Frank Showcase, Personalities, and More AI

Frank Showcase, Personalities, and More AI

Apr 28

Hey guys,

I finally got the Frank model, and I wanted to make a video to show it to you guys, and I figured while I was at it, I can show you a lot of the cool AI stuff I’ve been working on as well. I’ve got the AI to a pretty cool place right now, and I’m going to start shifting my focus to writing some story now that I have Frank and Stephanie is on the way, so I should have a public release for you guys very soon!

For my supporters, you will receive a playable version of the game at the beginning of the month and you will be able to see all of this first hand, and check out the interaction.

One component that’s been added are personalities. The players now have varying personality profiles, and their relationship toward one another is affected by it. For instance, Madison is kind of a bitch, so she generally doesn’t get along with too many people. But Brittney is very nice, so even though Madison is a bitch to her, she tends to overlook it most of the time. As the characters interact with one another, it changes their relationship and their mood. If two characters have a nice conversation, both of their moods will go up, and they will like each other more, and be more likely to hang out with each other later on. Vice verse, if they have a negative conversation, their mood will decrease, and they will avoid each other. Their mood also affects the outcome of the interactions, so if a character is nice, but in a bad mood, they may have a negative conversation with another character, and make a bad first impression. So with multiple play-throughs, it’s possible to have a scenario where everybody is getting along, and in other play-throughs, everybody may hate each other. And of course, you as the player, can alter the moods by interacting with them. I plan to open up certain lines of story based on the outcome of certain character’s moods.

Here’s the video link:

Some things to note in this video:

Everything is procedurally generated. The characters figure out what to do on their own, so where they go and who they talk to is based on a some variables. Notice in the beginning when I’m talking to Frank, Madison storms by. She bumps Frank as she moves by, and Frank moves closer to me to get out of her way. The characters are responsive to one another in this sense as we will see more of later on.

Next off, Brittney and Madison start a conversation. Frank is over by the side, and he notices them talking, and he joins the conversation. This is based on his feelings toward who is in the group. A little later, Ashley joins in the conversation as well. Now watch the characters shuffle around to find comfortable spots to stand and talk to each other. This is not an accident, it’s all computed with AI!

Next I throw the pizza box on the table, and you can see how it distracts Frank and Madison. They check it out but then go back to hanging out. I bump it one more time and Brittney stops in her tracks and looks to see what’s going on, but then goes back to what she was doing. Brittney now decides to go dance.

At this point the group breaks up, and now the characters will seek each other out based on their feelings toward one another. Another thing to note as I focus in on some more conversations, is that you can see now the characters are reacting with their facial expressions based on whether they’re having a good or bad conversation, and when a person is talking, they will react differently to one another.

Now that Brittney’s done dancing, she seeks out social activity again, and two smaller groups form. One with Ashley and Frank, and one with Madison and Brittney. You can see how, when the house starts getting full of characters, this will be a really cool dynamic.

As I’m ease-dropping on Frank and Brittney’s conversation, Frank notices me and turns toward me.

If you haven’t checked out the game yet, you can find the latest build here:

Poll: Old Models vs New Models and More Social AI Showcasing

Poll: Old Models vs New Models and More Social AI Showcasing

Apr 21

Hey guys,

Here’s another video showing off more of the new AI that will be built into House Party and future projects by Eek! Games. But first off, I just wanted to note that for this video, I popped in the old Daz models, and I’d like to get some feedback from all of you as to whether you like the direction of the new models, or if you prefer the Daz models better. I’ve been getting some mixed feedback, and I wanted to officially ask to see if I can get input from more of you.

I am pretty much stuck designing new models for the males in the game, as the Daz models will prohibit me from getting creative in some ways, but for the women, I’d like to know what you guys prefer. I’m kind of torn, and when doing this video, I am noticing that my frame rates are not dropping all that much even using the Daz models. It’s a little slower, but it’s not anything deal-breaking. Keep in mind also, that the new models have been getting better and better as we’ve been going forward, but I would definitely like to hear your opinions.

