House Party Alpha .04

House Party Alpha .04

Dec 23
House Party Alpha .04

Hey everyone! I’ve been working on a new build of House Party, and there are a lot of cool updates in this one. There’s also a new room and character. I also changed around some of the other puzzles slightly to provide replay value for some of you who have been through it before.  Enjoy!



Here’s a full list of improvements/updates:

  • Revamped some character models to minimize skin tearing through clothing during some animations
  • Revamped models to add variety to bodies
  • Gave Patrick an awesome Hawaiian shirt
  • Added ragdoll physics to some characters
  • Improved cloth physics on Stephanie’s dress
  • Made bouncy breast physics more realistic
  • Added a new character: Brittney
  • Implemented Brittney’s storyline
  • Added to Katherine’s storyline
  • Added to Frank’s storyline
  • Added to Stephanie’s storyline
  • Added a new room to the house
  • Implemented a title game screen
  • Implemented fading of scenes
  • Improved fighting and fight reaction physics
  • Fixed a bug where Patrick’s beaten-up body would block off access to a room
  • Added some sound effects
  • Remodeled the living room

Here are the user controls:

  • W, S – Move forward/back
  • A, D – Strafe left/right
  • C, Z – Crouch/Stand
  • Left Mouse click and drag to move camera
  • Press I for inventory (Will not show if no items are in it)
  • Press Left and Right to cycle through inventory items (When inventory is open)
  • Walk up to a character to begin a dialogue
  • Press Up and Down to select a dialogue response
  • Press Enter to confirm a dialogue response
  • Press escape to exit a dialogue
  • Press F1 to pull up the game menu

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7+
  • Graphics card: DX9 (shader model 3.0) capabilities; generally everything made since 2005 should work.
  • CPU: SSE2 instruction set support.

House Party Download (Windows): House Party Alpha Version 0.04

Don’t forget to visit the support/discussion forum if you have any bug reports or issues:

Also, if you like this project and would like to help ensure that it keeps going, please support it at the Eek Games Patreon Page


  1. asdf

    i noticed no one is really giving you feedback so i just wanted to let you know you’re doing a great job, keep it up!

  2. Nando

    Will be at 32 bit?

  3. Eric

    Enjoying the game so far. All the characters look nice. Would be great if you can implement a save/load system and assign number choices for dialogue options.

    Do you have a FAQ or walkthrough handy?

    I got Madison naked, but don’t know how to humiliate her.

    Is there a trick to getting the booze? I tried stealing it while Frank was beating Patrick up in the other room. But he is omniscient and will beat me up afterwards.

    Is there different endings in the alpha? or can you simply progress with all the characters at the same time?

    Thank you.

    • Eric

      Alright, I got the first bit of wine from Patrick. Where can I get more alcohol? I assume I needed to get Stephanie to leave to make progress with Katherine.

      I’ve successfully got to the end of Madison, Britney and Ashley’s end points.

      • Bobby

        The other bottle of alcohol is hidden in the house. Hint, if you’ve found the mysterious key, you’re very close!

    • Bobby

      A save/load feature is on the checklist. The only reason I haven’t implemented it yet is because you can blow through all of the game content in about 15/20 minutes still. Once I start getting a good amount of content, it will be there for sure! Number choices are a good idea! Look for that in a future build!

      There are not different endings per say, however, you may close off certain possibilities by making some choices. Though it is possible to finish everybody’s storyline in one single game, you have to be very careful about the way you go about things to pull it off.

  4. Cyba Cowboy

    No support for Linux-based operating systems, such as SteamOS and Ubuntu?

    Unity natively supports Linux-based operating systems these days…

    • Bobby

      I will be compiling Linux version of the game very soon. I just haven’t for the early alpha builds, but the game will support any type of build that Unity does. I will make it a point to compile a version for Linux next alpha build, but I can’t test it, so hopefully it works out of the box with Unity!

  5. Smith

    So, first, I do want to say that I am very impressed with what you have. Given that, I thought I ought to let you know why I was, and this is overstating my reaction hugely, disappointed with what you have. It’s a couple of fairly minor things, but they stood out given the fairly low amount of content available. And I do understand that as this is a early version and all.

    The troubles I had were basically that I couldn’t solve some of your puzzles and I can’t tell if I just suck or if you haven’t gotten around to implementing solutions.

    First, the door implies that there is a key, somewhere. I assumed that it would be a reward for something or another, but I ran out of new conversation prompts before I got it.

    Second, Madison, I think, asks for a box. If it exists, I can’t imagine where it is. If I knew this was a completed game I would assume it was behind the locked door, but the conversation that lead to the request implied, to me, that it was in the bathroom. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense on a couple levels, though.

    The girl in the bathroom stopped giving any conversation prompts at all after I agreed to what seemed the intended route of dealing with her sister. That just felt like a bug since everybody else was always happy to pester about my progress.

    And I couldn’t figure out how to ‘clear’ the living room. Getting everybody out of the room, physically wasn’t enough, but I just pushed the dancer into the kitchen so that felt exploit-y I do assume I’m just missing something there. But I couldn’t get her drunk enough to walk around on her own.

