Story-line Direction Poll

Story-line Direction Poll

Mar 08
Story-line Direction Poll

Hey guys,

It’s been a bit, and I just wanted to let you all know what I’m currently working on, and also get some feedback for direction. For those who haven’t been keeping up with the blog, House Party is in the middle of a huge revamp including a complete redesign of the house, as well as a redesign of the models from the ground up to be more suited for what I need. I am working with a graphic designer and he just finished up redesigning Brittney, and I was really happy with the result, so I will be moving forward and having him redesign all of the models in the game. Moving away from Daz allows me to have lightweight models that will perform well in the game, and also be detailed where I need them to be, and flexible enough to take this game to the next level (which I know you’ve all been waiting for).

In case you missed the previous posts, here’s a link to a video showing the new model and house design:

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m starting to add content back into the game, which means soon I will have a playable beta version for you guys. Before I got back into writing the storylines though, I wanted to get a feel for what kind of game you guys want. Initially, House Party was more of a puzzle type game with a wacky sense of humor. Do you guys enjoy that format, and should I continue to just refine what it was? Or are you guys more interested in a more realistic sim type of situation where you would simply try to relationship build with the girls and try to woo them over by asking the right questions and making the right response choices? Do you want light back-stories and more gameplay, or immersive backstories less gameplay? Or do you want all of the above? Let me know what you guys think, and I will be listening attentively as I approach re-writing the storylines.

For those of you reading this for the first time and new to House Party, you can grab the latest version here:


  1. Nautica

    Personally i’m more into the sim type of games. I enjoy the freedom of open ended gameplay where you make your own choices of how the game is played. do whatever whenever. I loath fetch quests and too many puzzles in my adult games. But I really enjoyed what you did with this one, The environment was small enough that asking me to grab something from another room didn’t feel like a chore. In my opinion an adult game should give you a boner whenever you want to have a boner. As is this game has been more of a “get em naked, get to know them game with no bj’s or sex so besides the tits it wasn’t really what i’d consider an “Adult” game, just a game and I enjoyed it. So i’d be happy with whatever you choose. Your current build stands on it’s own and isn’t buggy so if you go another direction it would feel like a whole new game.

    On the other hand considering you plan to make “house party 2” (horrible movie BTW) and use the same characters in a series while adding some along the way. I’d say it might be best to make the same story more or less as the first non-beta installment. maybe add some features that play into the physics you have more, picking things up and throwing them, grabbing a boob, slapping an ass or punching people just to be a dick =)

    • Bobby

      So when you guys say you like more of the sim aspect, do you mean that the characters should be more autonomous and wander around and interact with each other? Or do you mean they have a depth to their relationships, and respond differently to you depending on how you’ve treated them or what paths you took in the past? Can you give me more examples of what you consider “sim”. I think the word might have a loose interpretation based on some of the feedback I’ve been getting.

      • Nautica

        The sims isn’t a good example of a simulation ggame. It’s more of a point and click with a misleading name. By “Sim” i merely mean more of a real life simulation game. You control the charecter as the charecter is you. There isn’t one guided checklist type of path. There are people and you can build relationships or do tasks or watever but it’s all by choice and none has to be done in any specific order. I enjoy “sim” games much more because they are much more immersive. You are making your own story, To me most games feel more like watching a movie that makes you do chores to get to the end of the movie. I hate that ESPECIALLY in an adult game.

      • Nautica

        and yes the characters all wander and interact. But considering this is a house party, most people at a house party sped a few hours in the living room, then go to another room to play beerpong or smoke in the driveway. Do drugs in a bedroom. Some people are wallflowers and do just stand there talking to one or two people all night. The usual. So basically you would just designate hangout spots. a corner of the living room with sofas and chairs. The garage or driveway for the smokers to chat, The beerpong table in the kitchen. The card game in an upstairs bedroom. Every so often they all play musical chairs. Each hangout area has a character limit. If one fills up the person who has been there the longest will walk to another designated hangout area. All characters can be asked to follow you and when you dismiss them they go to the nearest hangout area and continue the loop. This gives the illusion of free wandering without making you code a path for every added character. Of course you’ll have a few like frank who just stay. But characters like Brittney and Kathrine can stay in thier designated places until their story-line is finished (you give her clean clothes) Then they will join the loop with everybody else. This will make it feel like the more storylines you complete the more lively the party gets.

