Poll: Old Models vs New Models and More Social AI Showcasing

Poll: Old Models vs New Models and More Social AI Showcasing

Apr 21
Poll: Old Models vs New Models and More Social AI Showcasing

Hey guys,

Here’s another video showing off more of the new AI that will be built into House Party and future projects by Eek! Games. But first off, I just wanted to note that for this video, I popped in the old Daz models, and I’d like to get some feedback from all of you as to whether you like the direction of the new models, or if you prefer the Daz models better. I’ve been getting some mixed feedback, and I wanted to officially ask to see if I can get input from more of you.

I am pretty much stuck designing new models for the males in the game, as the Daz models will prohibit me from getting creative in some ways, but for the women, I’d like to know what you guys prefer. I’m kind of torn, and when doing this video, I am noticing that my frame rates are not dropping all that much even using the Daz models. It’s a little slower, but it’s not anything deal-breaking. Keep in mind also, that the new models have been getting better and better as we’ve been going forward, but I would definitely like to hear your opinions.

Here’s the video:

Now let’s talk about what’s going on in the scene a bit:

First off, I am developing personalities for the characters. This means that when they have interactions with each other, their relationships will be affected. If they are a personality match, the outcome of the chat will most likely be positive on each, but if they have opposing traits, an argument may ensue. This will change the mood and relationship toward that character.

In this scene, we see how we have the room with the stereo set up, and any character at any time might decide to go dance depending on a few things. For starters, their mood. Characters in a better mood are more likely to want to dance. Secondly, who else is on the dance floor, people they like, or people they dislike? Thirdly, their personality. Are they the dancing type or not? Their decisions to dance don’t affect anything else. They can still hold conversations while dancing, and if you chat with them they stop talking to other characters and dancing, and resume after they are dismissed. This is much different from the old setup where one character was designated as the dancer. I am going for a much more open world where any character can decide to do anything, just like a real party, but it also does’t feel like it’s too chaotic for the player to talk to who he wants to talk to when he wants to.

Looking forward to your comments and opinions on the models!

If you’re looking for the latest release version of House Party, you can find it here:


  1. Nautica

    I prefer the new models, The only thing i noticed about them that absolutely needs a bit more adjusting was the arms and hands,The Daz models look great as well but the issues they cause aren’t worth the hassle, like back boobs when they lay down haha. The game’s looking great and i really like that they are versitle in thier actions, like now more than one of them will walk up and start dancing and stop to talk, Creates that “house party” atmosphere nicely. =)

  2. Sander28

    I really prefer the Old Models ( you call them Daz models I think) They have a more human like appearance than the new ones.

    If possible I’d like to see Madison look a bit more like her picture she looks a bit pale.

    Great work though I am amazed with what I have played so far.

  3. Fartie

    I do like the daz models (Brit’s alternate clothes are cool), but I really think the design of custom character models is a big step forward. You stated earlier that you can overcome some limitations of the old models and be creative with your animations in any way you can imagine. Performance tweaks may be nice, but your freedom to create and design is what matters most, I’d say.

  4. DJ

    my only problem is that the new models look straight up like fashion models where as the old one look like girls you’d see at a collage party.
    i think its mostly just a lot of shiny make up, and to be honest you’ve been talking about how much improved the new models are and it doesn’t seem to make sense to change that, especially since i assume part of the thing that’s being improved is genitals and things like that, that make this an adult game. and that was a big thing that the old models lacked.
    so i think the only thing that the new models need is a toning down the textures. maybe some new outfits, ill admit i was a sucker for Madisons Sweater, huge boobs in a sweater is great. but the current models look fine and mostly just need getting used to, and obviously i think the new version of the game should be put together before more model tweaking happens

    • Bobby

      Yes, one thing about the new models is that they look MUCH better with their clothes off than the Daz models. Much more realistic. I can agree that they need new wardrobe. Honestly, I pretty much left that up to the graphic designer’s discretion, but as we move forward, it is expected that we will be creating multiple outfits for each model, especially since I plan to re-use some of the models in future projects and different stories. I am not taking any time away from working on the new version. I am chugging away. There’s a lot of physics and base programming to get down and a lot of bugs to tweak in the new AI system, so all of that is moving forward in parallel as the designer works on the new models. 🙂

  5. therepetition

    I prefer the softer, more realistic features of the old models, but I also think it’d be a waste to drop the newer ones you’ve been working on entirely. Would it not be possible to use both and add an option for the player to choose which they prefer?