    So, again, great early game. I really do intend this to be constructive, and I hope I don’t come off too unpleasant. I mostly wanted to give you some genuine reaction from a pure consumer perspective.

    • Bobby

      Here are a few hints to help you out:

      The Door: Yes, there’s a key. Make sure you look around the house very carefully, after all, it is just a key, so it’s easy to miss. Try searching the bedroom area better.

      The Box: I don’t think Madison suggests the box is in the bathroom. I will double-check the wording there though. You haven’t found the box yet because you haven’t found the key though. You are correct in your assumption there!

      Ashley: Yes, she should pester you about your progress like the others. I will check into that. Thanks for the bug submission!

      Stephanie: Stephanie is very interested in getting drunk. Maybe if you found another bottle of wine (that’s too far away for Frank to notice) and gave it to her, it might be interesting to see what happens.

      • Aetrun

        The Box: Madison says she doesn’t want her sister to see her get it, and her sister is in the bathroom. Logical next step is it is in the bathroom. Maybe change that to she doesn’t want to walk through the living room right now (seeing as she’s only wearing panties :D)

  6. Jose

    The game crashes every time I try to play it.

    • Bobby

      Does your system meet the minimum specifications? What does the error message say?

      • Jose

        I believe my cpu meets the requirements. there is no error message it crashes as soon as i click play. alpha 03 works perfectly though.

        • Jose

          As a side note ive spent almost 30 minutes looking for the key and cannot find it.

        • Bobby

          Hmm, there’s not much of a difference between .03 and .04 that would cause the whole game to crash. Did you try re-downloading the game? Maybe the file got corrupted on the download?

          Check the bedroom thoroughly for the key!

  7. Inza

    I’ve been playing around with 0.4 a bit (my first time on your game), and though I have not managed to get anyone naked yet, I have to say that I’m very impressed as to how far one person can go in a game (assuming you’re alone on this project).

    I’ve seen mainstream games with much less playability and detail + 3D!

    Also the concept is fun, though I was spamming all the keys on my keyboard the first time as my instinct was to fight the dude in the kitchen 🙂

    Anyways, well done, I’ll be following this project and supporting it if I can and I see it going somewhere!

    PS. Had more fun on this than most Illusion games!

    • Bobby

      Thanks! Yes, it’s just me working on the project at the moment. Assuming I get more support, I may think about bringing some other people on. So far early reactions have been very good!

      Glad you enjoyed it! More good stuff to come. 🙂

  8. Moose

    so i seem to be stuck, i got madison down to her thong, and stephanie, but madison will no longer give me any conversation prompts, and ashley wont either, stephanie just wants more booze, even though i have given her 2 bottles now, and she wont leave the room. help?

  9. Moose

    ok, i have steph passed out in the living room, ive finished katherines story, madison is in her thong in the bedroom, and ashley is waiting for me to humiliate madison, britney wont come out until she isnt the center of attention, and no one will give me any dialogue options, help?

    • Bobby

      Have you found the box Madison is looking for? You need to get into the mysterious door if not. Search the bedroom thoroughly for the key.

      • Moose

        yes i have the box, however when i walk up to her she does not initiate any dialogue, just looks at me.

    • Sislack

      How did you finish katherines story i cant get rid of frank to get her boozes

  10. Andy

    First off, great work. Interesting and pretty fun.

    Just reporting some issues if no one has mentioned it yet.

    When you get people to follow you, or when frank is trying to knock out patrick, the A.I seems to suffer from path finding.

    Stephenie is prone to bugging out. Like getting stuck in a animation. I can’t see to get more options after I give her the whip cream for the special dance. Not sure if she being stuck in a animation is preventing additional dialogue options.

    Katherine sometimes won’t reply after Frank suggests I get a full nude photo of her.

    As someone mentioned, Ashley stops talking to you after she wants you to humiliate Madison.

    The bathroom seems to make the FPS drop.

    Also, not really a problem, but would like to see different shoes on the ladies. Three of them have flipflops on.

    Anyway, I enjoyed it even if its brief cause its Alpha, and I look forward to seeing your future work on this.

    • Bobby

      Thank you! And thanks for the feedback. Pathfinding and the character engine in general are getting a huge overhaul for the next build, so you should see much better pathfinding and you shouldn’t be getting issues with characters not pulling up dialogues anymore. Not sure why the bathroom is making your FPS drop. Maybe try changing the quality settings you’re playing at? There are a lot of lights in the bathroom, and that can be GPU intense.

      • One more thing, I just ran into this.

        Frank got glitched, and just stood still while Patrick knocked him unconscious, but Frank will still give you the hostile dialogue when you take the booze.

        • Bobby

          I’m working on addressing a lot of these issues for the next build. Thanks for the info!

  11. Martin

    Hey,really great game, i am honestly impressed with the quality. I cant seem to figure out how to humiliate Madison after ive gotten her naked.

    • Bobby

      Thanks! As for Madison. She was reluctant to get naked with somebody else peeping on her. Maybe you could try to see what happens if you can manage to get somebody to walk in on her while she’s naked.

