Stephanie Showcase, AI Updates, Relationships and Overhearing!

Stephanie Showcase, AI Updates, Relationships and Overhearing!

May 12
Stephanie Showcase, AI Updates, Relationships and Overhearing!

Hey guys,

We’re getting close to having an actual game to play here. We just finished up Stephanie, and she’s looking great! She’s loosely modeled after Katy Perry. As you can see, with the new model, we’re able to bring Stephanie to life a lot more, including the cloth physics on her dress. There’s still a little tearing where the skin is showing through the dress here and there, but we’ll iron that out. She’s fresh out of the oven!

Here’s the video link:

You’ll notice that the AI and the conversations are a lot smoother, and there’s a lot more interaction going on between all of the characters. The movement and path-finding scripts have also been worked on and updated, and you’ll notice there’s a lot less sliding around, and the movements and turning are looking a lot more natural.

Another thing to notice is that we have a gauge for Friendship, Romance, and Drunkenness. All of these factors will affect how a character interacts with you.

Let’s talk about the scene a bit.

Stephanie’s character loves to dance, so she hangs by the living room where the speakers are a lot. She’ll occasionally still come out to mingle, but she prefers the back room and dancing. None of this is scripted however. She decides where she wants to hang out based various things.

For those of you who have played my first release, you’ll notice the familiar story-line of Stephanie asking to do some whip-its.

On the way to the fridge, I see Ashley and Madison not too far away from each other. I talk to Ashley and tell her she’s hotter than her sister. This increases my relationship with Ashley, but Madison overhears, and she’s pissed at you now!

Notice how this changes Madison’s choice of dialogue when she randomly comes up to you a little later on. She tells you find somewhere else to hang out.

We give the whipped cream to Stephanie and she goes off to dance, and then rejoins the party after a minute or so. She would stick around and dance longer, but nobody else was there, and this makes characters more likely to get bored and change locations (unless they’re in a bad mood, then they prefer isolation).

From here, we’re observing a little more interaction and you can really see the party come to life when all of the characters get in the same room and start interacting with each other. You’ll notice however, it doesn’t detract from game-play, as the character you want to talk to immediately shifts gears and interacts with you as soon as you summon them.

Madison’s cooled down a bit, and you ask her about Frank. She tells you about him to which you reply “What a dick”, but Frank happens to be right there and hears what you said, and decides to kick your ass. Game Over.

Supporters pledging $10.00 or more will have access to this build within the next couple of days, and as you can see, we’re getting very close to a new public demo.

For more information on House Party, and the latest public release, visit the Eek! Games site here:



  1. Uno

    What a dick indeed. lol

  2. Derpl

    The new Stephanie model’s face looks a bit like a dude.

    • Fartie

      Just like the famous singer the model was based on XD

      The cloth physics look pretty credible, even better than on the daz model. Nice! Makes one curious about possible physicals interactions you have envisioned for future versions.

  3. Azathos

    I have to say I do like the cloth phsics as well, that just give a certain bit more of realism to it. Also people being able to overhear your conversations is a great thing. But I kinda have to agree with Derpl, Stephanies model in general does look nice, and her picture in the upper left looks great too, but her actual ingame face is just a little too manly for my taste.
    Besides that there seem to be some nice improvements to the general game, for example the intoxication system. Maybe some actions will only be possible if you get a certain girl drunk enough? But if you overdo it… well we all know what happens then I guess xD

    • Bobby

      I have a new announcement coming very soon about the models that I think you will all be happy to hear. And yes, that’s exactly my train of thought with the intoxication system. 🙂

  4. Jennifer

    I really like Stephanie! She looks different from a lot of the other models you see in 3d games/art. She’s not your obvious bimbo/model type and that makes her look really hot imo.

    Personally I actually don’t like the avatar in the upper left, that one looks boring, and much prefer the face of the actual in-game girl. The fact that she resembles Katy Perry makes it even better :D.

  5. John

    how long is it for a public realse or dose the peopele who donated money the full game first???
    in % HOW LONG must we wait for your awsome game.

    • Bobby

      I’m getting close to having another beta version. I’ve been having a lot of issues with figuring out a good solution to the model situation. At first it seemed like people were taking to the new models very well, but as time went on, I got more and more comments that the original models were better, so I’ve been working with a designer to figure out a way to get those old models looking and working the way I need them to. I’m very very close to a solution, and then things should start rolling quickly, and you should start seeing new builds regularly.

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