Madison Revision 2

Madison Revision 2

Mar 23

Hey guys! We’re finished up with the Madison revision and I just wanted to show it off to all of you. Check out the earrings and how they hang off her head with their own physics. Very cool stuff. We also went very different on her face and body shape than Brittney to ensure we have good variety in the game. We intend to keep this pattern up so all of the girls look very different from one another and give a better sense of reality in game!

For those of you reading this for the first time and new to House Party, you can grab the latest version for free here:


  1. TellSpikeLeeHe'sANigger

    Will you change the dialog font? The current one is not nice-looking (in my opinion). Madison looks great!

    • Bobby

      I kind of like the font. But I suppose I can put it in the options where you can choose between a few of them. 🙂

  2. Mathias

    Hey Bobby, i have been really enjoying your game so far. Have played it quite a lot! I was wondering when we will be getting the new build who arent patreon donators? Really looking forward to it.

    • Bobby

      I would say at the least we’re looking at one to two months out for the next public (non-Patreon) build. The focus now is on redesigning the models, and the game is in a very not put together state. I’m adding functionality back in as I get the new models, and right now we have two out of about 10 or so. The good thing is that production is going much faster now that the designer and I have a process, but we still need to get all of the models in place because I can release a public build.

  3. Uno

    Will there be sex by the next public build? Really eager to get up in that huffer’s well shaking booty! XD

    • Bobby

      Possibly in the next public build. Once we finish the redesign of all the models, we are going to start working on custom animation for sex scenes. I will be piecing together the new storyline as I get the models in so by the time I get those animations, a lot of the story will be solidified and in place, so it’s possible a public build will come out after all of the models are in place in the game, but the sex scenes will be close behind at that point.

  4. Azathos

    I have to say I really like where things are heading. Madisons new model does look way more realistic, and I enjoy the diversion you’re putting into it. And I like the new house design too. Those little bumps and pictures on the walls make it feel more immersive for me, but imo you could need a new bumpmap for the floor on the stairs. I assume its still work in progress and you are going for a carpet kind of look? It does look nice when you are a little ways away, but I think once you were walking up the stairs it looked kinda plastic-y. Of course you had to use one of the hardest things you could find for a floor pattern haha. None the less great work so far!

    • Bobby

      Thanks! Yes, I’m still playing around with the textures and lighting. Sometimes the fidelity of the youtube video can change while watching too, so I don’t think it’s a good measure of how it looks in game. I will have a new public beta out as soon as I can. 🙂

      • Azathos

        Don’t worry about it, as I do tinker with Unity from time to time myself I know how hard of a process it can be to get the right materials and diffuse to get the things looking just the way you’d like them too 😀 And yes of course youtube does have quite the impact as well. I am really looking forward to the next release and wanna say thank you again for all the work you’re putting into it.

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