should wait in %? plz

    • Bobby

      I’m hoping next week. I actually have a demo ready, but due to a storm surge, my main computer that I work on is out of commission for a few days. I have replacement parts coming in on Friday, and I should be back up and running before the weekend to finalize the next demo build.

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