New Release Coming Soon!

New Release Coming Soon!

Jan 22
New Release Coming Soon!

Hey guys,

I just wanted to post a quick update and tell you about all the cool stuff I’m working on with House Party.

I started working on a save system.  It’s not quite finished yet, and will still probably take a couple more versions before I get it working 100%, but it’s getting there.

Major updates with the way the characters interact with their environment.  The characters now sense when other characters are close by them and they can interact by shifting their gaze between the characters that are immediately around them, but if the character directly interacts with another character either say in dialogue or combat, they will switch their attention over to that person.  This is very cool because it mimics group interaction where if you’re talking between a group of three or four people, you will shift your gaze between everybody.

I’ve updated Patrick so he’s now carrying the wine bottle.  So now, when you ask him for it, he will actually hold it out and give it to you.  You will be able to take it right from his hand!  Very cool.  Also, if you have Frank beat him up too early, he will now drop the wine bottle, and you can simply pick it up off the floor.

You will now be able to wash Ashley’s clothes, and you will start to see how Rachael, Katherine, Brittney, and Ashley’s storylines all come together for the grand finale of the game.

All coming soon!

Please support me on my Patreon site and get early access to the builds!  I will be releasing there first.

If you’re looking for the latest version of the House Party game, you can find it here.


  1. Co

    Good luck! This game is turning out amazing!

  2. Bobby

    Thank you!

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