Here’s the video:

Now let’s talk about what’s going on in the scene a bit:

First off, I am developing personalities for the characters. This means that when they have interactions with each other, their relationships will be affected. If they are a personality match, the outcome of the chat will most likely be positive on each, but if they have opposing traits, an argument may ensue. This will change the mood and relationship toward that character.

In this scene, we see how we have the room with the stereo set up, and any character at any time might decide to go dance depending on a few things. For starters, their mood. Characters in a better mood are more likely to want to dance. Secondly, who else is on the dance floor, people they like, or people they dislike? Thirdly, their personality. Are they the dancing type or not? Their decisions to dance don’t affect anything else. They can still hold conversations while dancing, and if you chat with them they stop talking to other characters and dancing, and resume after they are dismissed. This is much different from the old setup where one character was designated as the dancer. I am going for a much more open world where any character can decide to do anything, just like a real party, but it also does’t feel like it’s too chaotic for the player to talk to who he wants to talk to when he wants to.

Looking forward to your comments and opinions on the models!

If you’re looking for the latest release version of House Party, you can find it here:

House Party Social AI Showcase

House Party Social AI Showcase

Apr 19

Hey everybody!

The new Frank model is almost done, and when he is, it will allow for me to start really putting some storyline together as Frank is a major component and the main antagonist to the game.

In the meantime, I wanted to show off some Social AI that I’ve been working on. This is a really cool feature of the game that is really going to skyrocket the immersion and realism.


In this scene, we see Brittney and Ashley in the kitchen, and they both look at me as I enter the room. From there, they engage each other in conversation. A little while later, Madison walks by and they take notice of her, but she passes right through, so they keep on talking to each other while Madison goes and hangs by the fireplace for a bit.

Madison gets lonely and joins the conversation, and now there are three girls going back and forth together. Notice that when I go up and start a conversation with Madison, the other two girls continue to talk to each other, but they leave Madison out of the conversation. Once, I dismiss Madison, she rejoins the conversation.

The cool thing about this is that it’s not scripted. The characters will seek each other out to hang out or converse based on their relationships, and a conversation can strike up at any time and in any part of the house. If a character is in a bad mood, they will seek solace and find a non-crowded place to hang out and sulk. On the flip-side, if they are in a good mood, they will seek out social interaction, and stay in conversations longer. This will allow me to do re-write some story-lines much more realistically instead of locking some characters in a room where they won’t come out until triggered. I can have the character be upset about something, and they will pout by themselves in a corner somewhere, and you can try to enhance their mood to join the party. A much more realistic situation.

A new demo version is going to be put out to supporters only, and a new public demo is not far off as well, since once I have the Frank model, I can start re-writing the story.

If you’re looking for the latest release of House Party, you can find it here:

Hope you enjoy!

Ashley Character Reveal and more AI!

Ashley Character Reveal and more AI!

Apr 07

Hey guys,

Here’s another character reveal in the redesign! This time it’s Ashley, Madison’s sister! Her design is loosely based on Emily Ratajkowski. Note that as the graphic designer and myself are moving along, we are refining the process and the models are getting better and better. Ashley is definitely his best work yet, and after further discussing with him, we will be going back and revamping the first few models after we get the whole lot of them done to bring the quality to its fullest all around the board!

In this video, we also see some new AI behavior, where the characters are aware of their surroundings and respond to things like items being thrown around or waved in front of them. They can also respond to things like characters walking into a room, other characters falling down or being hurt, and also to lights being turning on and off in the house. These things can also affect their mood. Notice how by the end of the video, between what was said to her, and the annoyance of the objects being tossed around, Ashley starts pouting indicating she’s not happy. This adds another layer of realism to the sim and AI that really helps the immersion!

There is a sneak peek of Ashley’s new model and some of the AI on Patreon right now for $10.00+ Patrons!

If you’re new to the House Party game, you can download the latest build here: