House Party Social AI Showcase

House Party Social AI Showcase

Apr 19
House Party Social AI Showcase

Hey everybody!

The new Frank model is almost done, and when he is, it will allow for me to start really putting some storyline together as Frank is a major component and the main antagonist to the game.

In the meantime, I wanted to show off some Social AI that I’ve been working on. This is a really cool feature of the game that is really going to skyrocket the immersion and realism.


In this scene, we see Brittney and Ashley in the kitchen, and they both look at me as I enter the room. From there, they engage each other in conversation. A little while later, Madison walks by and they take notice of her, but she passes right through, so they keep on talking to each other while Madison goes and hangs by the fireplace for a bit.

Madison gets lonely and joins the conversation, and now there are three girls going back and forth together. Notice that when I go up and start a conversation with Madison, the other two girls continue to talk to each other, but they leave Madison out of the conversation. Once, I dismiss Madison, she rejoins the conversation.

The cool thing about this is that it’s not scripted. The characters will seek each other out to hang out or converse based on their relationships, and a conversation can strike up at any time and in any part of the house. If a character is in a bad mood, they will seek solace and find a non-crowded place to hang out and sulk. On the flip-side, if they are in a good mood, they will seek out social interaction, and stay in conversations longer. This will allow me to do re-write some story-lines much more realistically instead of locking some characters in a room where they won’t come out until triggered. I can have the character be upset about something, and they will pout by themselves in a corner somewhere, and you can try to enhance their mood to join the party. A much more realistic situation.

A new demo version is going to be put out to supporters only, and a new public demo is not far off as well, since once I have the Frank model, I can start re-writing the story.

If you’re looking for the latest release of House Party, you can find it here:

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Fartie

    Hey Bobby, you and your 3d-artist are doing wonderful work here. The decision to move away from scripted events to more dynamic character interactions seems challenging, but really cool. There is so much potential, I am really curious how this project will evolve. I do hope it will get the attention it deserves.

  2. Uno

    I can hear it now

    “Like so like I like you know like”
    “OH like to-ta-lay like got to like text Becky!”
    “Like wuz like up gals?”
    females today with texting language and using like every single fricking time….no wonder why I’m single. 😛

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