House Party Beta .2

House Party Beta .2

Feb 04
House Party Beta .2

Hey guys,

I’ve got a massive update to House Party today!  I’ve been taking a lot of feedback from you all and trying to implement a little bit of something for everyone.  This new build includes the first official “Ending”, where it’s possible to go out of the main game and into an ending scenario with some of the characters.  I plan to write endings that include all of the female characters going forward, but this build will give you a taste of completing the game (in one of several ways that will be possible).

Another big change is that things are not so linear.  It’s going to still feel linear in some ways, but you will see how I’ve been untangling the storyline.  For instance, it’s possible to talk Patrick out of the alcohol, but it’s also possible now to have him beaten and still be able to take it from him.  Additionally, if you happen to beat him up in the same room as Madison, you are no longer stuck, as you can now drag his limp body out of the room!  Pretty cool!

Other than that, there are lots of interface updates,  as well as much new content including story lines, and humorous quips if you can find creative ways to try to use objects together.  I also changed the game mechanics a bit so everything’s not so dialogue-based.  Overall, the engine is getting very solid, and I am really happy with this build.  Once I add in a few more endings and modify the story-lines a little more, I think I might just have something!

Change Log:

  • Revamped LookAt Scripts.  Characters now more aware of surroundings
  • Added autonomous (and smart) looking around.  Characters now look at each other and interact
  • Added relationship status bars
  • Added a cool new frame to the dialogue avatars to go with the bar
  • Adjusted dialogues so after you choose an option it goes away (unless it is needed again)
  • Adjusted breast physics (Fixed some bugs)
  • Added to Brittney’s storyline
  • Added to Ashley’s storyline
  • Added to Katherine’s storyline
  • Added to Rachael’s storyline
  • Added the “Strip Highcard” ending
  • Added more interactive items.
  • Gave Patrick a wine bottle.  This can now be removed from him in multiple ways.
  • Adjusted sound so it is in 3D.  (If you walk away from objects, their sound volume will change)
  • Added real-time shadows
  • Added a new “Give” command for Non Player Characters
  • Added a new “Use With…” command for interactive item and inventory items.
  • Added a bunch of humorous quips when you try to use things or give things away
  • Adjusted UI to scale with different resolutions
  • You can now click and drag passed out/dead characters by their limbs
  • Updated Brittney’s model
  • Updated Rachael’s model

User Controls:

  • W, S – Move forward/back
  • A, D – Strafe left/right
  • C, Z – Crouch/Stand
  • Alternately, hold down both mouse buttons to move forward
  • Right Mouse click and drag to move camera
  • Press I or use the icon on the bottom-right for inventory
  • Press Left or Right or use the on-screen arrows to cycle through inventory items
  • Left Click on a character to talk to them.
  • Left Click on an object to interact with it (Must be close enough)
  • Left Click on a dialogue option to select it.
  • Press Escape or use the icon on the bottom-right to pull up the game menu

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7+
  • Graphics card: DX9 (shader model 3.0) capabilities; generally everything made since 2005 should work.
  • CPU: SSE2 instruction set support.
  • Recommended Resolution: 1900 x 1200 or higher.

Monitor Resolution:

  • Optimized for 2560×1440, but will work on most.
  • Recommended: 1600×900 or greater.
  • Minimum: 1024×768 (Some text may be cut off at this resolution).


House Party Beta Version .2 (Windows 64 Bit)
House Party Beta Version .2 (Windows 32 Bit)


Don’t forget to visit the support/discussion forum if you have any bug reports or issues:  Also, if you like this project and would like to help ensure that it keeps going, please support it at the Eek Games Patreon Page


  1. Fartie

    That’s a nice update!

    I’m sorry to report that Steph’s bounce physics still glitches out when she faints.

    I wonder why you put a window in the kitchen instance of the card game.

    Directional sounds are nice. I never noticed Frank’s scream as you get rid of him – hilarious XD

    Texts for using or giving items are fun to explore. Some are a bit odd when you attempt too early to give an item to its rightful owner.

    That’s all for now. Keep it up!

    • Bobby

      Thanks! I think it’s only odd because you already know what’s coming next. You’re not supposed to know at that point in the story what the character wants, so you first have to talk to them to figure out it, and only then will the accept it.

      The window was just there. I forgot to take it out. 🙂

      Yes, I am still wrestling with Stephanie’s boobs. Well, not literally, but I wish. 😉 But yes, soon, I will have them playing well with the ragdoll.

      • Fartie

        The item texts are just a small detail, for example on Madison’s phone. Maybe you could use a line like “She might get upset that I took her phone. I should get know her better first.”

        • Bobby

          Oh I see what you mean. Yeah that’s a case where it would make sense to change the text beforehand because she would obviously recognize her phone. Let me know if you come across any others like that.

  2. Fartie

    Damn typos.. anyway. Another point I’d like to address: The drag mechanics are a really cool experiment, also for testing the ragdoll. However, if you had not mentioned it in the release notes, I’d have missed this one easily. I don’t know, a hint in the context menu or inspect-text could help.

    • Bobby

      Good point. I’ll see what I can do. I can also add it to the game instructions. 🙂

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