Brittney Revision 2

Brittney Revision 2

Mar 01
Brittney Revision 2

Hey everybody!

I’m excited to announce that the new revision of the Brittney model has been finished!  She is the first of all of the House Party models to be completely re-made from the ground up.  This is going to allow a few different things.

For one, the newer models don’t have as big of a footprint as the older ones.  This means that the game will run much faster and smoother, and it may be possible to port to Virtual Reality, tablets and mobile down the line.  Secondly, a lot of the awkwardness and issues I’ve had with the Daz models in the past is going away.  Daz models (though they work), are just not fit for games, and now I can spend less time trying to make them work and more time writing more story-lines.  Thirdly, this is going to allow me much more variation between all of the models in the game.  Previously, though the faces looked different, most of the models looked the same naked.  The new designer is going to be ensuring all the models have their own uniqueness to them both with their clothes on and off, and give each one their own personality and style.  Lastly, I think these new models look even better than the Daz models.  Tell me what you think!


  1. Fartie

    That’s interesting news. I do like the old models, and I really don’t think that you guys failed to give each of them their own personality and style. But if you can redesign them from scratch, that will be awesome. That’s a lot of work, but you will have your unique art style and probably a much lower count of tris. I do wonder, will this also allow you to implement more complex animations with the clothes? In particular, if you could achieve animations for undressing, that would be a fantastic milestone.
    Looking forward to the next public release *thumbs up*

    • Bobby

      It actually opens the floor for anything being possible. The models are much more detailed in areas where the Daz models were lacking, and I’m not confined to only working with what Daz gives me. If I have a special request for either animation or a facial expression or body morph, it can be done, where which the old system, it wouldn’t have been able to be, at least not with a considerable more amount of work. Just the process for exporting the Daz models was 5 or 6 steps, so if I wanted to change one little thing, it took a while. I also experience inconsistencies with the decimation (which is the process of reducing the triangles on the Daz models as much as possible) where I’d get strange effects. This won’t be an issue anymore, and the polygon count is extremely low in comparison to any of the previous models.

  2. Nautica

    Nicee, So far looks good.The real test will come when you lay the model on her back. haha. Those old boobs were some scary stuff when they clipped through her back.

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