  12. Sera

    So, I seem to have gotten stuck in a rather… peculiar situation. After having looked for the damn secret key for probably ~20 minutes straight (after having actually found out all the other stuff myself) I realized that my game seemed to be lacking something more than the key. A woman called Brittney, as far as I can tell. No sign of her in my .04 version of the game, and the desk definetly doesn’t have a key on/under/besides it.

    • Bobby

      The key is on shelving in the bedroom along the wall with the door to the bathroom. Once you get the key, you can open the mysterious door, and then you will meet Brittney. 🙂

  13. Rangel

    I enjoyed the game, i had a hard time finding the key (did it by sheer luck) and to get that i had to keep the drunk guy fine until the other girl request the alcohol.

    Absolutely loved the characters movements (so funny when the girls get happy), the dancing girl has amazing movement stuff, just a shame she bugs at some point depending where she is dancing. Nice facial expressions too.

    Just need little better path finding or something like that and hope more things to do/say to the characters (multiple things to do for each of them for replay purposes), of course more funny and logic storyline too (enjoyed it so far). i wonder if it should be locked to beat the drunk man before you get the wine or let it to players to find out (i like exploration and play multiples times so i am more into leting it to the players)

    Nice game! Can’t wait for the next builds.

    • Bobby


      You won’t be waiting long for the next build. I’m actually finalizing it today. One of the main updates to this new version is the path-finding. It’s much better in this new build. It’s a little short on new content since it was mostly an update to the engine core, but there are some surprises, including an “Inspect” system where you can pretty much go around and inspect a lot of items in the house.

      For the time being, I kind of like that you can close some storylines off by killing off the drunk guy too early, since it’s not that difficult to just start over and get back to where you are. Once the game gets really invovled and has a save feature, I think that will be better received. It’s coming!

  14. Guss

    Congratz for the great work so far! I didnt finish the storyline yet, but I can tell Im enjoying it very much! Really funny and interesting storyline. I only wonder, is that possible to rly get laid in game? Or just some nudes so far?

  15. Fluffy

    Great Game with a lot of pontential and a funny build-up storyline!
    Though i’m stuck with that motherfucker frank, i gave him the nude photography and still he doesnt give away any booze. Besides i haven’t figured out what the sponge, the napkin and the cleaned up clothes of ashley are useful for. Any advice?

    • Bobby

      Tell Brittney that Ashley’s naked in the bathroom, and she’ll follow you to see. From there, Ashley will give you the safe code, granting you entry into the garage, where you are able to get rid of Frank once and for all. The sponge is a red herring and for comedic effect. It doesn’t have a use. Ashley’s clean clothes, you will eventually want to give back to her.

      • Fluffy

        Thanks m8, though there seem’s to be a bug: i’ve got rid of frank, rachel, brittney and ashley are in the bathroom, i returned ashleys clothes and gave them their favourite drink, but it seems like the conversation is broken, it’s not possible to talk to one of the girls in the bathroom anymore

        • Bobby

          It might be that you got stuck in dialogue mode with Rachael. She doesn’t have anything left to say at that point, so you have to close the dialogue with her by walking away from her. It’s not really a bug, but just unfinished content. Once you walk away, come back and try to talk to somebody besides Rachael.

  16. Jason

    Is there a way to change the controls to the arrow keys? I can’t move around good with the asdw buttons. I also can’t move to the wall that has the secret key good using those controls. It keeps moving me too far and going left doesn’t help to change direction

  17. Phoeniix

    Great game EEK, running the Mac version on a MacBook Pro Retina With 16 GB RAM and the graphics look awesome! Very smooth, but very dark too. A gamma adjust in the prefs would be nice. Don’t know if it is a bug, but can’t find the key I’ve checked every bit of the shelves in the bedroom even the undersides of the shelves, and by the books, and behind the picture, and even tried to look behind the door. Is the an event needed to trigger them?

  18. Clover

    Why is the download link down?

    • Bobby

      This is a super old version and it’s not available anymore. The oldest version I offer is beta

  19. jurasek454

    In December I contributed $ jednorázově10. Today I discovered that I was without my knowledge and against my will be charged a $ 25 account. I have not even found a section where I can cancel my membership. I want you amends.

  20. rudes

    i dont understande i cant seem to find the Phone in the bathroom? i really like tried for 15 minutes lol

  21. MR Marshmello

    i have got ashley naked in the room and put clothes in the wash but how do i get her out?

  22. IWantDeath

    I have killed Frank, I have Brittney in the bathroom with Ashley but I cannot seem to figure out what Brittney drinks. I think it’s rum but I gave it to Katherine. I can’t figure out how I can give them both a drink they like. I would just drop it but I need Katherine for the strip game.

  23. Ethan

    I can’t close Madison’s phone what do I need to do to close it

  24. sir

    where is the whip cream

  25. clem

    where is the second bottle for stephanie ?

  26. clem

    plz i need help, where is the second bottle for stephanie ?

  27. AnonymousPlayer

    Decent game although my shit pc can barely run it with 15 or less fps I still played and have gotten pretty far, the problem now is I can’t figure out how to lock the master bedroom door while Kathrine is naked on the bed and I also can’t figure out how to start the ‘quest’ line for rachel


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