        • Bobby

          Great input. Thanks!

        • Pokemonboy

          I actually agree with everything written here. Except that in my opinion the NPC’s dosen’t have to wander too much. But yeah this is all great input.

        • Azathos

          I have to agree with Nautica again as well. Whats meantioned here sounds pretty nice to me, I’d love to see things going in this direction.

  2. pokemonboy

    Whatever direction you end up taking I’m sure its going to be a good game, however I personally think that the sim approach would gather a larger audience and therefore more funding, wich in the end will end up giving us a better finished product. So for the first game the sim approach would probably be the smartest.

    • Bobby

      See my comment on Nautica’s post. I’d like to hear a response from you on that as well.

  3. DSR

    I like the party atmosphere and the humor aspect of it. Most people don’t want ho-hum parties so keep it similar to what it is. My suggestion is to change Stephanie’s story. Instead of her passing out, she tries to drink the wine and it spills all over her. Then you say “why don’t i lick it off you?” and she dares you to do so with your hands tied behind your back. So now you gotta find some handcuffs, rope, or a piece of her dress?
    Another idea is to find out the number of Katherine’s boyfriend to discover he’s cheating on her so Katherine decides to get revenge by give you a test drive.
    What about using some object in the safe to find out something about Madison that Rachel doesn’t like and she jumps your bones in front of Madison to get her back? Like Rachel telling Madison “Oh he’s the one who got Frank to see your saggy tits? How about I reward him for that?” How about a fight over the weiner? Rachel’s mouth vs Madison’s hands and you hear Ashley and Brittney cheering?

  4. V Mac

    The way the game works now is awesome. More backstory would be fine but the most fun of the game is building up to get to see the girls in all their glory. If they could spend a little more time partying in their birthday suits, I don’t think anyone would complain. That said, maybe add a camera (or in-game screen shotter for custom galleries) and keep the card game. Maybe even make it easier to cheat again. Other minigames like that would be cool too.

    Any chance we could possibly get a sixth girl?

    • Bobby

      A sixth girl is withing the realm of possibilities now especially that these new models are so lightweight. The strip game will definitely stay, and I do plan to make more of the mini-games. 🙂

  5. SupSon

    I would like it to be more of a sim type. I absolutely love Katherine and would love to be able to persuade her to cheat on her boyfriend, the blackmail scenario sounded interesting aswell, but perhaps a sim type with both versions available?

    • Bobby

      Check out my answer to Nautica up top. I’m looking for a checklist as to what you guys expect out of a sim game because it’s the second most popular response outside of “leave it the way it is”.

  6. Fartie

    I think the direction you took so far was just right. Keep it humorous. This really helps a game to stand out, especially when it is still in development. Keep your balance of simplicity and depth. And keep some difficulty curve for unlocking the adult content. It is an important ingredient for every great game of that type. After all, if there’s no challenge, it is not a game, but just art.

    Will House Party remain a free-to-play project, or will its final version be exclusive to patrons/subscribers, like the follow-up games?

    • Bobby

      My Patrons (according to the site rules) will be given a free copy of the game once complete, and I will start work on a new game, that I will release very similarly to what I’m doing now. Patrons get early access to betas and there will most likely be free public betas, but once the game engine gets refined and I’m not chasing down bugs, the public versions might end up being demos instead of full-blown games. I have been putting money and time into this, and my plan is to try to get something back from it. I wouldn’t mind doing this full time if I can sustain it, but right now I’m just not there yet, and I realize that I give a lot away for free. I may continue you keep giving the games out for free as I work on them so long as the Patreon keeps building, but if I am getting diminished returns, I may have to keep some content hidden behind the support wall or sell finished copies of each game once finished.

  7. Azathos

    I have to admit I kinda stumbled over this game like around the last beta and have to say I did enjoy it quite a bit. I have to agree with Nautica, as in the game in itself is already fun to play and atm the adult content seems more like an addition on top. Which, surprisingly, is totally fine with me in this case. So yeah I think the humorous route is a good direction.
    But back to the actually question you were asking about the direction. For me it would be nice if the people were a little more reactive to one another. DSR made some really good suggestions here, and it would be nice to just have some more interaction between them. Longer backstories would kinda go hand in hand with that. Regarding the sim aspect I think just leveling up their mood towards you works just fine, but for me it would be important that, if you do everything “right”, there is a chance to get every girl in the end somehow, even if that might be tricky.
    It would also be nice to have some kind of a save feature. I don’t mind trial and error, but having to start all over again after you got something wrong with one of the girls is kind of a pain. Also that would encourage to just use one of the “wrong” choices as it might be funny just to see what happens.