    • Bobby

      Somebody else mentioned this, and though it’s a good idea, it would require me purchasing a license to use the Daz models in my game on top of paying to design the new models. I’m not saying this is a dealbreaker, but right now I need to focus my investment in this project where the most interest is, which actually seems to be the newer models. We intend to keep working on the new models to give them more of a softer look.

  6. ImD

    Especially for Ashley and Brittany, I prefer the Daz models.

    • Kdobe

      Old models all the way!

      Bobby, why don’t you put up a polling widget somewhere, so that people who don’t like to write – the silent majority – can voice their opinion?

      I’d be curious to see the result.

      Great game so far, though!

      • Bobby

        I hadn’t thought to put a poll out only because I am taking input from multiple forums and sites. Maybe next time I poll, I can make a central location to vote here on the site. So far based on all input, it’s been weighted toward liking the new models better.

  7. Azathos

    I do like both models actually, so its not that big of a deal to me which one you would pick, but I think the possibility for you to be as creative as you like with the models is way more important than a few fps more in the end. You can always go back to making the game run more smoothly, but if you decide to stick with the old models, which you can’t change aas much, that would become even harder to change n the future if you were unhappy with that.
    That said I really like the more interactivity between the girls, it does do a lot for immersion and in my opinion you are going in the right direction here.

    • Fartie

      In case you got the wrong impression from my comment, which was maybe misleading: Bobby said the new models have significantly less polys and therefore better performance (fps). I think he just expected a bigger difference in fps when he came back to compare the daz models.

      • Bobby

        That’s correct.

      • Azathos

        Alright I kinda got that mixed up then I guess, it was kinda late when I wrote that comment haha Thanks for clearing that up. Anyways, if the difference in performance isn’t that big of a deal anyways I totally vote for the old models, mostly because they look more natural to me though. But as I said, I value the flexibility a lot as well.

      • Bobby

        What I mean by Flexibility are what lie in the fine details. For instance, with the Daz models, their skin will show through the body on certain animations and I can’t do anything about it because it’s a modeling thing, not a programming thing. With the new models, I can go back to the designer and show him and he can correct it. Also, with the Daz models, in order to get a good variety on the bodies, I have to use different named models from Daz (Victoria, Adaline, Selina, Bonnie, etc…) The problem here is that some of the textures on some of those variations look awful when exported. Sometimes the eyes export in a way that I just can’t get to look good. Also, genitals are a big problem because I have to rely on Daz plugins to morph them the way I want, and they don’t export well, whereas a custom designer can ensure variability as well as quality.

  8. Collada

    I vote old model. New model looks something weird and unnatural.

  9. Eric

    I’m ok with the new models, but there are aspects of the old models that would work better on the new models. Britany is ok but I prefer the face from the Daz model than I do the new one (also she kind of towers over everyone else but that could easily be fixed). Ashley is good but I prefer the top from the Daz model, the new top is too revealing for a college party. Madison is good, but the features just need some softening. That’s really it. I support doing the new models, but there are aspects of the older designs that could be replicated to make it feel more authentic or nicer.

    • Bobby

      Keep in mind, I’m taking notes on all of the feedback, and we are not calling any of the new models “done”. Our goal is to get the pixel count down, the flexibility high, meet our needs of the game, and also keep as much quality as we can so these new models stand up to the Daz models.

  10. Fartie

    I think one aspect has not been mentioned: Uniqueness. As far as I understood, the old models are based on named portfolio characters from a commercial “posing” software that has been around for a very long time. Of course, it is no trivial task to get a comparable degree of realism if you create your own models from scratch. But they will be truly unique! And when I look back at the first preview for Brit, I fully agree that these have the potential to look even better by the time they get finalized. They may have a slightly more artistic, less realistic touch, but is that really such a bad thing for the style of this project?

    • Bobby

      I agree. The Daz models are everywhere, and used in most adult projects. I will probably make some Daz lookalikes to my models and use them for HD renders, but other than that, from the responses I got from everybody I put the question out to, it seems the majority prefer the direction of the new models.

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