Ashley Character Reveal and more AI!

Ashley Character Reveal and more AI!

Apr 07
Ashley Character Reveal and more AI!

Hey guys,

Here’s another character reveal in the redesign! This time it’s Ashley, Madison’s sister! Her design is loosely based on Emily Ratajkowski. Note that as the graphic designer and myself are moving along, we are refining the process and the models are getting better and better. Ashley is definitely his best work yet, and after further discussing with him, we will be going back and revamping the first few models after we get the whole lot of them done to bring the quality to its fullest all around the board!

In this video, we also see some new AI behavior, where the characters are aware of their surroundings and respond to things like items being thrown around or waved in front of them. They can also respond to things like characters walking into a room, other characters falling down or being hurt, and also to lights being turning on and off in the house. These things can also affect their mood. Notice how by the end of the video, between what was said to her, and the annoyance of the objects being tossed around, Ashley starts pouting indicating she’s not happy. This adds another layer of realism to the sim and AI that really helps the immersion!

There is a sneak peek of Ashley’s new model and some of the AI on Patreon right now for $10.00+ Patrons!

If you’re new to the House Party game, you can download the latest build here:


  1. Uno

    So who will we get to bone?

    Plans on girl’s point of view games in the future? Would be neat. Play as a chick.

    • Bobby

      I want to build the AI in a way where it can be possible to get with every girl depending if you play your cards right with each of them. I’ve implemented Friendship and Romance meters that you can build up and see where you’re getting with each girl. In each playthroughs though, for instance Madison and Ashley, who are sisters pitted against each other, the paths will directly interfere with each other, so you will have to choose which one you want to go for. This should bring a lot of variability to the game.

      I don’t even have plans for a next game yet, and I will probably take a poll with some ideas before I start work on a new one. 🙂

  2. Frank

    How long in % are you done? i mean for the next beta to come out.

    • Bobby

      It’s going to be a bit until the new beta. We’re almost finished with Frank’s model redesign, and that will be 4 out of about 10 or so. I may put out a version with an incomplete character cast at some point if things are going too slowly. I will be putting out a build every month to my Patrons on Patreon no matter the state of the game however.

  3. Strelok

    Love the attention to details in the AI 🙂
    I have a quick question – will this game be featuring adult scenes (obviously sex)? Or will it be pure RPG, simulated scenes etc.

    • Bobby

      There are plans to add adult scenes to the game as well.

  4. Fartie

    The character design is very nice, and some details like the teeth look even better than on the daz models. But that top on Ashley looks really odd, imo. I’d prefer to see a more triangular shape, as on the old render images, but of course, the choices are up to you!

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