    • Bobby

      Thanks! Yeah, most of the responses I’ve been getting is to leave things the way they are, which is great, because that means people are already enjoying my work! There will be less need for a save feature moving forward because I plan to take out the dead ends. But I also plan to add one in for good measure as well. As for the sim thing, the characters already have a mood meter toward you, which you can see when you interact with them. When people were asking for more of a “sim”, I was curious as to what I could add on to that.

  8. edwards21

    Dude, I got into your stuff because of what it is. I like the humor. It’s what works for this. And I’m really looking forward to seeing where you take it.

    I will profess my love of redheads, but that’s not a suggestion so much as it is a… you know what, I don’t know what it is. Still.

    • Bobby

      Thank you! Rest assured, it won’t change at the heart. It’ll always be funny, and at the core very similar, but I’m more so looking to build on what I have by this post. I wanted to see what people are wanting out of a game. Honestly, most comments have told me to leave it like it is, so that’s definitely reassuring, but there also seems to be a good amount of demand for “sim” behavior worked in, so I’m interested to hear what these guys have in mind. It might add a nice element to what I already have. 🙂

  9. DJ

    i like the puzzle aspect the best with the sexy rewards and wacky humor, it keeps it fresh and engaging, but also unique for an adult game like this
    there are a ton of Sim games out there that never quite feel big enough but a game like this with a story and puzzles its its own contained package that still fun and sexy, but at the same time easier to digest and i have to imagine easier on a small indie team

    I say stay the course, i came here for the game your making, if i want a sim game there are plenty out there like Xmoon

  10. DSR

    I’m guessing that many of those asking about Sim-type games are meaning “date simulator” type of game. That tends to focus on just one or a few of the characters. That would be mean more background development and more time one-on-one with a character. That’s more coding. I’m suggesting a different approach. Is it possible to make the guests slightly autonomous? Like an AI of sorts. Let’s say you just spoke with Ashley and left to fetch her a glass of wine and as you return to the room, you find her in conversation with Brittney. Or You pass by Madison’s room to find Frank trying to “cop a feel”. I’m not a coder so I don’t know how involved it would be to add a little bit of an AI to each person.

    • Bobby

      AI can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. It’s all about the right implementation. Right now, the way the characters look at you or each other when you’re talking to them or another character is in their vicinity is all a form of AI. That means that other behaviors can be driven off that same engine. They can have like/hate meters toward other characters and choose to hang out with some over others. It might be a little overkill for a game like this, and I don’t want to spend so much time on the fine details over making a great game and getting it out there, but I imagine that sort of stuff will sneak it’s way in here and there as I go.

  11. Fk1

    Hey, i’d also prefer the sim type of game, and us the guy above said like dating simulator, the vibe fits kinda into as a “house party”.

    Do you have patreon site or anything to support this? The game looks really good, it’s worth supporting 🙂

  12. in-come

    I like lots of which way to go.

    For example, let’s say you annoy one or two of the other guests.
    A random check will then cycle through the NPCs and pick one to invite you into the garage for one thing or another and for % odds you either get lucky or get locked out of the party. It’s a risky move and not knowing who and why adds to the fun.

    • in-come

      Another one would be having a tete-a-tete with phone chick and adding a chance that the boyfriend will show up as a surprise and kick your ass in the process.

      For those of the chaotic evil alignment, you could allow for spiking drinks to enjoy some benefits and/or consequences.

      If you can implement a 3-way interaction between NPCs with each other and with you, lots of options might become available. Forming small groups would allow separate NPCs to either hinder your plans or aid them depending on who your target is. Changing the cliques each time a new game starts also allows for more than one playthrough.

      But it’s easy to say it, doing it is quite difficult, so don’t mind the babble.

    • Bobby

      Thanks for the input! I like this aspect too, but I get mixed reviews on some of the stuff I’ve put out in the past like this. I suppose I can offer something a little different with each story-line though.

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