House Party Alpha .05 Released!

House Party Alpha .05 Released!

Jan 07
House Party Alpha .05 Released!

Hey guys!  I’m happy to announce that House Party has a new version!  This new build is primarily a heavy revamp on the core engine containing enhancements to gameplay mechanics including the much talked about path-finding system.  I’ve fixed a ton of core issues based on a lot of user feedback, and I’ve enhanced the way the game works and feels based on what you all have suggested.  There isn’t a whole lot of new content in terms of storylines, but there is actually a lot more to do because of a new system that I implemented, and there is some new eye candy for those of you interested in that.  Without further ado, here’s the change log:

  • Fixed an issue where Stephanie gets glitched.
  • Fixed some issues where dialogues were closing and never re-opening.
  • Heavily enhanced path-finding logic.
  • Added a new menu for interaction.
  • Sparkles!  Added a sparkling particle effect around items you can interact with.
  • Changed “look around” to right mouse control to facilitate new menu.
  • Created inventory GUI.
  • Created easy access icons to game menu and inventory.
  • Added a new “Inspect” aspect to the game.  You can now inspect many objects around the house.
  • Fixed a bug where Brittney follows you around everywhere.
  • Enhanced eye and head movement.  Characters are now more engaging.
  • Enhanced combat code
  • Removed Unity splash screen (I’m pro baby!)

This is an exciting update because the game play is getting to the point where it’s very solid, and this leaves me a lot more time to work on the story!  Save feature is still missing, but it’s coming soon.

Here are the user controls:

  • W, S – Move forward/back
  • A, D – Strafe left/right
  • C, Z – Crouch/Stand
  • Alternately, hold down both mouse buttons to move forward
  • Right Mouse click and drag to move camera
  • Press I or use the icon on the bottom-right for inventory
  • Press Left or Right or use the on-screen arrows to cycle through inventory items
  • Walk up to a character to begin a dialogue
  • Left Click on an object to interact with it (Must be close enough)
  • Press Up and Down to select a dialogue response
  • Press Enter to confirm a dialogue response
  • Press escape to exit a dialogue
  • Press F1 or use the icon on the bottom-right to pull up the game menu

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7+
  • Graphics card: DX9 (shader model 3.0) capabilities; generally everything made since 2005 should work.
  • CPU: SSE2 instruction set support.

House Party Download (Windows): House Party Alpha Version 0.05

Don’t forget to visit the support/discussion forum if you have any bug reports or issues:

Also, if you like this project and would like to help ensure that it keeps going, please support it at the Eek Games Patreon Page


  1. Pitit1

    Great so far. Has much potential!
    I’m looking Forward to see what’s coming!

    But I noticed one Problem: Sometimes the dancing Girl (forgot her Name) Dances out of the room. And then she is not available for dialogue anymore.

    Also I can’t seem to get Katherine to get the all nude photo, even if noone is left in the room. (Well I guess you have to get the dancer out of the room differently?)

    • Bobby

      Yes, the dancer is actually not supposed to leave the room. I had written code to make her go back in if she leaves, but it must be broken and that’s what’s causing the hiccup in the dialogue. I will take a look, thanks!

      Yes, you need to figure out another way to get Stephanie out of the picture. She likes to drink. Maybe you can see what happens if she has a little too much. 🙂

      • Pitit1

        Thanks for the tipp then XD

        The Problem is, I can’t seem to get any more Drinks. I get the first one from

        Patrick. He gives me a half bottle of red wine. I don’t know how to get any more.

        • Bobby

          Have you found the mysterious key that opens the mysterious door? If so, check around in that room.

  2. Pitit1

    Haha I just found it before checking here. I now reached the end of each characters Content so far.

    By the way, what do you plan for the next update? I’m curious. You’re doing a great Job!

    • Bobby

      Next update we should see some bug fixes and some storyline advancements. Maybe a new character. 🙂

      • Pitit1

        Wow that sounds good. I’m looking Forward to it 🙂

        You know in my opinion this has the potential to become a very famous game.
        I might spread the word a Little to get more People to know about your game 🙂

        • Bobby

          Please do! Though it’s still in alpha, I feel like there’s already a lot to do, so I think people will enjoy it! 🙂

  3. Fartie

    This is an awesome project with an amazing level of detail, keep it up 😀
    The sparkles are nice, but maybe the previous highlight effect was easier to notice on a short mouse-over.
    Have you considered to also provide a zipball containing only those files that differ from the previous version? This way, one could just unpack the “update” on top of the older version, without the need to download all the art assets and runtime libs.

    • Bobby

      Thank you! I didn’t like the highlighting because it took a bit of immersion away I felt. The sparkles are subtle on purpose because they catch your eye but they don’t drastically change the scenery. Also, the sparkles happen while you are in vicinity of the object, so there’s more of a chance you can notice it when you’re standing in front of it, where as you’d have to keep mouse-sweeping with the old system. Perhaps down the line I may update that way, but right now I’m making so many changes to everything since the game is so young that it’s easier to just put it out as a whole.

