Madison AI and Physics Showcase

Madison AI and Physics Showcase

Mar 29
Madison AI and Physics Showcase

Hey everyone,

The Ashley model is almost finished, and she is looking really good! I will be posting her when she is finished in probably just another couple of days.

In the meantime, I wanted to show off some of the Physics and AI interaction that I’ve been working on for the characters in the upcoming build of House Party.

Here’s a video showcasing some of what’s to come, and the description of what’s happening is below.

The characters in the game are going to be much more variable depending on the mood they are in, and also how much they like you. In the video, we see that I first introduce myself to Madison, and she has a very plain expression when she first chit-chat’s with me. After I find out her phone is missing (and I creepily happen to already have it on me), I give her the phone, and she is ecstatic and thanks me. Now you’ll notice when I walk up to her again, since I am familiar to her, and she likes me much better now that I returned her phone to her, she will now smile when she sees me approach her. This can also unlock other storyline options.

Notice she also decides to walk around the house periodically, and chooses a new spot to hang out.

After following her downstairs, I decide to do something to make her mood take a turn for the worse (and also show off some physics of the game). You’ll see that you can now pick up and move any object in the game. I pick up a chair and walk it over to Madison, and I kick it at her feet, causing her to fall over. The first time it happens, she writes it off as a clumsy mistake, and she is in too good of a mood to care because she got her phone back, so she shrugs it off and doesn’t make a big deal about it. The second time it happens, she gets agitated, and you can see the angry look on her face after she falls over. She then decides to leave the room. I follow her upstairs and approach her, and instead of smiling when she sees me, she frowns letting me know something’s wrong. I try to talk to her, and she tells me “not now”.

Madison’s bad mood is a temporary thing, and will increase over time during the game, or I can use certain mechanics of the game and dialogues to increase her mood. She still has a completely separate feeling about how much she likes me, and when she is in a better mood, she will start talking to me again. This will be different from previous versions of the game, where you could sometimes back yourself into a corner by making a girl angry with you. Now, instead of permanently being angry, if you do upset a girl to the point where she doesn’t want to talk to you, you can wait it out, or try to cheer her up, and she will eventually warm up to you again.



  1. Cain Zeinhold

    That’s really awesome!

    It’d be interesting if you could add a jealousy thing as well. Like, for an example Madison getting into a bad mood, if she likes you enough, when she sees you talking to Brittney (did I spell her name right?). Or just someone she hates if you don’t want it to get TOO complicated.

    How did you learn to make games on Unity? I want to try my hand at making games but I’d love some tips.

    • Bobby

      Thanks! I definitely plan to have a jealousy mechanism as well. I set the engine up on a very event based type of system, so they can react to a lot of stimuli.

      I’m a software engineer by day, so a lot of the stuff I’m doing in Unity is from a programming standpoint. But Unity is geared toward people with less programming experience as well. I learned by just downloading it and tinkering. Some of the stuff I’m doing might be a little more advanced, but there’s a lot you can do right out of the box with impressive results.

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