      • Pitit1

        I like the sparkles better actually. For the sake of Immersion. As Bobby said.

  4. Andy

    Just tried the new release.

    Found some new glitches I didn’t encounter in the last release.

    -When Frank knocked out Patrick, he would trip over him. Not sure if that’s intended.
    -After the fight between Frank and Patrick, he fought an invisible enemy and I was unable to talk to him anymore.
    -The full nude photo was on the table in the kitchen and I had to pick it up.
    -Madison got stuck in the living room door that leads to the kitchen. She was walking in place in mid air. Eventually she got out of on her own.

    An glitch from the last version still occurred. I couldn’t talk to the bathroom chick after she gives the quest to humiliate Madison.

    Everything is looking stellar!

    • Bobby

      The fight between Frank and Patrick is procedurally generated, meaning it will be different each time depending on where the characters are and what kind of attacks are thrown/received, so it’s certainly in the realm of possibility that he tripped over Patrick after Patrick’s been knocked out.

      Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely be looking into all of the issues submitted!

  5. Rangel

    Hi, i just would like you to know (and who knows maybe help me) about a problem i am having. My GPU keep using 100% most of the time during gameplay regardless the settings quality i choose, this happened on the previous build as well.

    I just used MSI Afterburner to see the details, my GPU usage keep at 0% while not playing it and jumps to 100% as i play it, my GPU temp goes up to 85-86°C, this doesn’t happens to any other demanding game as GTA V, Fallout 4 or anything (except for Blues and Bullets which have the same problem).

    My GPU is a AMD Radeon 260X and my CPU is a AMD FX-6300. I just guess it’s something about how Unity works, anyway just reporting it.

    • Rangel

      Just to make it clear, it’s not really about the %usage, it does get too hot (86°C) and the fan speed goes up becoming TOO noisy, and this doesn’t happens on other games, i play GTA V at sub-70°C for example.

    • Bobby

      The models I am using for the project are very high quality models. This is by design since it is geared toward being an adult game, so of course the models are expected to look good naked. I am working on more ways to bring the polygon count down without diminishing quality of the models, but that is more than likely why you’re seeing high GPU usage. Of course it’s dependent on your video card as well. Newer cards can handle the workload just fine, but cards that are a few years old get a little overworked running such a high amount of polygons.

      • Rangel

        Yes i can see the high quality, but i was thinking, what about a framerate limit option? Like 30 FPS, 60 FPS and half Vsync rate, it should help us that way.

        My monitor is set to 85hz and so i usually get 75-85+ FPS, it seems pretty close to run 100%, a 60 FPS cap would do the trick for example. It’s just a sugestion. I tried to cap it with AMD tools but somehow it doesn’t seems to work on Unity games, also a framerate cap could make the game playable to a broader audience, i think the game plays fine at lower FPS since it’s not an action shooter game or anything like that.

        • Bobby

          That’s a good suggestion. I will look into what I can do on my end.

  6. Rangel

    It’s me again (i am really interested on this project), first of all i would like to report a few bugs i found:

    -Frank shirt does get buggy when he does a certain movement.
    -Madison often bugs out while trying to enter the kitchen, she keeps walking to the door (floating) and get stuck there for a while.
    -Sometimes when i interact with an interactive object doing certain actions at the same time (not sure how) it closes the interface and doesn’t let me interact with it again.

    Also i have some suggestions for future storylines:
    -give the option to actually wash her clothes and get it back to her (killing Bittney lesbian scene i guess), and getting a change to receive a ‘reward’ for the help [future sex related scene].
    -option to give the clothes to Madison so she can humiliate her.
    -option to actually get new clothes somehow [maybe convincing Madison by doing something to her].

    -instead of a full topless picture, make her do a flash (keep the dress lifted up or somethin like that) since she is in public.
    -use the naked picture of her to kinda ‘blackmail’ her, so convincing her to so ‘something’ for you [sex related scene] in exchange to keep the pic hidden.

    -show the player actually handling her the booze and show she holding it on her hands and take a sip of it before it disappears and she continues to dance.
    -same logic for the ‘bottle in 30s’, with extra movements of her slowly getting bad and trying to hold on before a smooth fall.

    Also i feel like most of the girls has big titties, smaller being Madison, however i feel it would be cool to actually have a true small tits girl.

    I feel like the house should have a new room too, maybe a ‘pool area’ with a barbecue and stuff.

    Finally about the game itself, it seems we need to get people more attention to the game, it has an immense potential, however people needs to know about it in the first place. hope you succeed man! all i can say is that i loved the concept, most games are too forward to it or shallow, this is different.

    • Bobby

      Thank you and thanks for the suggestions. I will certainly take them into consideration, though I am already in the process of implementing more storyline in some of those areas. I plan to do more than just this game though (especially once the engine is solid), so I am always listening to feedback and taking notes. I appreciate any help you can give to spreading word of the game and the site. Any forums you’re on or friends you think would like it is much appreciated! 🙂

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